What Is an Email List and How To Start It?

As a blog writer, an email list is among the most crucial things you have to have in order to grow your audience and to ever offer anything. In this post, you will find out what is an email list and the specific steps to start your own from scratch. If you’re frightened or believe

What is the best FREE keyword tool?

If you want to search something on the internet you will mostly use Google, Bing or Yahoo. You will use keyword – phrases or words, and there are a million of keywords! For your blog, you need a keyword that people type into search engines. If you don`t want to pay a lot of money, you need

Can You Earn Money Selling Products Online?

We live in a world that is highly materialistic and greatly concentrated on ownership. People are continuously looking for brand-new products to fill their houses. This may consist of brand-new furnishings, linen, and artwork, or video games and consoles. There has also been an increased shift towards online shopping. The procedure is much more hassle-free.

Blog Income Report – January 2018

 If you`re regularly on my site, you can already notice that I write my Blog Income Report around the 6th of the month. Unlike last month (Income blog – December), this time I managed to achieve almost all of my goals. What happens when you reach your goals? Create new ones! In this blog post, you

How to promote your blog for free?

Blogging is far more than writing an incredible post and hitting “post”. When you hit “post” is when the work starts because now you have to get people to read your material. At the start of my blogging journey I thought that when I posted something, people would simply magically discover my blog site and

How To Get Blog Readers

With as many blog writers worldwide as there are (more than 20 million sites), I absolutely get why there are competitors. You want to stick out. You want to be unforgettable. You want to get blog readers and the engagement.   There’s a much better way to grow your audience that gets rid of contending

ShareASale – Affiliate Marketing Platform

Are you a brand-new blog writer just starting out and need a way to monetize your blog site? Are you a veteran blog writer searching for extra earnings? ShareASale’s Affiliate Marketing Platform is the best for blog writers trying to find a way to generate extra earnings from blogging. Earning money as an affiliate used

Blog Income Report – December 2017

It’s over 2017, and my site BOB (Building an Online Business) for Her now has 4 months. I like to write a Blog Income Report because it reminds me of where I`m going, where I am now and where I want to be. If you have not read my earlier blog income reports here are

5 Tips Using Social Networking for Business

We can all use some pointers when it comes to growing our social network accounts. In this article, I will show you 5 tips using social networking for business. With the constant changes in mind, I’m specifically talking about Facebook and Pinterest. It’s a good idea to stay on top of things. I’ve created a

Why you need to start a blog + FREE Course!

You want to start a blog, or perhaps you are a blog writer and you’d like to improve. Regardless, I believe a blog site is the best way to connect online, achieve your objectives, as well as generate income or side earnings. It’s also very addictive and can become a long-lasting motivation. Here are my