Ardyss International Review
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Ardyss International Business Opportunity. Can You Make Money?

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Every fit person likes to flaunt his/her physique in style, but have you ever thought that a fat person to flaunts their body in style?

Now you might be confused with my sentence; there are many products today in the market which gives you artificial shape to your physique.

There are many companies in the market which uses this kind of products. Today we will talk about the company called Ardyss, which is an MLM company and it there in the market for many years more than a decade.

In this review, I will cover the points related to Ardyss an MLM company, what it is, how it works, compensation plan, and of course can you earn money selling their products. So lets us know about this MLM Company called Ardyss.

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What Is Ardyss International


It is a reshaping, nutrition and personal care company all their products are related to these three categories. Diaz De Leon basicall founded this company. There are lots of debates on its working, as it is an MLM concept. 

Ardyss Products

Ardyss International works on three products Reshaping, Le’vive Juice and Skincare products. 


In Reshaping you get garments which can make you look fitter and slim. One thing here it is not a good thing to wear such clothing can cause the problem to your body as it pushes your body in the wrong shape than natural. 

Cellular Nutrition of Ardyss Company will help you lose weight in quick time. According to them, these juices are also for sleeping disorders and anti-ageing remedies.

They also have two lines of skin care products: facial care and body care which are produced by another company.

They are marketing their products mostly in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, United Kingdom, and Columbia.

Joining And Business Opportunity In Ardyss – ArdyssLife

If you want to sell Ardyss products, then you will become part of their “family,” they call it Ardyss Life.

You can watndh their promo video here, and then I will go deeper in this business opportunity:

If you want to start, you will need to go to the site called, click on “Opportunity” and ad your email adress. If you already know someone who is in Ardyss, he/she will be glad to register you as his/her referral.


As researching the internet about this company, I tried to find some independent Ardyss sellers, but most of them or not selling Ardyss products anymore.


But I find a lot of useful info that you may need if you consider joining Ardyss International.

You can be a member of this company, and you can earn money in two different ways.

Your basic membership will cost you $50, or $100 for Express Pack and $299 for Power Pack fee.

Ardyss Compensation Plan

Your first income in commission is from 40% to 65%, which looks good in figures. 

The second way is Express a bonus or Power Pack in Ardyss international:

  • Each time you enroll a new ArdyssLife Distributor with the $100 Express Pack, you will receive a $20 bonus.
  • Each time you register a new ArdyssLife Distributor with the $300 Power Pack, Ardyss distributor will get a one time $50 bonus for each enrollment.
  • You will NOT earn ANY Bonus if you sing up new Ardyss Distributor with the basic Ardyss Membership of $50.

    Remember, it is in value points, and it is only for the first order.

Ardyss International compensation plan has seven types or earnings and ten levels according to their website. They have limited scope in commission and that to depend on client’s capability; the distributor has to earn their points to earn bonuses.

I got confused in their compensation plan has nothing is mentioned on their website, but I find it online and, you can also see Ardyss International Compensation plan here.


Advisors get a commission if they pass a certain level in the company.  

Advisors get 5% commission from the first level, and Advisors has to reach up to 700 group qualification to become a Coordinator in Address International. Coordinators get 5% commission from the first, and 10% from the second level.

There are eight levels to reach from Advisor to Platinum level in Ardyss, with bonuses like a car, Maintenance rank bonus, Power Rank bonus, and many more. As they claim, you have seven ways you get money from Ardyss International.


But you will not find the exact commission and how much you will get, which made confused about their compensation plan.

I didn’t find how much products you need to sell to get 700 points, that you need that from Advisor become Coordinator.

The problem in Ardyss compensation plan is you will not exact idea of how much you will earn as a distributor.

I feel their compensation plan should be recheck again for their clients, which will make things clear how much money exactly you can earn by selling or marketing their products at different levels.

Their MLM structure will not work long if they continuously focus on recruiting people and clearing what you will pay them and what the future of the company and its growth plan for the next ten years.

As it is an MLM company, I am not giving any pros for this company as I didn’t find anything good bright things from this company and its website. But I have seen some loop points which is giving me alarm as it’s a NOT a business opportunity that you can earn from it.

Cons of Ardyss International

  • To start with it’s an MLM company.
  • Products are not new, and prices are high so difficult to market them.
  • The compensation plan is not clear in Ardyss.
  • An income opportunity for joiner is rare.
  • Pathetic Website.
  • You will spend more than earning from it.
  • In Ardyss advisors and market distributors not given any training on how to market their products, which makes work more difficult.
  • There is no chance you can make any full-time income from it.
  • It is limited to a few countries.

My View On Ardyss International:

1 stars review

It is a confusing company, nothing is transparent in their project, products seems to be ok, but as usual, its MLM company prices are higher than regular products which are similar to them. It makes works challenging to sell their products in the market. 

Their website is also not informative and pathetically made. Customer support is weak, according to the sources.

If you are right in marketing, you might earn a few bucks from it but that too also after reaching a certain level in the company. So my opinion for this company will be BIG NO to it. Don’t waste time and money on this company is not worthy in my view.

I always say in my review MLM companies comes with the same strategy which never allows people to earn after a certain period and in the end, most of the people lose their money and time in MLM companies. 

So any homemakers or any other person looking for work, then I have a solution, and that is my recommended program; which is an active program, gives you training and helps you build your own business by guiding every stage. 

I am using it from past few years and its working very well for me. So I always motive homemakers and all to join once because it is free to join and worth too.

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