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6 Investments Worth Making To Grow Your Blog

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With many blog writers out there now, it’s impossible to just put up a couple of images and texts and wait to see your blog grow.

Today’s post is for anybody with objectives to grow their blog site and ultimately have a side (or full-time) income from it.

If there’s something I’ve learned in my own blogging journey, it’s that you have to put a little extra on your blog site for it to bloom. This post shares 6 of the very best financial investments I think are absolutely worth making to grow your blog site.

Finest financial investments can grow a blog.

6 Investments worth making to grow your blog

Take me, for example. I’m a prudent person, so the last thing I wished to do was investing cash in my blog site. I had to get over this state of mind and focus on my objectives.

What exactly I want for my blog site in the following month? 6 months? 12 months?

Three years?

I already start making money from it and I want to make it a full-time thing, so that enabled me to come to the conclusion that I needed to make a couple of financial investments to benefit my blog site in the long run.


I need to be frank with you. Investing your energy and time to your blog site needs to be your #1 concern.
I have certainly made some sacrifices in my life in order to grow my blog, and I would not change anything.

When I found my niche and started this blog, I decided to dedicate each and every single part of me into it because I know it would pay off in the long run.

Time is what sets apart a pastime blog writer from a “major” blog writer. You set objectives and operate on a constant publishing schedule.
You make time to discover brand-new techniques and build credibility for yourself.

If you’re prepared to be devoted, you will prosper.

Domain and Hosting

Buying a domain was the very first big change I made when I decide to be serious about this website.

Buying your very own domain is a fantastic way to get your novice blog writer feet wet as you shift to a more expert level.

Dropping the .blogspot or .wordpress from your URL will help you gain trustworthiness with readers, other blog writers, and brands!

The point: you’ll be taken more seriously.

Having a self-hosted blog site generally indicates that you own your site and it cannot be taken from you, even if WordPress of Blogger arbitrarily choose to close down one day. (Yes, this can actually happen.)

It also allows you to have more control over the modifications and performance of your website, as Blogger and WordPress .com have numerous constraints in regards to your blog’s style.

You also get a customized e-mail address that makes you look like an expert. Mine is jelena@bobforher.com!

I HIGHLY recommend BlueHost. Their 24/7 tech support made it a breeze to switch from GoDaddy and they held my hand while I moved from Blogger to WordPress. You will pay $47 for a year of hosting ($ 3.95 a month).

Blog Site Design

While having kick-ass material is definitely a must to develop an effective blog, it’s also crucial to have a tidy and captivating blog site style. Let’s be honest: the very first thing readers see when they visit your website is how it looks.

I know I’m not the only one that will leave a blog if it has an awful style or I if cannot find exactly what I’m trying to find. Having a tidy style will not just make you appear more expert and trustworthy but also make people return again and again!

I got my design template from Elegant Themes. I selected this design template since it gave me a great deal of editing control in regards to design, plus it was just $19.

I like Elegant Themes for design templates because they have many templates to choose from, and they have more than 430K customers!

Divi WordPress Theme


Whether you shoot your very own or use stock images, your images have to be on point. Premium images are a MUST in order to draw and keep readers on your website.

Editing software

I personally use Canva to edit my pictures. I understand the software license for tools like Photoshop is extremely costly, so you can use Canva for free.  If Photoshop isn’t really your thing I recommend PicMonkey.

Hire a professional photographer

Another option is to work with a professional photographer. If you know somebody that wishes to improve their portfolio, you might consider having them shoot your pictures in exchange for a shoot-out on your blog site (basically free of charge for you.).

Or, you can hire a professional photographer, which will differ in expenses depending upon what they charge.

Stock photos

The last and simplest alternative is using stock images, which can save you a great deal of time and disappointment if photography isn’t really your thing. While there are lots of free stock image websites out there, you’re most likely to have similar pictures to other blog writers in your specific niche.

That is why I absolutely recommend buying paid stock images. Subscription websites are especially worth it due to the fact that their stock is constantly changing, especially with the seasons!

Here a couple of websites to get stock pictures for female blogs:

Styled stock society photographies for female entrepreneurs

E-mail service provider

Y’all understand I like email marketing, so that’s why I believe in buying an excellent e-mail provider.

I personally use Mailerlite and 100% recommend it to anybody who is focused on growing their e-mail list and wishes to ultimately offer service or products. It`s a trustworthy and easy to use the platform and is totally free for first 1,000 subscribers.

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I enjoy learning in-depth, so I strongly suggest purchasing tools, courses, books, and subscriptions to websites to help you grow your blog site. I do think you can learn whatever you have to know free of charge, but it will take you more energy and time. Believe me, I did it that way for months.

I caved and got a couple of e-books, registered for a course, and subscribed to a website when I realized it would help me get me where I wanted to be faster and with less disappointment.

Here are a few of resources I suggest:


I like e-books due to the fact that they’re excellent, yet a small financial investment with a lot of excellent information.

The # 1 blogging e-book I recommend is The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic by Ana of The She Approach.

This e-book is packed with important details covering all the bases of growing your blog, from your target market and social media marketing to SEO and money-making. You will truly understand her writing! She has a gift for describing things in such a way that they simply make sense.

Furthermore, Ana also offers some free goodies if you buy the book, such as 2 complimentary months of Tailwind! Click on this link for more information and get a totally free chapter to see if it works for you!

#2 Ebook is Pinterest Njinja eCourse. If you want to grow your blog traffic, a Pinterest account is the must! Thanks to this ebook and Tailwind tool, Pinterest sends me over 45,000 330.000 page views A MONTH!

You can read more about Tailwind in my post: How Tailwind Helped Me Grow My Blog Traffic

Pinterest Njinja eBook

Affiliate Marketing Training

WEALTHY AFFILIATE! I love this one!

I started as a free member as I was a little doubtful of subscription. I was not sure if they really deserved the money or if I would get any from the subscription. I believe the most important thing to think about is exactly what your blog needs and what you particularly want in order to reach your objectives.

I wanted community and resources, so when the chance to sign up with WA at a lowered cost showed up, I went all in.

WA has allowed me to develop a community and a support group around my blog site. Those people are available 24/7 to help you! You can get an answer to any question that you have.

Every Saturday, there is a new video material that covers everything you need know to grow your blog site and social media. If you want to sneak peak you can SIGN UP for 7 days for FREE (no credit card needed). Click here to discover more: No1 Affiliate Training

That was a long post, but I hope I provided you with some insight on what I think is vital to buy for your blog site.

Now, I totally get it if you’re not prepared to put any money on your blog. That’s why I LOVE free things and urge you to take a look at my FREE 6-day e-course to grow your blog site!

The course teaches you natural techniques to grow a dependable blog site and social media following consisting of people who wish to learn from you, purchase from you, and who simply GET you.

What have you recently purchased for your blog? Do you intend on buying anything soon? I would love for you to share any of your preferred resources below!

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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