Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

  • Making People Succeed: Become A Life Coach Online

    Become a life coach online

    There are so many professions nowadays that people get into thinking that they would succeed in whatever they choose to do in Life. Have you ever thought of a profession or business where you coach or train people to understand what they want from life, where they want to reach in Life, or what is that thing that can make a person realize his/her worth?  What is that thing that the person would love doing his/her entire life and how to reach that goal and become happy?

  • Why Do You Need To Start A Blog + FREE Course!

    You want to start a blog, or perhaps you are a blog writer and you’d like to improve. Regardless, I believe a blog site is the best way to connect online, achieve your objectives, as well as generate income or side earnings. It’s also very addictive and can become a long-lasting motivation. Here are my 7 reasons why you need to start a blog (+ FREE course if you sign up). My Website Makes About $6000 Monthly Why Do You Need To Start A Blog? I started this blog just three months back when I fell while rock climbing and wanted to find…

  • How To Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest​?

    How to generate website traffic with Pinterest_ bobforher.com - twitter

    Pinterest and Facebook are my top source of traffic. If you are brand-new to blogging or you have ruled out using Pinterest as part of your blogging strategy then this is the time to start using it. Pinterest is where you will have the ability to grow your business, especially if you are thinking about earning money from your blog site. You only need to learn how to increase website traffic with Pinterest. This guide will delve into the technique you need to use to grow your blog site with Pinterest, and you need to read it completely in order to succeed. I…

  • Effective Online Side Jobs for Moms Like Me

    Side jobs for moms

    Three years ago I made it my goal to find a way to make money online. After diveorce I reaaly needed that extra income. I invested hours into checking out various posts about online side jobs for moms and chose to try a few of the approaches myself. And guess what? It worked. First, I started to work online as a part time job and with within a couple of months, I felt confident to leave my day job and turn all my side jobs into my primary hustle. Knowing the best ways to generate income online in my 30’s actually changed my…

  • Is Cutco A Pyramid Scheme?

    Is Cutco A Pyramid Scheme

    If you love cooking, then you will want my today’s review because it is an essential tool “knives.” My review is on a most debatable company called Cutco, which is known for its products but more in talks for its marketing.  In this review, I will cover things related to Cutco company products, its compensation plan, its pros and cons and I will also tell you whether it is a pyramid scheme or not.  Want To Earn Passive Income While You Sleeping Cutco Company The Cutco Corporation was founded in 1949 by Alcoa and Case Cutlery. The company offers wide ranges of cutlery…

  • Bonanza Online Selling – A Genuine Marketplace

    Bonanza Online Selling

    Bonanza is another online market place that gives a platform for sellers to sell their stuff, and buyers to choose from the variety of items that are sold on this website. This is how simple it is doing the job for both the buyers and the sellers. But, is it that simple as mentioned or there’s a twist to this we’ll figure out that later.

  • How To Earn An Online Income With Mr. ​Rebates?

    How To Earn An Online Income With Mr

    One thinks what Mr. Rebates is? First of all, what does a rebate mean? They say a rebate is like a refund to someone who has paid a certain amount of tax, rent or utility. Rebate basically means a discount or a deduction.  So when you know you have a site like Mr. Rebates what can you think of it? That probably its site for earning something back. Well, you’ll guess that right. Mr. Rebates, as it’s known, is an online portal for shopping that gives you cashback for each purchase or even online coupons or discounts. But, you can also learn how to…

  • How Tailwind Helped Me Grow My Blog Traffic

    How to use Tailwind to skyrocket your blog? bobforher.com_ twitter

    Have you heard that Pinterest is among the best tools to help blog writers to promote posts and increase traffic? Could your Pinterest scheduling use an upgrade? If Pinterest is presently not one of the tools you use to promote your blog site, it’s time to start using it. Today’s post is all about why I enjoy Tailwind and how I use it to increase my blog site’s direct exposure and traffic.

  • Having An Impactful Influence: Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing

    Influence! Such a small word but yet a very loaded word. I was reading a great book called ” The Ultimate Guide To Using Influence Marketing,” and I want to share with you some of the conclusions about Influence Marketing. What It Is Influence? It is an impact or the effect on someone’s behavior or character by someone who acts as an influencer. So what or who is an influencer? An influencer is a person who can influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the same & eventually influence them to buy the products. Influencer marketing is a…