4 Corners Alliance Group Review
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4 Corner Alliance Group Review. C​an You Make $500K Working From Home?

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To earn money is easy in today’s time if you know how to market things with the help of the internet world. It is not crucial that you are producing something or not but you should know how to sell produced items and mind you that to can fill yours beg with lots of money.

You just need to be a good marketer by having excellent elementary skills to bring customers and able to sell something on the internet. Also, you need to choose a proper company? Is 4 Corner Alliance Group worth joining?

The growth of the internet has allowed many people to grow in their life even from home by having necessary skills in marketing. If you are a good marketer than the internet will give you beg to grab lots of money from the market where you can earn billions with right marketing strategies, and many of them have already done in today’s time.

The Internet provides you a platform which you need.


It may look like a fairy story while reading but it is the truth of 21st-century people can even earn money from home. You just need to have a good sense of how to sell, where to sell and you should know your audiences which makes your work a lot easier.

What Is 4 Corner Alliance Group About?

I have seen many companies and seeing many companies doing significant business online. Today, I`m talking about 4 Corner Alliance Group which is similar to MLM company who is doing pretty well in their business with their networking skills and working as a marketing firm.

4 Corners Alliance Group Review

4 Corner Alliance Group is a legal company which allows you to purchase products as a package if you want to join or say enter into Four Corner team. In other words, buy a 4 Corner Package and join a marketing firm to grow in your life. They will train you to know how to invest in the multi-level marketing sector.

The owner, David Harrison said that they provide a good platform and opportunity to their members to market their things via the website and with good marketing strategies and skills. If you look into the package, it’s not that much big; the amount is small to join ($18) a promising firm like 4 Corner to do something significent in life.

What 4 Corner does is they manage your account then your personal finance and all they also provide many options too, by providing investment options in various fields with a good strategy to gain success in life.

The 4 Corner Alliance Group Compensation

They have made a good solid structure for their business which works pretty well for them and their clients till now. In 4 corner commission are fixed at every level it grows time by time as your team (the customers ) which you brought for them will add credit to your account as commission which is actually very good for the person who joins first.

4cornersalliancegroup matrix system

Like other MLM (matrix scheme) firms, you have to bring members under you to grow in 4 Corners and earn big from it. Once you are able to make your branch of member list long, then you are safe enough to gain by just seating at home and enjoy success.

They have a six-level matrix, and every level has new costs (upsells):

  • LEVEL 1 – $10
  • LEVEL 2 – $10
  • LEVEL 3 – $25
  • LEVEL 4 – $60
  • LEVEL 5 – $150
  • LEVEL 6 – $300

Because your included members commission also adds in your account whatever your new member does it helps you too, it is quite similar to other multi-level marketing companies which have the same strategy in their business.

So, on the first level, you can include 4 people, and you will earn $4 from each – total $16; on the second level you need to fill 16 positions and you can earn a total commission of $64. Third level has 64 position and you earn $10 from each member, so total is $640, and so on..

4 Corner Alliance Compensation Plan

In short, they have kept things simple which is to bring new members and try to market on your own and earn money from home as commission.

As everything has some goodies in business they also have some hidden baddies points as a problem in companies like 4 Corner Alliance have in their business. Let us see some of the points which you have to see before joining 4 Corner.

4 Corners Alliance Cons

Well, nothing new in this business as far as I feel the same old strategy, market on behalf of me and try to bring more member under you. It looks easy, but it is not easy; it takes time, proper planning and sharp mind which I feel not all have to get success in this kind of business.

  • Just to earn $720 you need to bring 84 active people who will do the same!
  • You need to stand out in a group of outstanding marketers who are already marketing the same thing.
  • It is not free to join; you have to purchase a package before joining. If you decide to go from Level 1 to Level 6, it will cost you $545!
  • 4 Corners’ most significant disadvantage what I feel is they are not having their own production of any product they are selling which is actually not a good idea for new one to start with them. First RED FLAG if you deciding to start with MLM company is if they don’t have a solid product!
  • They are also not focusing on product quality. They are lacking depth knowledge of their own products as they are not producers of any of them.
  • Training provided by them cannot be counted as proper training as they themselves are not having a reasonable knowledge of their products; only marketing cannot help you all the time

Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Better Option Than 4 Corners Alliance

If we look at 4 Corner from outside, it seems reasonable, but if you go in depth, it lacks in many departments. There`s noting new and we can`t call it a “financial revolution”. For this kind of business, Affiliate Marketing is a better option to start a new thing, business or say marketing for anything.

The affiliate marketing doesn’t force you to bring new members under you; it gives you other options to earn money in the form of a commission which is lacking in 4 Corner.

So, can you earn $500K working from home? YES, you CAN!
You can sell your own product, or choose any of millions of products available on the internet.

So try to move from network marketing business and join Affiliate business which is need of the two hour in today’s time to earn good money from the market. Affiliate Marketing will help you grow faster and stronger with a safe future and beg full of money all the time.

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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