10 TOP Apps To Earn Gift Cards And Money
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10 TOP Apps To Earn Gift Cards And Money!

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Gifts! Who doesn’t like them?

Well, I am definitely amongst those who always get excited when I hear the word Gift!

Gifts are so unique in their own ways, they bring a smile on your face and even on those whom you are gifting something. Especially when one gets gifts for free, there is this absolute happiness that we feel that comes with it that too free of cost! 

Most of the times we find people who always search around the Internet to buy things they desire to, but eventually, don’t because half of the times they probably can’t afford it.

When such a situation arises, how does one feel or how should one think?

It’s even sometimes quite silly of us to think on those lines where we want to save our money but still desire for branded items. And eventually, we only keep thinking and wishing about all those things, and don’t end up buying them at all. 

What does one do in such cases?

Well, not to worry when you can earn free gift cards and some side money!

Nowadays, all these concepts of earning online points or earning free gift cards or accumulating points for your specific Internet activity has become quite famous now.

Now, when you desire to buy something and you know it’s a bit on the expensive side you only have to follow specific easy hacks on different websites, and you can redeem points later for purchase. 

Or get discount coupons and then finally you can purchase whatever you desire to with a gift card or a discount on that product.

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Thinking About How To Earn Gift Cards And Money?

Let’s dive deep into this fantastic concept of earning free gift cards.

Here are some useful apps that will fulfill your dreams of buying you things with the help of gift cards, and also giving out discounts.

10 TOP Apps To Earn
Gift Cards And Money!

App 1: Swagbucks

The Swagbucks review

Swagbucks is one of the best apps that pays you well. It already has more than 15 million members who have earned more than $550 million free gift cards. This is just amazing! 

With Swagbucks earning free gift cards is very easy you just have to watch videos, answer surveys, shop online with cheaper deals, explore other online sales, search more on the Internet. By doing these things, you earn your SB points which you can use later or redeem gift cards with Target, Amazon, Wallmart, Starbucks, etc.

App 2: Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars Survey - Review

Dollar. By the name itself you can guess that you can earn easy money here with minimum efforts with your online activities.

With InboxDollars, you directly earn cash and not points. You start making a $5 bonus with just signing up with the app.

With Inbox Dollars too, you just have to complete certain activities like answering online surveys, watching videos, replying to emails, playing games, etc. Also, it a fast-growing app with more than 10 million members.

App 3: Survey Junkie

What Is Survey Junkie

As the name suggests its all about surveys.

Companies want such apps to find out the reviews of consumers for products or services and want to know their opinions, so in this case, you can give out your ideas or viewpoints and get paid for it.

With Survey Junkie, you can earn real cash and e-giftcards. Sometimes it also asks you to review an advertisement and provide reviews. First, you need to make a minimum of 1000 points to be eligible for earning cash, and after that, you can quickly redeem those points through PayPal.

It already has more than 3 million members and is growing faster day by day.

App 4: Clickworker

Is Clickworker A Scam

Clickworker is all about micro jobs. It is all about completing small tasks on the Internet and getting paid for it.

It can ask you to give product descriptions, complete surveys, researching online, proofreading and the like. And most importantly, all these tasks take only a few seconds or minutes so its a pretty good thing for all those who want to work from home and earn a little side money by doing so.

On this app, you can generally earn $10 per hour. Also well noted here should be the excellent support team which always helps with prompt replies.

App 5: Unique Rewards


In Unique Rewards, like Survey Junkie, first you need to earn certain points like $20 and then cash out your money. And to earn these points, you need to complete online surveys; you can also earn with cash back policy where you get a certain percentage of cash back on purchase of particular products or services.

You can also earn with Pay per click concept where you need to click an advertisement and earn points. By reading commercial emails too, you can earn rewards, listening to specific radio stations and watching advertisements also helps accumulate points.

Also, you earn a $5 bonus when you sign up.

App 6: Quick Rewards


This is similar to Survey Junkie; you have to take surveys. And you earn by completing these surveys. Also, an important point to be noted here is one can take a maximum of 3 surveys a day.

Quick Rewards only needs your Pay Pal account so that it can transfer your cash to that; it doesn’t even require any membership.

App 7: iPoll


With iPoll you need to complete their surveys, and you earn points for doing that which you can redeem for either cash or Amazon gift cards and iTunes gift cards.

You earn a bonus of $5 on just signing up.

Also, you need to keep in mind that you need to have a PayPal account where you can get your cash rewards. One major complaint of iPoll is that it takes time to credit rewards.

App 8: Toluna

TolunaApp Logo

Toluna is all about surveys and questionnaires. 

Companies want to know the reviews from their end users for their products or services hence they create questionnaires and with the help of your answers to that they can understand what their marketing strategies or efforts be like and for this you earn points.

App 9: Ebates

What is the Ebates App? Can I make money with it? _ bobforher.com

Ebates works like an affiliate. It is an affiliate for more than 2000 stores online.

You only have to go to their site click on any store from where you want to buy and earn a percentage of cash back on it.

So this way everyone here earns something the retailer, the affiliate Ebates and you on just shopping from their site.

Whatever commission Ebates gets from the online store it gives half the percentage to you in the form of cash back.

Also, you can earn $25 if you invite your friends to join Ebates.

App 10: Perk Pop Quiz


Perk Pop Quiz is basically a money making app, but you can also turn your points into gift cards and prizes.

It’s all about you answering their trivia questions and earning points for the same. And you need to accumulate enough points, and these include cash or gift cards. People who are interested in answering trivia questions can earn good points here.

The only price you have to pay here is you need to watch a full advertisement after every trivia question, and you earn points that way.

Also, there are referral commissions where if you refer a person, the company pays you $0.50.

My Personal Opinion About
Those Apps

10 TOP Apps To Earn Gift Cards And Money

So when you know that through the Internet with a minimum of efforts, you can earn rewards and cash then why not try for some extra money.

All these apps are not going to make anyone rich overnight, but it can definitely help you earn pretty cool bucks or gift cards and that too from home at your own convenience from the Internet.

All this seems so exciting when you know you are going to earn something, whether in the form of cash or gift cards. It gives the satisfaction that you are also working from home or anywhere and also making for the same.

But, if you are looking for a way to earn passive income, then you need to consider joining this FREE training program. You will learn how to start your own online business that can make you money even when you sleep.

I’m enough of clicking, show me better way for earning!

So for me, it’s definitely a Yay and Not a Nay! 


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