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Blog Income Report – October 2017

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October is my second month since I started BOB for Her site. Although I was pretty busy with other things, managed to achieve some of the goals.

When I launched this site two months ago, my goal was to help moms earn extra money and maybe start their online business. That’s also the biggest reason why I show you my Income Report – I want you to know that you can make an online job and that you can do it with very little investment, even if you have never had a blog before.

If you have not, read my post: Monthly Blog Report – September 2017, where you can see how I started earning in the first month.

Of course, this is not the rule, some bloggers have not earned a single dollar for the first 3 or 4 months, and others have earned a lot more than I did in the first month.

The reason why my blog began to earn already in the first month is quite certainly the Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers a step-by-step lesson that has taught me how to set up a site, choose a name, a site theme, write articles, advertise a site and finally monetize it.

The best thing is – you have live community support for 24 hours a day, and they will give you an answer to each question. It is a huge difference between other courses or ebooks where you are practically left to yourself.

Here are my TOP 3 articles for October:

  1. No.1 Affiliate Training – 541 pageviews
  2. Monthly Blog Report – September 2017 – 345 pageviews
  3. How to Earn extra money online – Tips for Ladies – 297 pageviews

Now let’s see how my second month of blogging passed.

Blog report: How I earned $183 2nd month blogging


A number of blog posts: 3
My goal was to post a new article every 5 days, but I failed.

A number of users: 1,212
This number is a bit lower than the previous month – I had 1233 users, but given that I only had 3 articles, I am very satisfied.

Page views: 2,767
As I had fewer visitors than last month, I have more page reviews! Excellent, because it shows that site visitors are interested in what I write.

Email subscribers: 720!
Almost twice as much as last month! For my landing page, opt-in and emailing, I use Mailerlite and I’m delighted with this service.

Mailerlite is free and you can send an unlimited number of emails as long as you have up to 1000 subscribers. (maybe next month I have to pay it, but the price of $ 10 a month is very acceptable)

If you want to find out how to get more subscribers can be read in my post:
How I Got My 379 Email Subscribers In The First Month Of Blogging

Facebook page: 1453 likes

Facebook Group Bob for Her: 1009 members
Be free to join our group on Facebook where we try to help each other and promote our blogs.

Pinterest: 446 followers
Until two months ago, I did not use Pinterest. But reading other blogs, I have read many times that the majority of visitors to the site come from this social network. If I did not have to put up new pins on a daily basis (and I’m spending time on it), I started using Tailwind.

This is a perfect application that puts pins for you; it’s enough to make a scheduler once a month. Tailwind gives you free 100 pins, but if you get involved with MY LINK, you will get a full month free ($ 15 value).


AIRBNB – $ 100

I did not expect that I will earn $ 100 from Airbnb for only one month and this will be the number 1 earnings in October. This rental room service, I mentioned only in one article, as an option for additional income.

One person checked in via my link, rented her room and I received $ 100 as a prize. I will definitely need to write an article about Airbnb and to get to know you in detail with this program.

Google AdSense – $ 72.43

Google Adsense are ads you can see on every page of my site. Earnings from them have an overview of these ads or by clicking on the ad.

If you are for some reason rejected for Google Adsense or want to generate substantial profits, you can try Yahoo / Bing ads or Media Net (if you have more than 25,000 pageviews a month).

Wealthy Affiliate – $ 9

My favorite program! Not only did I learn about blogging at Wealthy Affiliate, but WA also has an affiliate program that can bring you good money.

I strongly recommend that you sign up already today
> read my review HERE.

ShareASale – $ 1

ShareASale is an affiliate network that has over 4500 merchants. When signup you can advertise their products on your site. If someone buys a product through your site, you receive a commission.

IZEA – $ 0.86

Izea is also a new program for me. This is a platform that serves to merge brands (companies) with bloggers. If you register at IZEA, you will occasionally receive bids to post a commercial on your social network or write an article about a particular product.

You will be paid for this service. I made $ 0.86 just because I posted 2 posts on Facebook. I hope that I will soon receive more offers from Izea.

VigLink – $ 0.03

Maybe it’s a funny sum I’ve earned from VigLink, but it’s 200% bigger than the previous month! After all, VigLink is a handsfree, just put the code on your blog and you are waiting to earn money. More about this program can be found here: VigLink – monetize your site on autopilot!



If you want your site to make a profit, you need to invest something. These are the programs I use and for which I will like to separate money because they bring me knowledge, visitors, and earnings.

Wealthy Affiliate – $ 29

Although I could remain a free member, I decided to become a premium and take advantage of all the opportunities that WA provides.

Except that I have access to all affiliate marketing lessons and monetization of the site, I have the help of all members, hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of video lessons, as well as 2x higher earnings from their affiliate programs.

Site Hosting – 0 $

My site is hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate, so I do not have to pay more for hosting.

Mailerlite – 0 $

As I already wrote, Mailerlite is a great tool for email campaigns. Since I do not have 1000 subscribers, Mailerlite is still free to me. Click here to create your own FREE Mailerlite account.

Fiverr – $ 18

I found a lovely girl through Fiverr who edits my post. English is not my first language, so I’m uncertain about grammar. So for each blog post, I pay $ 6 for proofreading and editing.

The only posts about blog income (like this one) I write and edit myself, so please do not mind me if you find some mistakes.

Otherwise, on Fiverr, you can find people who can engage in posting, translation, advertising, making infographics, making videos … Also, if you know that you are doing something, Fiverr can be an additional source of income.


PROFIT: $136.32

Total earnings for 2017 this far: $322



▪ Get 1500 Facebook Followers – ALMOST – gained 1453 followers

▪ Get 350 Pinterest Followers– WIN! 446 Pinterest followers

▪ 20.000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest – WIN! 27.196 Avg. Monthly Viewers thanks to Tailwind!

▪ Hit 2000 unique site users – FAILED! This month I got 1212 site visitors

▪ Post 6 Articles – FAILED! Posted only 3 articles

▪Earn $200 – ALMOST – earned $183


For November, the targets are similar to October. I will try to increase the visibility of BOB for Her on Facebook and Pinterest, as well as to open the Twitter account and get privy 200 followers.

Also, I will try to put 6 articles this time, which would increase the visibility of the site and the Google search engine. I’m still continuing to learn about affiliate marketing.


▪ 2300 Facebook Followers – Just click here
▪ 600 Pinterest Followers- Here is my Pinterest account
▪ 50,000 Avg. Monthly Viewers on Pinterest

These are the goals I did not meet last month, so I’ll try in November:

▪ Hit 2000 unique site users
▪ Post 6 Articles
▪ Earn $200

Brand new goals:

  • Open Twitter account + 200 followers
  • 850 email subscribers

Tools I Use:

And for the end, I have to write to you the tools I use on my site and without which I would not be able to achieve these results:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate for training and updates (Free and Premium membership)
  2. Jaxxy for keyword research (Free trial)
  3. MyThemeShop for site theme (Free and Premium themes)
  4. Mailerlite to collect emails (Free until 1000 subscribers)
  5. Tailwind ($ 15 per month – GET your first month for FREE)
  6. Google Analytics (Free)
  7. SemRush (Free and Premium)
  8. Fiverr

I hope I helped you with this article to start an adventure called blogging. If you already have a blog, write down what your necessary blog tools are?

If you’re interesting did I read November goals, you can read it in this article:

Third Blog Income Report

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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