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5 Ways To Check Keyword Ranking For A Website

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How exactly do you check keyword ranking for a website?

Perhaps you merely set up a website for your offline business or you might be engaging in affiliate marketing. Maybe you have a product website or possibly you happen to be blogging regarding a particular niche. With one important thing in common, everybody wants website traffic to the site, all of us want visitors!

A proven way that could actually generate traffic to your website is to use right keywords within your content. The content material will be positioned within Google as well as other search engines like Yahoo or Bing, for those particular keywords if you have done properly.

To have beautifully written, enticing content, depending on keywords that can get a decent ranking in Google as well as other search engines, could over time offer plenty of free visitors to your website!

In this particular article, we are going to talk about various ways and diverse tools to employ to check one’s own keyword rankings.

Without a doubt you most likely built your very own keyword-based content, therefore you are attempting to find out if it’s getting ranked in search engines.

There are several methods to check the rankings of a content and then we are going to speak about 5 methods to get it done here. They are all wonderful tools and also I find them all genuinely very beneficial.

5 Ways to Check Keyword Ranking For a Website - bobforher.com


So, How To Check Keyword Ranking
For A Website

1. Google, Yahoo, and Bing

The most effective as well as the simplest way to check a keyword ranking for your website would be to type in the keyword phrase, which you based your own content on, into the search box in Google, Yahoo or Bing. Will your website or content part roll up for this keyword?

In case you have a local company type in the name of your company and then check if it comes up, includes the city in which you operate.

If nothing comes up the attempt to use hyphens. For example, you are seeking to rank for “dark purple prom dresses 2018”. When using hyphens it is going to show results for just that particular keyword employed.


As you can see, there are more than 100,000 results for the keyword (“dark purple prom dresses 2018”). That would mean 100,000 competitors for that specific phrase that would be hard to classify.
Luckily that’s not true.

With the hyphens you can find out the actual result, the actual number of your competitors. Enter the keyword with hyphens, (“dark purple prom dresses 2018”) and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the number 10 on Google.

dark purple prom dresses 2018_ boboforher.com

This will display the actual result and the very contest number for that specific keyword. It turns out that there are 80 entries for the keywords, which is much better than 100,000.

Will your own content display in hyphens?

2. The Google Webmasters Tools

This Google tool for webmasters is a great free tool from Google. If you are not registered, I recommend you to do so right away. It provides you with specific keywords for which you’re truly ranking for out there as well as much other useful information.

Let me show you where to find and also check keyword rankings with this great Google Webmasters stuff.

You will access your site from Google Webmasters if you have not added your site yet by clicking on Add a Property and following the instructions.





In the search analysis, you will find a lot of information.

You can get clicks, impressions, clickthrough rate, and then rank for a specific keyword. You can see exactly which keywords are actually ranked, what position they have and much more.

search analytics_google_bobforher.com

It really is a great free tool to use and an excellent place to find keywords for which you are really ranking.


3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another amazing Google tool. This free tool will give you so much information and knowledge about your website that is important to you.

Google Analytics provides you with information about audiences, behavior, acquisition, conversions, and more. Look at specific pages that receive traffic, see where traffic comes from, real-time information, and more.

How Exactly Do You Check Keyword Ranking In The SERPs With Google Analytics?

You could link it with search console/webmaster tools as well as have virtually the exact info which you get from Google Webmaster tools; however, you will have the whole thing in one spot.



4. Semrush

Another important tool which I find very useful is indeed SemRush. This is a great tool to get an overview of your rankings and to see if your site wins or loses if it is going in the right direction.

organic search positions semrush_ bobforher.com


With the free service, you can see some of the individual keywords you rank, but to see them all, you need to pay for the service, that is go premium right now. This actually gives you a good idea of your specific keywords along with ads, rankings, and even more.



When searching for SemRush, you can search for a website and get the result or keyword to see more information. This is a very good tool to use out there; it’s great to take advantage of this tool.


5. Jaaxy

Google gives you a quick overview of whether or not you’re actually ranking, but there are an easier way and a better method to keep track of a specific keyword in the long run.
Use Jaaxy for keyword ideas, keyword searches, and to track keywords in the ranking.


jaxxy search_ bobforher.com


Here I can track a specific keyword for a particular website and set scans to the frequency. I would like to scan on a weekly basis, and Jaaxy will track my rankings on Google, Yahoo, and even Bing.


side jobs by bob_ bobforher.com


In this case, this specific keyword is “side jobs by bob” classified as #8 in Google, but not classified in Yahoo and Bing.

Now I can let Jaaxy keep this ranking for me and I can as well go back and check it. See if it improves or diminishes, and so on.

Jaaxy is a great keyword tool for researching keywords as well as tracking them.



How You Can Give Your Content A Push
If  It’s Not Getting Ranked Well

There you have got 5 different ways to check your own keyword rankings.
Then again imagine if you find out that your website is not ranking? That the content material you labored hard on is not turning up in Google.

Is your website new? At times it requires a long time for Google to come across your internet site and also start ranking the content material, at first, everyone has to be a bit patient.

In case it’s an older website ( more than 6-8 months), therefore, you want to grant your content a bit push here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Distribute the post URL to Google Webmasters – you will discover there is a place that you can submit one’s own Link to Google Webmaster tools for your website to be crawled (“Crawl as Google”).
  2. Share on social media sites. Social media site get crawled by the search engine spiders frequently, is your written content out there to be found?
  3. Use my advice for formatting blog to increase your Google ranking.

How do you check keyword ranking for a website?
What’s your best method to check rankings, the long used fashion method in Google or maybe by employing a tool and then get into almost all the specifics? Feel free to share your experience below.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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