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American Online Jobs Review – Is It Legit?

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Today I am going to give a review for American Online Jobs. I have gone through the whole process of this website, and I will tell you why it’s not worthy, and it is not good for anyone.

I didn`t see any work or income as they say $700 to $1600 weekly with their banner type image, it will give you nothing, in fact, they will take your money and earn from you.

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What Is American Online Jobs?

According to the website of they target people by claiming that they will provide jobs to them and shows of like they are hiring people around the world and also give a figure like $700 to $1600 per week earning.


What I discovered, it is a well-planned scam to earn money from places where people are looking for work, and they don’t check the reality of the website and get scammed by this kind of websites by giving their bucks to them instead of earning.

You will not get a job from American Online Jobs, the second thing they guide you by their 8 to 9 videos, as some of them are not working, and they are teaching affiliate marketing in a total wrong way.

How Does American Online Jobs Starts?


It starts with a few questions which you have to answer from that they will get your information in American Online Jobs. This question will be simple, and it will look like a genuine too as a user don’t find it as the trap.

I feel this website maker are actually smarter than other scammers or say one step ahead of all. They have made a system which looks like real even if when you join them.

But, what is really happening is that you will answer some surveys and sign up on some sites, and those guys will earn their referral money for that.

American Online Jobs step 1

Let us continue to our joining process in American Online Jobs.


After the first step comes and you want to make money with this system you need to sign up to Online Flex Job.

American Online Jobs step 2

If you decide to do step 2 and sign up on that second site, you will get an email that you need to download some anti-virus software. So, if you do that, the owner of American Online Job will earn more profit.

So, if you want to complete step 2, you need to purchase an anti-virus software which is around $25 to $40. So, you will have to pay $25- $40 to even start American Online Jobs. Well, I will suggest trying to skip that step and join training first to get a better idea of how they are scamming people.


As soon as your complete step 2, you will come to a “free website” which is actually not free access. Most of the people will pay on the second step, so it’s not free. Actually, it’s a paid website.

The website which you are using will be yours, and you have to bring other customers to join American Online Jobs, so technically, as you see, they are using referral system here by bringing new customer and asking customers to refer same. So, you supposed to sell something that even you still don`t know what it is!

You have to bring people to join American Online Jobs in same manner way you did, but the way they have made their structure I feel it is not an easy task. Some people will get an idea, as I got it, that its one kind of planned scam.

They are having eight lessons for all the people who join this process, and it also shows you how to get people from social platforms. Some of the videos will guide you on how you can post free ads in various groups of Facebook.

I feel this is not the right way of working by making people fool and earn money in the wrong way. Scamming is not what I think is the right thing to do, and this American Online Job website is teaching you to do that.

They will indirectly tell you to make posts which are fake and post on social platforms like Facebook and misguide people by bringing them to the website and scam them.

For this kind of frauds, I feel people today themselves need to inform and educate themselves and understand that this kind of websites is misusing the online platform.

My Personal Opinion About American Online Jobs

0 stars review

Stay away from this site and false reviews which are saying join American Online Jobs.

While doing a study of this website I even found many of sellers writing fake reviews. I feel that they are may be part of this scam and misguiding by writing false reviews as they tell that “more videos are going to come” and these many customers already have joined,” than faker like “I have this much” or “earning this much.”

American Online Jobs is it legit

All these reviews are fake, and many of them are paid to write it.

American Online Jobs is not the right website to join. As I found it is a scam type of site which is misusing online platform by making people trap and earn money from them, instead of giving money. There is nothing like correct training on this website.

After all, I suppose you have answer on: “Is American Online Jobs Legit?”.

American Online Jobs is a way to trap people and make them join your website and tell them to do the same. So don’t even think about joining this scam you will not receive a single penny out of this website and instead of earning you might lose your money by signing up and all.
So, Big NO to this website.

Why should you join such website and be part of a scam when there are so many good and real options available in the online market?

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