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Blog Income Report – April 2018

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Is it already 6th May? If you’ve been to my site for the first time, the Income Blog Report is something I set every sixth of a month with an overview of the past month. In addition to reading how much last year I earned on the site, you will also be able to see statistics, as well as the tools and affiliate programs I have used.

Also, by clicking this LINK, you can track the growth of the site since its creation to date.

Why do I disclose this informations about my site?

When I started BOB for Her, the idea that led me was to help moms, especially single moms, to start their online job. I want to be completely transparent so that you, dear moms, can see if this is something you could do. What I know for sure is that online business is possible but that much effort and time is needed too.

And as I wrote last month, these income blog reports also help me make every month more productive.

The third thing I want to point out is that English is not my first language (maybe you’ve already seen it so far), and while all other posts are being edited and proofread, the monthly blog income report is something that I think is very personal and I publish it as soon as it’s done writing. So please do not be mad about grammatical mistakes, but try to get out of this post anything you can use.

And now let’s start with my results in April.

How I made $925 in 8 months from blogging! _




A number of blog posts: 9
Finally, I went through this number of 6 and 8 articles, and last month I posted 9 new posts!

In the meantime, I’ve been researching how many posts you need to get a good look at the Google search engine, and I discovered that it’s a big difference if you write more than 10 posts per month. So this will be my next goal. Minimum 10 posts per month!

A number of users: 2,132
Another accomplished monthly goal I’ve been hoping for over the past few months. Cheese BOB for Her has visited more than 2,000 visitors last month!

Page views: 3,668

Number of users on in April


3 MOST READING articles last month:

  1. 5 Ways To Make Money By Blogging – 588
  2. What is Crowdfire App? Will It Help To Gain Twitter Followers For Free? – 312
  3. The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing – 270


Email subscribers: new at April – 145, a total of 8 months – 1047! 
If you not already at my email list you can SIGN UP HERE.
For the first 6 days I will send you my free online business course, and later you will receive my income reports directly to email so you will not miss them.


BOB for Her Facebook page2,588 likes
Wow! The first goal is fulfilled. My Facebook page has exceeded 2500 likes.


Facebook group BOB for Her: 1,218 members
In April I lost a few members of the BOB for Her Facebook Group. That’s why I’m not surprised because I was completely inactive again. Although I say that I must work for this group, I do not do it. Now is the time to be more careful and dedicated to the members of this group.
Click on the pink link above to be part of my FB group.


Pinterest: 1,952 followers
Almost 500 followers more than last month! My work at Pinterest has begun to be paid!

Several people sent me an email asking me how I managed to get so good results for Pinterest so short.
If you are interested in this, I advise you to read my post and I’m sure you will have unbelievable results for just a few months ==>  How to generate traffic with Pinterest?


Pinterest monthly viewers in April


Instagram: 2,190 followers
I do not think it’s too difficult to get Instagram followers. Just follow the people you are interested in or are in your niche, and they’ll probably go to follow you. I’m not a person who loves to be in the photos, nor do I have a luxurious life and a big problem was to go with Instagram at all.

However, reading the posts of successful bloggers who claim that most people on the site come from this social network, I decided to try. For now, only 5 to 7 people weekly visit my site from the Instagram link. However, I will continue to explore it and you may soon expect some post about Instagram soon.


Twitter: 1,488 followers
With Twitter, I had a completely different experience. Many bloggers say it makes no sense to have a Twitter account to get visitors to the site. However, I really have good results with Twitter, and by using Crowdfire I do not have much work on this social network.


This part of you probably most interested. How much money did I make last month? I know $ 120 does not sound much, but as I’ve already written, there’s a lot of patience in this business! This is just the eighth month of the site and I expect significant earnings for 6-8 months.

(by clicking on the program titles, you can find out more about them)

Wealthy Affiliate:  $ 50

This is a program you should not miss. Nor can you make a profit, every day you have access to thousands of online entrepreneurs who assist you and give you tips. Their live support is available 24-7, and I’m all I know about online earnings has taught there.

The Wealthy Affiliate also has its affiliate program. This program gives you an excellent opportunity to make money. Some members earn over $ 10,000 a month.

Wealthy Affiliate revenue

Google Adsense:  $ 29.87

From the ads on the site, I earned almost $ 30 this month. With a larger number of visitors, in time, this earnings will grow.

Crowdfire: $ 20

Crowdfire is a great program that I use most for Twitter and Facebook account. With this program, you can schedule a weekly schedule for your posts on these social networks, but also to see who is following you and who is not.
Also, Crowdfire has its affiliate program so you can also earn it by recommending it to other people.

Tailwind:   $ 15

I’m thrilled with Tailwind. I use it on my Pinterest account and he is probably the most deserving of having such good results. If you plug in via my link, you will get the first month of use for free ($ 15). Once a person signs up last month, I’ve also earned $ 15.

ShareASale: $5.91

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing platform that has more than 4500 companies whose affiliate links you can use for your earnings.





Wealthy Affiliate – $ 29

Wealthy Affiliate can be used as a free or premium clan. I decided to be a premium member because of the myriad of opportunities that give me that. Some of the possibilities are access to all courses, live training once a week, 2x higher affiliate earnings, …

You can read more about this program in my article No. 1 Affiliate Training.

Fiverr – $ 48

For every post I write (not Income Blog Reports), I use editing and proofreading services, which cost me $ 6 per post through Fiverr.

Tailwind – $15


PROFIT:  $28.78

Did I Reach April Goals?

Although not even this month I have achieved all the goals I have set, I feel like a winner! My accounts on social networks are growing, the number of visitors to the site is growing, the number of programs that bring me earnings is growing.
My dearest is growing the trust of site visitors and I receive email support every day, as well as the gratitude that I provide all this information for free.


  • Get 2,700 Facebook Followers – FAILED! – gained 2,558 followers.
  • 2,000 Instagram Followers! – WIN! – gained 2,190 Instagram followers
  • Get 1,700 Pinterest Followers– WIN! – 1,952 Pinterest followers!
  • 150,000 Monthly Viewers on Pinterest – WIN! – 190K Monthly Viewers
  • Hit 2000 site visitors – WIN! This month I got 2,132
  • Post 8 Articles – WIN! I wrote and posted 9 articles.
  • Earn $200 – FAILED! – earned $120

I’m really looking forward to seeing my number of site visitors grow. I hope I will succeed in maintaining this number and getting more readers with quality and useful posts.

Site visitors April 2018 -


May Strategy And Goals

Last month my main goal was to start writing and posting more articles. I’m glad I did it. My goal for the next few months will be to publish at least 10 articles per month. I expect that I will rank better in the Google search engine and therefore get more organic visitors.

Of course, besides writing is needed to use the knowledge of SEO, which I have acquired on the Wealthy Affiliate and the benefits of the Jaaxy program that allows me to see which words are most searched on Google.



▪ 2,700 Facebook Followers

▪ 2,500 Instagram Followers!

▪ 2,000 Twitter Followers!

▪ 2,500 Pinterest Followers

▪ 200,000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest!

▪ Hit 2200 site visitors

▪ Post 10 Articles!

▪ Earn $200


Tools That I Use On My Site


  1. Wealthy Affiliate training, updates, and income (Free and Premium membership)
  2. Jaxxy for keyword research (Free trial).
  3. MyThemeShop for site theme (Free and Premium themes)
  4. Mailerlite to collect emails (Free till you get 1000 subscribers)
  5. Tailwind for Pinterest growth ($ 15 per month – GET your first month for FREE)
  6. Crowdfire for Facebook and Twitter scheduled posts and growth
  7. Google Analytics (Free)
  8. Fiverr (joining and opening a profile is Free. After that, you can request or offer services.


I have to point out that is not my first site. On the previous two sites, I have already earned enough that I started working from home three years ago.
On this site I share information and strategies, so you can start your online business and take more time for your child, travel or hobby.

I hope this Blog Income Report has been inspirational to you. I still can not boast of earning on this site but it is going well, and if you keep track of progress every month, I’m sure you will want to start your online business at one point.

If you have already decided, my advice is to sign up for my free course and start today.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


  • Sameh | DoYourBlogWithMe

    Very inspiring post, yes I truly believe you

    I experienced this myself
    I started my blog end of July 2018 and I dedicated 3 months writing contents only
    So end of October I started using Pinterest and I made one sale end of November and another sale end of December + one hosting sale

  • Nina

    I love reading your income report each month. For me, it’s very interesting to see how you earn money from your blog each month. You seem to earn from a variety of different sources.

  • David Allen Elliott

    Congratulations on the growth you have experienced the last few months. It’s always gratifying to see growth even if it’s slow growth. And congrats on being able to make a little bit doing it as well.

  • Elle

    The first paragraph was just for me. I definitely need to be writing more. More specifically getting google to rank my page higher is critical. I also bookmarked this page for letter because you share a lot of cool planning tips that I need to implement.

  • Dalene Ekirapa

    This is still inspiring for me Jelena since in one ways or another, I find our stats at per although I’ve never tried to make better analysis like you are. So yes, thanks for the inspiration. Although I commend you for huge subscribers. I wonder why I’m not yet into the mail list stuff but definitely, I’ll be working on that.

    • Jelena

      Hi Dalene. You know how to say: content is king, an email list is queen :). It’s never too late to go with an email list. Some bloggers send to their email subscribers every post they write, while I think it is better to write emails on specific topics, and then put in the email link to your blog post (or affiliate program) related to that topic.

  • Chinedu

    This is great, you have inspired me to be more proactive in my blogging and take things to the next level! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    Wow, well done on the instagram followers. I’ve been trying to boost mine by following other bloggers. It’s so frustrating as they seem to be fast to unfollow. Not sure how to build it up faster.

    • Jelena

      I`m not good at Instagram also, Melanie. But, there`s no rush. If you set high-quality pictures and interesting comments, the number of Instagram followers will increase over time.

  • Meyzel

    Wow! This is such an awesome post. Thank you for sharing this wealth of information. I’d be sure to refer back to this and read your others. Keep it up!

  • Geraline Batarra

    Such a good news for you for earning that amount for 8 months isn’t that bad at all. I am glad that you are setting your goal to do more post and to earn more! I am hoping for your great success!

    • Jelena

      Thank you so much Geraline! Many bloggers give up in a couple of months, scoring not to earn a thousand dollars. I want to prove that durability and dedication are needed and results will come. Follow my Blog Income Report and you will see!

  • Alison Rost

    Keeping track of your progress and your income is really awesome. Love that you’re sharing that too to help inspire other bloggers. I hope you reach your goals for the next month!

  • Brandy

    Wow, good for you! This is really wonderful and I bet it makes you feel so self-accomplished. I forget to do my income reports for blogging alone these days. When I was blogging as my main form of income from home, I was having such success that I sold the brand off. It’s great to know that blogging *can* be a way to earn money!

    • Jelena

      That`s great, Brandy! I have a site in a “health nice” about whom I have been thinking for a while to sell it because I’m totally in love with BOB for Her. It’s really great that there is always an option to sell your site, so work on the site always worth it!

  • Laura Dove

    I love these kind of posts as I am super nosey, and I also love to see how fees differ across the board. I think in the Uk there is more opportunity to earn more when it comes to blogging, perhaps due to fewer blogs?

    • Jelena

      I really do not know, Laura. I think every site can bring full income, depending on whether we know how it works and whether we are persistent and dedicated enough.

    • Jelena

      Hi Clarice! I’m so glad I can inspire someone! You can always go back to your sites. Even two posts a month is enough for them to continue to “live”. You also have the option to sell your sites. This is one way to pay off your time.

  • Tanja

    Well, you got one more follower. I just saw that I was not following in Facebook, only via mail. And I recognized that before reading this article! 😉
    I am really glad to see that your income Report is one with “normal” numbers and None of these “I earned thousands of Dollars” Posts as I find them very frustrating. I have a full time Job and the blog is my Hobby, so I might never get to a point where I earn thousands a month, maybe not even in a year…
    Thanks for the insight and have a nice day!

    Best regards from Germany,


    • Jelena

      Thank you so much, Tanja!
      If someone wants to have their blog and make money from it, it is necessary to be informed that this is a long but very happy process. I hope my posts will be on the encouragement to be more patient and not to give up because the process is difficult.

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