20 Tips To Have A Successful Blog

20 Tips To Have A Successful Blog

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I know you are seeing tons of posts on blogging tips. I’ve also read the same tiring, boring generic lists. I see them all over Pinterest and then go to read the article, and it’s the same thing over and over again.

But these aren’t the same blogging tips, I want to give you real tips to have a successful blog (ad earn from it). This is my personal tip list of some significant things I wish I knew before I started blogging.

If You Are Mom Who Want To Earn More

I literally sat down one day, and made a list of some of the things that I wanted to a veteran blogger would have told me when I was a newbie.

So if you are planning on starting your blog, then this is an excellent guide, and it’s efficient.

This guide will set your blog up for success. For people who already have a blog and want to increase their readership or their revenue continue reading this blog for helpful tips.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

The Basics

Wow! Every good writer has other writers that they look up to, but it is crucial that you:

don’t copycat your favorite blogger.

You’re unique, and blogging is a way to share your expertise, ideas or tips. Sometimes it takes a while to find your voice and find your niche but if you stay with it, and keep writing you will have the blog you’ve always dreamed of!

When we talk about blogging – it’s important to remember to:

write informally.

You should write like you’re talking to your best friend, don’t use words or phrases that you wouldn’t use in real life.

I prefer to use a Voice to Text app to dictate my blogs; it helps my blogs to sound natural.

Be honest to your readers.

No one will want to read your blog if they feel that you are being misled, or flat-out lying to them.

Even if you write 100 truthful blog posts, 1 false post will discredit you completely. It takes such a long time to build trust from your readers, and once that trust is broken it becomes almost impossible to regain.

It’s important that your blog is visually appealing.

You need to take time to design your blog, you can go to sites like Fiverr and have someone design custom graphics for you at a reasonable price.

Share with your readers your essential secrets.

Sometimes this means telling them more than something you’re comfortable with. Your audience will begin to create a special bond with you and your blog.

The Community

Interacting with your readers is essential. Here are some ideas to help build a community which engages your readers and also helps drive more traffic to your blog:

  • Ask for Readers ideas in your blog invite them to comment and then respond to them promptly.
  • You can also create polls on social media.
  • Maybe even have blog specials asking readers to send in pictures or their stories. Then highlight them!
  • Invite frequent followers that show interest to be a guest blogger on your site.
  • Remember to have people subscribe to your blog using their email address. There might be a time when you decide that you need to email e-readers.

For instance, you may choose to write an ebook. Your readers’ emails would be a convenient way to advertise your ebook for almost free.

I love Mailerlite. It is a free email marketing service. I use Mailerlite during my marketing campaigns and have had great results every time!

It’s very important that if you want your content to really reach a lot of people that the posts are shared on social media.

There are lots of social networks that you can use their share buttons, and it’s super easy for your followers to share your blogs. Some bigger platforms right now are Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Place share buttons at your blog; make sure your images are pinnable to Pinterest.

For your blog be more significant

need to network.

This is one of the most important parts I have a successful blog.

Connect with other bloggers by commenting on their post, write guest posts share other peoples post.

if you need more reason and detailed explanation of why and how to join bloggers community, and how you can profit from it, read my article:

Why Should You Join An Online Community?

There are also special groups out there on Facebook, and on Pinterest. Bloggers that share your same ideas or blogs that you really like can be great contacts.

The Content


not to just jump on trends;

keep your information classic.

You want your blogs to be as useful 10 years from now as they were the day you posted them. With our current trends always changing you can lose readership when your post becomes irrelevant.

If you want people to find your blogs on search engines easily, you must add keywords. Don’t go crazy with them, some people do, and it’s unnatural to read.

use long tail but natural keywords

A lot of times keywords stand out naturally in your post. But remember to add a keyword in your title and snippet.

You don’t know how to find keywords that people usually search on Google?

Read more ==> What is the best, FREE keyword tool?

Don’t post anything that is less

than 600 words.

If you can’t think of anything else to say about the topic maybe it’s best to find a different theme for that post. It’s also crucial to stay on topic and be very clear about your main point.

Readers are busy and don’t enjoy having to sort through someone’s rambling to get the good ideas; so get to the point right away on your post and stay on topic.

Read more==> What Is Ideal Length For Blog Post?

Use correct grammar and punctuation.

Don’t use abbreviations or slang words as they can change rapidly and your readers may misunderstand your post. Write short sentences. Use clear and concise paragraphs.

I use Grammarly, I love it because it helps to ensure my writing is clear and free of grammatical errors.

The Inspiration

The most important part when creating a new blog it’s:

not to give up.

It takes time and dedication to turn your blog post and blogs site into a real community. Ignore people who are cynical about you or your blogs.

It’s also important to:

keep track of your thoughts.

Personally, I get my best ideas at night when I’m trying to sleep. This is what I have excellent post ideas or come up with something her social media.

Remember to document face bolts and ideas you never know when they might be helpful to you. I use Evernote to record my thoughts; it’s fantastic because it syncs to all my devices.

Enjoy your life.

Try new things, recipes, patterns, crafts anything that you are interested in. Don’t be afraid to talk about your failures. Let others see that sometimes you fail on that Pinterest idea too!

If you want your blog to inspire others and you need to be living your best life.

Try new experiences and surround yourself with positive people. Get rid of all the harmful or toxic people!

It’s also necessary to:

take care of your self!

If you are writing a lot, you may think to start with yoga or pilates. It will be very healthy for your back and total body.
Read more how you can practice healthy living.

Final Notes

Everyone has a unique blog Journey. I found these tips great, and they really helped me.

Just remember experimenting with your blog and keep trying different things until you find the best way for you to write as an individual.

One last thing that will help you with monetizing your blog is:

sign up to my email list 🙂

You will get FREE 6 days email course to learn how you can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing and start earning big from your blog. If you still dont have a blog, dont worry – I was cover that also!


Check List:

Ok, lest see if we remember everything. Don’t worry if you’re not, bellow this list you will find an image that you can PIN and save it for latter.

20 Tips To Have A Successful Blog

  1. Don’t copycat your favorite blogger
  2. Write informaly
  3. Be honest to your readers
  4. Your blog need to be visualy appealing
  5. Ask readers to comment and ask questions
  6. Create polls on social media
  7. Ask readers to send you images or stories and highlight them
  8. Invite frequent followers to your guest bloggers
  9. Have “subscribe box” on the site
  10. Place the share button on your blog (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is a must)
  11. Join community and network
  12. Not jump on trend content
  13. Use longtail keywords, but write naturally
  14. Don`t post anything that is less than 600 words
  15. Use correct grammar and punctuation
  16. Not to give up!
  17. Keep track of your thoughts
  18. Enjoy your life!
  19. Take care of your physical body
  20. Sign up to my email list!

Do you have blogging tips you’d like to share? Please post them in the comments below.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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