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How The ASD Reading Program Helps Moms Who Work From Home And Kids With Autism?

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Moms who work from home may experience stress from having autism problems in kids, as it’s usually a first diagnosed disorder in childhood. And yet you can’t tell if a kid has autism just by looking at him or her.

However, if your kid has autism, it does not mean that mom is responsible for it. Some studies relate to autism due to both infectious and chemical environmental exposure during pregnancy. 

Does Autism Affect Reading?

Many forms of attention problems interfere with the learning of people with autism and related problems. There’s no question about it: Autism is a major disorder that goes far beyond a kid’s ability to learn and understand or even feel.

Kids with autism have more trouble concentrating on things than most of the people around them. Some have trouble deciding what to focus on while listening to a teacher, reading a text, or researching a math problem. And again, autism patients have serious difficulties interacting and communicating with other people, making it very difficult to deal with them. 

People with autism display impulsive behavior, causing them to perform poorly in most learning settings, often requiring unique concessions for them to learn.

Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder do not always develop or have early writing and reading skills on the same timeline as other kids. Supporting the development of their skills requires additional structure and patience, but above all, the recognition of incremental improvements, no matter how small.

Help For The Moms
Who Work From Home

Moms of autistic kids are exposed to much greater stress in everyday life than moms of other children. Therefore, some programs are designed to help them relieve stress and learn to properly manage their autistic kids.

They also learn ways to have better contact with their child. Direct teaching, review of skills and strategies, and recognition of achievement motivate these kids with ASD to learn to read. 

Before choosing a reading program, it is vital to identify how your kid is learning. If your child has had a neuropsychological evaluation, you may already know his or her learning abilities. You want to ask yourself these three vital questions if not:

  1. Does your kid learn perhaps by doing things with hands?
  2. Does your child pay special attention to pictures?
  3. Does your child enjoy poems, stories, or songs? 

By answering these questions, you can determine whether your child is a kinesthetic learner, a visual learner, or an auditory learner. Watch your child interact with the world and try to find patterns. Your child can learn better by using a combination of methods.

Choosing A Reading Program For Autism

Once you have established how your child learns, you can find a program that capitalizes on his/her strengths. ASD Reading is a program that you can use on your computer to make it easier for your kids to learn to read. You don’t need to have any other program before starting this one or know the alphabet or letter sounds. All kids, including non-verbal ones, can use it, as all readers receive a 10% discount with this code.

The following six reading areas are taught: Phonics, Writing, Sequencing, Meaning, Comprehension, and Grammar. There are graphics, audio, and animation to reinforce the meaning of the words. Written and spoken language is perfectly linked so that one reflects and reinforces the other. Classes are tailored to the specific skills and needs of the kid and can be adjusted accordingly.

 The reading program assesses the child’s abilities for you and overcomes failure patterns and difficulties. This program stems from Dr. Marion Blank, a language and literacy expert who developed and served as co-director of the Columbia University Neuropsychiatry Development Program for Autism and Related Disorders.

Using The Program

My son has shown Asperger’s borderline characteristics, an autism spectrum disorder, and I was excited to see how this would help. I have a seven-year-old reader who is having a hard time (not sitting still long enough to study), so I was hoping a computer program would help her as she seems to have been sitting at the computer a little more than reading books. I had access to this program with two students for 12 months.

When you start this program, you will need to fill in your child’s information and then have each kid practice using the keyboard and mouse and take an assessment test so the program knows where to place them at the beginning. As a mom work from home, you are still in control if you feel your child needs to be taken to another level. At any time, take him to a new level.

It’s important not to interfere during the level test so that the child is placed at the correct level. The program is designed to fit the needs of your kid.

Learning A New Way Of Reading With ASD Reading Program 

One of the things that are done is, the program displays a word at the top of the screen. For the next screen, the word was “that.”
The word was then removed, and the child was asked to find what could form the word “that.” If it takes a while or your kid click the wrong one, additional tips will be given. That was a new way of learning to read as I have been teaching homeschool for seven years and have not seen it this way before.

However, you must remember that today’s reading education is based on methods that do not work for students on the spectrum or slow learners, so most never acquire the ability to read fluently or comprehensively.

Yes, this is a new method, but things need to be explained differently to understand them. In trying to get things explained in a new way, I have spent a lot of money over the years shopping and testing different programs to see what works for my kids.

Finally, all instructions in the ASD reading program are brief and clear to help your kids better understand the activities. Break work into short, manageable chunks. Clear instructions can be heard as often as necessary before beginning each activity in each lesson. For many kids with ASD, taking an oral teaching step helps prioritize new information, which the ASD Reading program does.

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