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Blog Income Report – December 2017

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It’s over 2017, and my site BOB (Building an Online Business) for Her now has 4 months. I like to write a Blog Income Report because it reminds me of where I`m going, where I am now and where I want to be.
If you have not read my earlier blog income reports here are links:

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Who visits BOB for Her site and who is it intended for?

My idea when I started the site was (and still is) helping women and moms to start their online business. I found myself in a difficult situation almost five years ago when I was left alone with three children.

It took me almost two years to mentally recover from divorce, and then I realized that I had to find a way to stay at home with children and make enough money for my family.

How I made $500 in 4 months from blogging!
BOB for Her is not my first site. This site I started when I was already convinced that blogging could earn extra money. The goal of this site is to give you instructions and to show you how to do it yourself.

So let’s see if my target group (women and mothers) really visits this site.

Visitors demographic, age and gender - BOB for Her

As you can see, Google Analytics provides clear information about site visitors. So my goal is hit.
Visitors to my site are mostly women (87.3%) and most of them are from two age groups: 25-34 years (44%) and 35-44 years (29.77%).
Well, dear women, I’m glad you’re here!

Let’s see what the site visitors are most interested in. These are the TOP 3 popular articles in December:

1. How to start with Affiliate Marketing?  – 445 pageviews
2. Third Blog Income Report – November 2017 – 344 pageviews
3. Why you NEED to start a blog + FREE Course! – 213 pageviews

As for blog stats for December, I honestly thought it would be better.
However, I tell everyone how important it is to write and publish articles regularly, and I do not do it myself. If something significant is to change in 2018, then it’s a regular writing of new articles.


A number of blog posts: 5
As I said, my goal was to write 6 articles, I only just wrote 5. Come on, I’ll try to justify myself with Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

I think that I start using WordPress scheduling feature. So when I go to write, instead of writing just one article, I can write two or three posts and then put them on the schedule. This might have helped me achieve my goal of 6 articles per month, and perhaps more articles later.

What do you think about it?

A number of blog visitors: 1.046
Great! I had 67 visitors more on the site than the previous month.

Page views: 2.432

Bounce Rate: 66.88%

Blog Income Report – December 2017

Email subscribers: 62
This is the worst month concerning the number of people who signed up for my affiliate course.
However, the total number of subscribers is closer to 1.000 and then I will have to start paying for Mailerlite.

More about this service you can read here: How I Got My 379 Email Subscribers In The First Month Of Blogging?

I still love this service and I really recommend it to you. In addition to sending emails, you can make your pop up or landing page.
It’s free for as long as you do not have 1.000 subscribers, but if you sign up via my link in this article and you will get $20 that you can use for Mailerlite services (I think 10 bucks can be downloaded to your Paypal).


Facebook page:  2017 likes

I am very happy that the number of women who accompany the BOB For Her page is increasing every day. If you are on Facebook, please like my Facebook page. I publish new posts and useful tips every day.


Facebook Group Bob for Her: 1152 members

And the Facebook group BOB for Her also grows. In this group, we help each other both with the site and with increasing the visibility of social networks.


Pinterest: 733 followers
Pinterest becomes more and more interesting. Although I’m much better acquainted with Facebook, this social network is slowly showing its potential, at least in my case, and more and more people on the site come from Pinterest.

Of course, I still use Tailwind because I could not make about 50 pins each day manually. More about how I use Tailwind can be read on this link. If you get involved with my Tailwind link you will get a full month free ($ 15).




These are the sites and programs that brought me money in December.

Tailwind – $ 15 +$25 Amazon Gift Card

For every person who joins Tailwind through your link, you get $ 15 that you can use for one month of using this Pinterest and Instagram scheduler. I received $ 25 dollars as a reward for my 5 people joining my link. I can spend it on shopping through Amazon.

Wealthy Affiliate – $ 33.5

I’ve been tired of repeating how happy I am to find this site. I really think this is the best thing that could happen to me as a blogger. It is a community of bloggers and online entrepreneurs who help each other every day.
Also, here you will find thousands of training and courses for every area of online business that interests you. You can be a free or Premium member. I strongly recommend that you sign up already today – HERE IS MY AFFILIATE LINK. 

Google Adsense – $ 19.2

This month I earned a bit less money from Google’s adverts, but this sum will increase with the increase in the number of visitors to the site.


Ebook – $ 8.75

An excellent book that can help you get to know the readers on your site, attract new and learn social strategies. This detailed technique you can use right now to make money in affiliate marketing. All you need is this ebook and Pinterest account. One person bought a book through my LINK and I got affiliate commission $ 8.75.


ShareASale – $ 0.5

Affiliate network, with over 3,000 affiliate programs I have not yet started to use in full potential. But I earned $ 0.5 this month.


VigLink – $ 0.23

I added a snippet of code to my site, and VigLink automatically turns existing links on my pages into revenue generating links. Over time, with more visitors to the site, I expect that the earnings from VigLink are growing. Last month, I earned $ 0.08 from VigLink, so this is 4x higher earnings.


IZEA – $ 0.12

IZEA is a platform that is built for bloggers to connect them with brands. When a brand has a campaign and wants to work with bloggers, they approach Izea to host their opportunity. IZEA also has social campaigns available. I earned $ 0.12 by sharing a sponsored post on my FB page.




No business exists without investing some money. Blogging is perhaps the most cost-effective because it really does not take much money to start your own blog.

If you are interested in my priorities when it comes to investing money, read the following article:                6 Investments worth making grow your blog

Wealthy Affiliate – $ 29

I decided very quickly that I would be a premium member for WA instead of free. You can read my opinion about this program in the article: My thousands of friends 

Fiverr – $ 30

Since English is not my first language, I send all my posts to proofreading and editing the person I found on Fivver. The price is $ 6 per post. Since this month I had 5 posts, it’s a cost of $ 30.

If you are wondering where the site hosting fee is – it is included in the monthly subscription for Wealthy Affiliate. Because WA allows you to have as many as 25 sites hosting them.


PROFIT: $43.3

Total earnings for 2017: $502.59

2017 BOB for Her - Blog Income Report

Did I reach December goals?


In short – I did not. Will it stop me – NO! I think I give myself a few high goals, all in the hope that in a month my site will experience a great BOOM, although I know it does not go that way. Blogging is for patient and persistent people.


▪ Get 2300 Facebook Followers – FAILED! – gained 2017 followers. The number that symbolizes last year 🙂 I’m sure I will reach it this month.

▪ Get 800 Pinterest Followers– FAILED! 733 Pinterest followers

▪ 50.000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest – WIN! 50.173 Avg. Monthly Viewers thanks to Tailwind!

▪ Hit 2000 unique site users – FAILED! This month I got 1047 unique site visitors

▪ Post 6 Articles – FAILED! Posted 5 articles

▪ Earn $200 – FAILED! – earned $102.3

January strategy and goals

My strategy for January is that I’m definitely starting to write more posts. Also, I will start using Jaxxy more – to find the key keywords that will bring me more organic visitors.

Also, on Wealthy Affiliate, every Friday is a new video training session on SEO, high-quality writing articles, new Google tactics, and from now on I will begin to regularly watch these pieces of training and try to apply everything I learn.


▪ 2300 Facebook Followers
▪ 800 Pinterest Followers
▪ 65,000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest
▪ Hit 2000 unique site users
▪ Post 6 Articles
▪ Earn $ 200

This is the tools I use on my site:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate for training and updates (Free and Premium membership)
  2. Jaxxy for keyword research (Free trial)
  3. MyThemeShop for site theme (Free and Premium themes)
  4. Mailerlite to collect emails (Free till you get 1000 subscribers)
  5. Tailwind ($ 15 per month – GET your first month for FREE)
  6. Google Analytics (Free)
  7. SemRush (Free and Premium)
  8. Fiverr (Free)

I’m sure the next Blog income report will have many more goals achieved. I hope you will sign up for my email list to see the progress of BOB for Her Blog, and of course, learned from my mistakes 😉

Have you already started your blog? Do you have goals?


Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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