5 Platforms That Help Entrepreneurs Build An Affordable Website
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5 Platforms That Help Entrepreneurs Build An Affordable Website

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While most businesses desire to create a strong website, sometimes the cost gets in the way. This is especially true for small businesses that work with limited funds. 

So are small businesses cursed to have low-quality websites that do little to promote their brand? 

Definitely not. There are plenty of tools that can help you build an affordable website that is well-designed, visually appealing and intuitive. 

Tools that Help You Build an Affordable Website

Small businesses that want to create a good website have the following options.

  1. Wix

    Whether it’s business, videography, photography, food, or restaurants, Wix has beautiful templates for just about any business. All business owners need to do is drag and drop these templates to create their own website. Building a website with Wix is a breeze, and this platform also offers mobile capabilities along with free and secure web hosting. 

    Wix provides tons of templates, infinite pages and web hosting for no cost. However, it does offer premium packages for businesses that range from $35/month (VIP) to $20/month (Basic).

    Good news is that businesses can get a discount on these packages with coupons and promo codes. And going by the latest coupon code trends and statistics, illustrated in coupon codes insights, this method of saving is helping loads of entrepreneurs manage their startup costs.

  2. Jimdo 

    Jimdo is another tool with which businesses can build an affordable website. It can help in creating a simple one-page site to a much more complex online store. It crafts beautiful websites and is especially handy for businesses that do some of their retail on the net.

    Some perks provided by Jimdo’s $20/month business plan includes a free domain, removal of adverts, SSL security, and dedicated support. Some of the other features provided are 10GB of bandwidth, 5GB storage, website analytics, and advanced SEO features. 

  3. Squarespace

    Squarespace’s stunning templates have made it all the rage in creative industries and eCommerce sectors. Its service also appeals to small businesses for similar reasons. 

    Entrepreneurs that want to their startup to have a strong visual appeal can rely on Squarespace to grasp the customer’s attention.

    Unlike others, Squarespace does not offer a free plan. Its personal package ($12) has minimalistic features with eCommerce options being a notable exemption. 

    All in all, Squarespace is for companies and individuals that want to build an affordable website with superior aesthetic value. 

  4. WordPress 

    30% of websites are built with WordPress. It’s the most popular platform where netizens can build their website with unparalleled ease. WordPress is almost ideal for anyone that wants to start a blog.

    With more than 350 applicable templates, small businesses can customize their website with their own images, logos, fonts, and colors. It also comes with SEO capabilities and analytic tools that help evaluate your website’s performance. 

    WordPress has free plans, but small businesses can enjoy extra benefits with a Premium plan priced $8/month. 

    Anyone that wishes to build an affordable website will find WordPress to be a competent platform. 

  5. Weebly

    Weebly has been silently serving the small businesses since 2007. It offers everything from a simplistic blog to holistic online stores. In particular, it’s the capability to create eCommerce stores has improved a great deal. 

    With its simple drag-and-drop feature, Weebly is one of the customizable services available. What’s more, it’s not just a platform to build an affordable website as it provides SEO functionality, email marketing service, eCommerce capabilities, and blogging features. 

    Weebly’s basic services are available for free with paid subscriptions starting at $8 per month. Small business owners can learn to use this platform with ease as it’s extremely simple and straightforward. 


If you’re starting a business, building a dedicated website is as important as the initial investment. Websites serve as a potent marketing tool and a good website is essential for establishing a powerful brand. 

By using the platforms mentioned above, small business owners can build an affordable website and entrench their digital footprint.   

5 Platforms That Help Entrepreneurs Build An Affordable Website

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