Bitcoin Millionaires Club Review
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Bitcoin Millionaires Club – Be Aware Of The Scam

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You can be a little confused. There is a site called “Bitcoin Millionaire Club” and a site called “Bitcoin MillionaireS club.” Since cryptocurrency and Bitcoin become favorite topics on the internet, sites with those topics in the names are using it to scam a lot of visitors.

What Is Bitcoin Millionaires Club?


The “Bitcoin Millionaires Club” on their homepage ( has a picture on a guy called Josh. Josh has a similar story as everyone who wants to sell you something.
He tried everything, from clicks to Forex systems, so he decided to create a program that will help its members in making money: The Bitcoin Millionaires Club.

I`m so pissed when someone wants to sell that story. Because some honest people are really searched and tried a lot of stuff ( including me) and they will connect with this man who even doesn’t even exist!

Ok, I already discover you the first thing which is the big red flag about this site. There`s no name of the owners and guy called Josh is downloaded image from Shutterstock (the website where you can buy different photos).


You can read on the BTMC website that this non-existed young man will teach you how to make residual income from investing your money in different Bitcoin portfolios,..bla,bla,bla…

You will bite it just if you don’t know anything about Bitcoin, and unfortunately, many people don`t know a lot about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Most of the people now just that there are people who made a fortune on Bitcoin.

Then, in the last sentence, Josh claims that you need just two members to have a continuous cash flow.
OK, now I get it – this program is either a multilevel system or Pyramid scheme. I have a lot of experience so that I can recognize it when I read their pitch story.

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Want To Know How Does It Work?

At least, they are honest with the basic price of this so-called program. At their website, you will see that you will need to pay $250 to join this “Club.”

Click on the REGISTER and enter your general information on the site
( ). Log in with your info, and you will see a new small window, that looks really ugly.


There are no instructions on how to start, so I just clicked on the side menu. When you click on deposit funds, you will get the message that you need to invest at least $250. You can do it through PayPal, or you can pay in Bitcoin.

You will not be given any guidance for this BTMC program. At this point, I`m thinking is anyone willing to pay $250 and don`t even get manual what to do next.

Ok, let check what their promises are. Depend on how much you are willing to invest; you will get an option to join three different pools:

  • Silver Pool investment pays out 10% earning on your investment monthly
  • Gold Pool returns 15%, and
  • Platinum Pool gives you 20% for financing.

WOW! This is the second red flag. There’s no company, bank, grant, or cryptocurrency club that can pay you 10% – 20% monthly! When you see those numbers, you know it is a scam!

Till now, we now that we need to register, and pay for joining one or more pools. So, you don`t need to do anything, just give them money, and you will get 10-20% monthly. Now, let’s go back and discuss on they claim that you need only two members to make sustainable monthly income.

How To Have Continuous Cashflow From Bitcoin Millionaires Club?

My honest opinion, you will NOT have any cash flow. This website is not legal; it`s a classic Pyramid scheme, so don’t expect any earning from it.


You will be asked to recruit two members who need to invest a minimum $250 and to include two new club members each. Only then you will (maybe) get your bonus.

Your task will be to sell some story to your friends, colleagues, or family, to invest in something that you even don`t know what it is, and you still didn`t earn anything from it.

For Pyramid Schemes is usual that they don’t have any physical or digital product – they are selling a story, and if you`re skilled in selling a fantasy, you will find some people to join your circle.

Let’s See Some Of The Pros and Cons Of
Bitcoin Millionaires Club


  • none


  • This site is a Pyramid Scheme and Scam!
  • Don’t give your number or email; else you will get several calls to frustrate you and junk of emails too.
  • They don’t have any Bitcoin program or instructions.
  • You will waste a minimum of $250.
  • Pictures used in this site are fake.
  • There is no info for Bitcoin in the site.
  • The site has no contact info, no owners info, terms of the agreement or a privacy policy page.
  • They build this website just to get more members in their Pyramid scheme.
  • Forget about continuous monthly cash flow; in reality, you will waste $250

My Opinion:

I can tell you for sure, Bitcoin Millionaires Club is a scam and Pyramid scheme, and you will lose your money if you join it!

They use the famous name of Bitcoin to still your money and even to involve you to start recruiting people for them!

Everything on this website is a fake, as an image and name of “Josh.” It is used to pull the people to spend $250 on their website. So my response is a NO for Bitcoin Millionaires Club.

Don’t go near this site, or else you will lose your money.

Is There Another Option To
Earn Online?

Bitcoin Millionaires Club Review

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    • Jelena

      I’m so glad that you recovered your money, Albert. For such reasons, I do not enter into risky businesses. Affiliate marketing is great because you have no initial costs, and there is no possibility of losing money and then nerves trying to get it back.

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