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Blog Income Report – January 2018

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 If you`re regularly on my site, you can already notice that I write my Blog Income Report around the 6th of the month. Unlike last month (Income blog – December), this time I managed to achieve almost all of my goals. What happens when you reach your goals? Create new ones!

In this blog post, you will read how I managed to achieve most of my goals in January, and what are my new goals for this month.
I hope you get an idea or inspiration for your site!

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How I made $615 in five months from blogging?



The first month of this year (which I expect to be very good for my site – btw.) is over and let’s see how many visitors were on and what did they read?

Google analytic pic.

As you can see in January, there were 1131 visitors on the site, which is for 89 visitors more than in December – the site shows an increase of 8.54%.

What’s more important is that those visitors see the value on this site, because they viewed more pages than last month. Google Analytics shows a growth of Pageviews of 27.6% (3.093 page views in January, versus 2.424 in December)

Let’s see what the visitors liked the site most last month. My TOP 3 articles are:

1. How to Start With Affiliate Marketing
2. ShareASale – Affiliate Marketing Platform
3. How to Format a Blog Post and Increase Your Google Ranking


Number of new posts in January: 6
I finally achieved my goal of 6 posts a month!

Email subscribers: 90
In December, I had 62 email subscribers, which means that 28 people were registered in my email in January. Currently, the total number of subscribers is 927.
For email marketing, I use Mailerlite service, which is completely free and you can send an unlimited number of emails to 1000 subscribers. After 1000 subscribers, Mailerite is paid $ 10 a month, but if you decide for this service and sign up via my LINK you will receive $ 20. (and I will also get $ 20 :))

BOB for Her Facebook page: 2.226 likes
In January, another 209 people decided to give their love to this Facebook page.

Facebook group BOB for Her: 1.209 members
I’d like you all to sign up for this group. In addition to getting better acquainted, you will get useful blogging information on a daily basis and we will work together on the growth of your sites and social accounts.

Pinterest: 954 followers
Of all my social profiles, it seems to me that Pinterest is growing fastest. Apart from the number of followers, there is a growing number of visits to the site from this social network, as well as Average Monthly visibility.
I’m sure I would not see such good results if I did not start using Tailwind. I’m still excited about it, and if you want to see fast results from Pinterest, start using Tailwind now!
If you get involved WITH MY LINK you will get one month of Tailwind’s usage for FREE!

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Pinterest analytics january



Wealthy Affiliate – $ 52

Every month, this program brings me more and more money. All I learned about affiliate marketing and monetization of the site I learned from the lessons given by Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member of this program for a year, and since 5 months ago I decided to be their affiliates. Not only because of earnings, but because of the fact that there is such a good program at such a low price. And that I can proudly recommend it.

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Tailwind – $ 30

Last month, two people decided to try Tailwind. Everyone got $ 15, and I earned $ 30.

Fiverr – $ 15

As you probably know, I use Fiverr’s services for editing and proofreading my posts, because English is not my first language and I always have a fear that my posts will sound illiterate. However, Fiverr also has an affiliate program so you can earn money by promoting it. I earned $ 15 from Fiverr in January.

Google Adsense – $ 14.53

In January I climbed $ 14.53 from my ad clicks on my site. That’s a bit lower than last month, but I do not care. I like people reading my posts and using the information to make money online. Google Adsense is not a priority for this site, but every dollar is good. Why not?

IZEA – $ 0.61

I can tell you that I am impatient to see a little higher income from Izea. If you have not heard of Izea yet, it’s a platform that blends brands with bloggers. You earn by promoting the products of these brands on your social profiles or writing articles about their products. I still do not get the offer as much as I would like and I’m not sure where I miss it?

Activate by Bloglovin – $ 0.46

Activate works on a similar principle as Izea. To get a chance to work with brands, you must have a Bloglovin profile. This is a link to my blog on Bloglovin and I will be glad if you follow me.

VigLink – $0.25

VigLink is also somewhere where I see a very slow growth, but I will not exclude it from my Blog Income Report as long as it brings cents too. VigLink should make affiliate links from ordinary words in the post. By clicking on them, my site earns money. My part of the task was to just add VigLink code to the site.



Wealthy Affiliate – $ 29

If you want to be a premium member of the Wealthy Affiliate Program, it costs $ 49 a month. However, if you subscribe to an annual fee (as I did), this amount will only be $ 29 per month. This is a negligible amount of money for all the courses and training you receive. Of course, you can join free and remain a free member forever!
Since my site also uses WA hosting, I do not have any additional costs for it.

Fiverr – $ 30

As I’ve already written, I use editing and proofreading services via Fiverr, and it costs me $ 6 for each post. Since I am 6 posts in January, for 5 used their services, the costs for Fiverr are $ 30.
The only post for which I do not use editing services is Blog Income Reports. These articles are basically personal with lots of data and I like to write and edit them myself (even if they have grammatical errors).

Tailwind – $15

Last month, I forgot to add a monthly charge to Tailwind. Mostly every month, a few people log in to the tailwind VIA MY LINK (I get $ 15), so I’m always in the plus. In any case, I think that I will subscribe for a year, which would cost $ 119 (less than $ 10 per month).

PROFIT: $38.85


Total earnings for last 5 months: $615.44


Blog Income Report - January 2018 _


Did I reach January goals?

I have not managed to achieve all the goals but I am very satisfied with the data from last month!
I see that the BOB for Her site is slowly growing, it has regular visitors, you are interested in my posts .. and it makes me really happy!
I still hope to have more than 2000 visitors to the site every month, but it will come.


▪ Get 2300 Facebook Followers – ALMOST! – gained 2226 followers.
If you want to follow BOB for Her Facebook page CLICK HERE.

▪ Get 800 Pinterest Followers– WIN! 954 Pinterest followers!

▪ 65.000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest – WIN! 73.606 Avg. Monthly Viewers thanks to Tailwind!

▪ Hit 2000 unique site users – FAILED! This month I got 1131 unique site visitors

▪ Post 6 Articles – WIN! I finally wrote and posted 6 posts last month.

▪ Earn $200 – FAILED! – earned $112.85

February strategy and goals

My strategy for February will be same is for last month – I’m definitely starting to write more posts. For each post, I will use Jaxxy. It`s a great tool for finding keywords that will bring more organic visitors to my site.

Also, this month I plan to rearrange the site a little bit. I hope that you will like it and that it will be easier to find the topics that you need.


▪ 2500 Facebook Followers – Since I was so close to the goal of reaching 2300 likes, I will increase my goal this month. Let’s try to reach the number of 2500. Click here to like my page

▪ 1100 Pinterest Followers – Here is my Pinterest account

▪ 100,000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest!
This will be interesting. Will I succeed in just 6 months as far as this site and profile on Pinterest reach the number of 100,000 Average Monthly Viewers?!

▪ Hit 2000 unique site users – I still hope to reach this number

▪ Post 8 Articles!
Okay. Since I wrote only 5 posts a month for months, last month I reached the target of 6 posts, let’s see if I will succeed in writing and posting 8 posts in February?

▪ Earn $ 200
For several months, I’ve been close to $ 100 a month, then $ 200. Will I be able to earn $ 200 in February?

Tools that I use on my site:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate, training, updates, and income (Free and Premium membership)
  2. Jaxxy for keyword research (Free trial)
  3. MyThemeShop for site theme (Free and Premium themes)
  4. Mailerlite to collect emails (Free till you get 1000 subscribers)
  5. Tailwind for Pinterest growth ($ 15 per month – GET your first month for FREE)
  6. Google Analytics (Free)
  7. Fiverr (joining and opening a profile is Free. After that, you can request or offer services.)

Last month in the Blog Income Report I wrote that I am sure that most of my goals for January will be reached. And I’ve reached them! Now I’m really looking forward to this month because I expect this site to progress more and more!

Yearly Blog Income - january 2018 _

How Are Your Websites Progressing? Did you make them? Have you considered writing a Blog Income report?

If you do not know where to start, I recommend that you sign up for my email list. I’ll teach you to step by step how to create and monetize the site. As a bonus, you get a list of Pinterest and Facebook groups where you can immediately begin to advertise your new website.

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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