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Top 3 Lessons To Increase Online Sales On Your Website

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You wonder why you spend all this time and effort monetizing your blog. You can have a steady and impressive flow of traffic out there, but your visitors are not actually turning into customers. After reading every manual, but seeing very little progress, you may be wondering: How to increase online sales on your website and convert visitors into referrals or customers?

If you already know me, you will know that I am not a seller trying to get money from my clients.
I am “work at home mom” and a person who has always used the conversation to meet my clients and sell products based on what are their needs.

So affiliate marketing in blogs was natural to me. And yes, I do more affiliate conversions than just writing about blogging.

Blogging can sometimes be an overwhelming task. You need to think about and create content, update social networks, interact with your audience, and create graphics for your contents. Okay, let’s not even start with the other tasks that bloggers who exceed expectations add to our task lists.

That said, the blogging could also be incredibly satisfying. And it’s great to make some money doing something you love.

You should not be ashamed or confused about making money by adding value to an audience through blogs.

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Otherwise, read on to find out how to better implement affiliate marketing on your blog.

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1. Do You Really Know Who You`re Sell Products To?

By really understanding who your audience is, you can talk directly to them in your writing. Identify who would benefit most from what you recommend and even some features from who would not benefit.

If you already have an audience, you want to truly know them. Do answer them on Facebook or maybe respond to their comments on your blog. Also, read their tweets as well as identify where they need help. What do you know or what do you use to completely solve these people problems?

Please allow 15 or 20 minutes to write anything as your best reader.


2. Paint a picture that truly solves people’s problem

So let’s say you know exactly who you sell to. After that, you should paint a picture for that person, as what you sell solves an issue. The words you choose to paint this picture are really important. Your words are actually everything!

Use your words for your blog readers, try as much as possible persuade of how much better their lives would be by signing up for a service that you promotes or uses the product you recommend to them.

Start under the impression that your readers have no idea what you are talking about.

You may know all regarding your very own affiliate: the true benefits, how it actually improves your life, and even small hack to get the most out of a product. But your audience is not!
So it takes a lot of effort to go through all that you know or perhaps understand about an affiliate.

Choose an affiliate you really believe more is coming to your audience. Write down everything you love about the very affiliate and give advice on using this service or product.


3. Do not be afraid to ask the question of “Why Not” out there?

Sometimes, when I cannot do a sale, I ask, Why not? From person to person you have the opportunity to evaluate whether you feel comfortable enough to ask this question to someone. I prefer to ask this question if I have already built a positive relationship with someone.

In the Online world, you cannot really make that verdict. But you CAN establish a relationship with your mailing list by sending regular, conversational, and useful emails. They will begin to trust you and respond to everything you state.

 If you then send a flash sale and receive low conversions for that very particular sale, you can send a good follow-up email asking your subscribers why they did not make the purchase.

Your audience’s responses will help you focus on the pain points you need to focus on.

And if you can address the issues of your audience, the affiliate turnovers in your blog will definitely increase.

Therefore, select some members of your target audience (or mailing list) to send them exclusively. Ask them about an offer you recently sent. If you do not have this information, ask them if they acted on the specific info. Then ask why they did it or why they did not.

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Learn Affiliate Marketing
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Have you read all this curiosity about how to make money from blogs and increase online sales, and you have not actually started yet? Many bloggers will answer: Although it is sometimes incredibly overwhelming and also a lot of hard work, blogging is an incredibly rewarding way to spend your time.

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Affiliate marketing is like selling an art. It is an art to know your customers and their needs and to meet those needs. Instead of selling something to someone in a structured environment like a business, tell them about something that helps you.

So you really need to anticipate these folk’s problems and honestly address every concern from the beginning. Unless your readers comment on a content, you have no way to answer their questions. If your readers still have questions, they are going to try to get answers in another blogger post.


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There is an unnecessary stigma for making money with blogs.
Bloggers spend a lot of time on their blogs. We create content, we publish on social networks, we interact with our readers, and we plan the future. And again, it’s good that you make some money for which you spend so much time.

Remember, if you stop thinking about your target audience and how you can serve them, you will not go very far making cool dollars blogging out there.

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Have you done anything lately to increase online sales on your website? With which affiliates do you have Issues advertising?  You want to write your stories in the comments and I’ll try to help! Thanks for reading.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • Stefan Ciancio

    Hi Jelena,

    I loved your article. It is an interesting approach to ask directly your readers why they have or haven’t bought a product. It should actually be done regularly to have constant feedback on what they need. You would usually want to make sure that you are offering them a product they can use, not just buy and never use. And when you sell them something, it is fair to ask them why they made that particular purchase, as it will give you an idea on what kind of products they are at least willing to try.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  • Koby

    These are all really great tips. For me, i believe the best strategy is to use your words well and write something that is interesting and informative to your audience; “Your words are actually everything!”. It’s what i always tey to to. Thanks for adding new tips for me to try too.

  • The Panicked Foodie

    Yes, this is one thing I am still trying to figure out! My audience isn’t that big yet, but I have been trying to think of ways to monetize through selling things. So far, I haven’t had that much success yet. Maybe your tips here will help! 🙂

    • Jelena

      Just be patient. Some sites take about 2 years to grow enough, get their regular visitors and start to make good money. You’re on the right path!

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    These are all awesome tips to increase your online sales. However, I do not sell anything on my blog. I think these tips would apply to me to deliver high quality articles that my subscribers would want to share with others too.

    • Jelena

      You have a wonderful website and you should take advantage of affiliate marketing. Since your site is in a tourist niche, you could from any person who orders something through your site: hotel accommodation, transportation, tourist offer, to earn a few dollars. Instead of Amazon ads, for which you earn 0.05 per click, you can offer the same products and earn 4%-25% of their value!
      If you do not know how to start, I suggest an excellent free course. Click Here!

  • Vasundhra

    We can’t succeed without understanding the needs of our Target audience. These are the most important lessons for anyone who wishes to increase online sales.

  • LeeAnn @ Girl Bosses Rock

    Most bloggers fail with their affiliate marketing simply because they can’t see past “selling” to their audience. You must think from the perspective of the reader and determine what they need. When you understand your Avatar, you can better think in terms of how to make their life better or make tasks easier for them and can then put the products out in a way that resonates with them.

  • zina

    To be honest, I have not tried any affiliate so far, because actually I would like to try it with something I believe and like. Your tips are really helpful. Which Social media do you mostly use to advertise it?

    • Jelena

      Hi Zina. I wrote a post on ShareASale, an affiliate network with 4500 different merchants. They all have affiliate programs and I’m sure you will find some programs that would fit your site. You can read more about ShareASale HERE. Also, if you need additional training on how to make the best use of affiliate marketing and earn money from your site, I recommend you THIS training that I went through myself.
      I mostly use Pinterest and Facebook.

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