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The Top Blogger’s Guideline To Working With Brands In 2019

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The recognized bloggers make it easy. They send emails back and forth to 10 different companies that want to work with them.

However, many bloggers lose themselves working with brands. You see other people doing paid collaborations with brands they could only dream of, but figuring out how these collaborations come about, how much fees they earn, and how to build a positive relationship with brands is difficult.

Doing my homework I have a lot of people in public relations and everyone laughs at how bloggers and influential people start campaigns that are not of interest to their audience, but there is a way out this mess if perhaps you’re in such situation.

Luckily for you, I’ve been brand partnerships for over a year and have learned a thing or two during the time. The pictures in this very post are all from previous brands.

From a collaboration with Chambong.

Before The Start

So I’ll be a bit dull here: if you have not set up social media accounts or traffic to your site, you should not try to work with brands.

And again, you don’t need to have many followers or perhaps receive hundreds of thousands of visits per month, but you must be influential. When you arrive at a point where you have 120 – 150 daily visitors, you can search for brands.

Maybe you’ve just started blogging and you get 30 visits a day, but you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram. In that case, you can work with brands in Instagram collaboration and start your blog just as a bonus out there.

I will not go too deep into the” what if maybe“ and the gaps, otherwise I will write all day. The simple rule is that you need to have people that follow you, to be an influencer.

Blogs don’t make money, they have influence, and if you don’t have that influence, you don’t have a lot much to offer the brand.

The Point Of Cooperation And Collaborations

If perhaps you try to work together before you have influence, the relationship will be very one-sided and will only be of use to you. The goal of the collaborations is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the brand: he uses his platform to promote his products, to generate sales, and the brand provides products and compensation.

Find Brands That You Can Work With

There are actually three ways to get in touch come in contact with brands out there: the blogging networks way, also reaching brands directly as well as the brand getting out to you.

Each option has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, but they all provide excellent opportunities to create a portfolio of associations and a network of brand contacts.

Blogging Networks

You will discover many blog networks out there used by brands and bloggers to contact. This is the most common way to get in touch with brands.

The good thing is they take care of the finances: you don’t take the risk that the brand will not pay you. No effort is required: you register once and then the network communicates with every relevant opportunity. And well-known brands tend to go through networks.

However, in most cases, they pay less than if you worked directly with the brands because the network suffers. In general, there are dozens of bloggers in the same campaign, so everyone is publishing similar content at the same time and communicating through an intermediary, which can sometimes complicate things.

List Of Networks:

It is likely that this list is not exhaustive, but these are the websites of which I am a part. (* Some of these links may be reference links).

Izea: this is the first network I worked with. Izea is one of the oldes paid blogger opportunity networks. Since then, I’ve partnered with brands like VNP pro, VSCO, Leica and more. Definitely a great network to be part of out there!

Intellifluence – if you are willing to write review posts and publish on your website you can earn nice money with Intellifluence.

Heartbeat: I love this one. So easy to participate in campaigns, I have worked with Heartbeat in many campaigns: Amazon Prime, the Gem Crypto application, Chambong, … They will calculate your paying rate and you will be paid in 72 hours after publishing a campaign. 

Dealspotr: another favorite network. You can earn in a lot of ways. Post a blog post, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram post or video on YouTube. Also, you get points for verifying brand deals an referrals.

Glambassador – You will get a lot of great campaigns on this Influence market. They have a lot of partners to work with and you can start even if you don`t have a lot of followers.

Activate by Bloglovin : I was on a press tour with the well-known Activate as well as worked with them on really cool promotions! For example, I have had a good collaboration with Kodak.

Linqia: is a little different network. You will get paid per amount of clicks that you get from your blog or social media campaigns. The more click you get you will earn more, but also you will be able to earn more in your future campaingns

TapInfluence: In the past, this was one of the favorites that I could work with. But last year eleven employees were shot in a terrifying turnaround. People are speculating that they will close their doors soon, but I feel like they’re going to recover. Anyway, it’s worth registering.

Tomoson: the great network for finding products to review on your blog and earn by posting it. Form more campaingns fill you media kit completly

Colecitively: From a real blogger’s point of view, I think they are just a bit smaller compared to other networks, and the possibilities are in your inbox instead of going to your website. However, they work with major brands such as Navy.

Publicfast : Wery easy to use. Just sign up, add you social media accounts and you will get opportunities that you can apply. 

GetBlogged : I’m part of GetBlogged for some time.  They will calculate your blog DA and you will get paid by category of DA. Most of their campaigns are for writing a product or service review and post it on your blog. 

Reaching Brands

This is the most complicated of them all. It’s difficult to send an email saying, “Hey, I like you and I believe I creates great content, so you should pay me to put on great e-content on your very own product”, instead you want in add them to social networks, mention them on Twitter, mark them in the appropriate Instagram publication and their publications.

Enter their radar and then send an e-mail.

People who say they love the brand from left to right shows it at brands. They will notice if you can show that you really love and use the brand. I’ll often link them to Instagram posts where I’ve introduced their products or a blog post where I mentioned them. Even better, if the place where I linked them makes a big commitment!

You have the opportunity to be very picky with whom you work with; you don’t have to turn to anyone who does not interest you. These relationships can easily become long-term partnerships.


• Brands tend to promote your publication, which means more traffic

• You can build a relationship with PR companies, and if your performance is good, you’ll probably be invited to a campaign with other brands that represent them.


• The process of advertising can be lengthy and may never develop

• You hear the word no much more often than yes.

• Ask to be paid if you are the one who sent the message to them by e-mail

Find E-Mail Contacts

Finding and searching emails on a brand’s website can be a treasure hunt, but it’s very likely that your own best bet is going down and there’s a push button. Sometimes you have to click on the contact button and then the press button will appear.

Other times you have no choice. If you really desperately want to work with the brand, send an e-mail to customer service to request contact.

You can write like:

Hi, I’m Jelena Berar, am a blogger, I’m thinking if perhaps_____ worked with influential people online, if so, what are the best ways to get in touch, I appreciate your time, thanks!

Write An E-Mail

The startup email is your time to shine, but be careful not to touch the speaker too much. You really want to express what works well without wasting brand time. Don’t just list all of your statistics or the great results you’ve achieved in the last seven brands you’ve worked with.

Instead, send an educated introductory e-mail and continue from there. Here’s the exact email template I used when launching brands for an upcoming trip that I’m going to take to Greece:

“Nice to meet you, my name is Jelena Berar, the blogger of BOB for Her. Here I focus on the inspiration for women and mothers who work from home.
I’m going to Greece with my husband (who is my photographer) in May, and I was actually wondering and thinking if perhaps ______ would be truly interested in being part of a Thessaloniki lookbook for me.
While the heart of our trip is a weekend to explore the city, I plan to take advantage of the beautiful backgrounds of Thessaloniki and would like to present ______ in a complete lookbook and social media campaign. It would provide blog posts with links to each highlighted post, high-resolution images, and no direct competitors in publications or social networks.
Do you think there would be an alignment for a possible collaboration between ______ and BOB for you? If so, I would like to send out my press kit so that I have a better idea of myself and what I can offer.
Thanks for your time, looking to hearing back from you.

Bottom up!

I have just shortened and even sweetened the message, and I have a real better (RR) that is, the response rate from the brands I’m aiming for. I like their interest in what they want to learn more.

And Then On

I use an e-mail from Mailerlite to monitor if and when people opened my e-mail. If no one has opened yet, I’ll send you a follow-up 7 days later with the words, “Hello, I wanted to keep track of this and put it in your inbox so I’d like to work together!”

If you open it I will post a follow-up three days after opening and send you a more accurate vision of the campaign. I will ask you what you think. You are not angry; you make sure that your voice is heard.

The Brand Comes To You

Once you’ve reached a specific point in your blog’s journey, you’ll receive a few emails each passing day from the brands that want to “work together with you”. I put quotes together because these emails look something like this:

Here in the dark brand, we love your blog! We hope you write about our new product because it’s great and has no relation to its content!
And for your convenience, we have included a PDF with everything you need to know and a $ 1.50 discount coupon. Because there is no way that we really send the product to you. And if you are really lucky and we like your publication enough, you will be PAID.
In advertisement or promotion, we could tweet our 321 followers on Twitter, you don’t have to thank us! I cannot wait to see your post! “

Not All Brands Out There Are Worth Working With.

Never fall in love with them, please. This is never a collaboration; it is a brand that seeks to use you and even your influence without giving you anything in return.

If a brand is really interested in your blog, you will receive a personalized email, and you can say that it has really seen your blog.

Many of the brands that really care about you and want to work with you will not want to pay you anymore. At this point, you have to decide if you want to continue or not. I’ll explain later why you should apply for the payment.

Working with brands in 2019.-

The fact that a brand cannot pay does not mean that it is not legitimate, but no matter how legitimate the offer is, there is nothing wrong with the rejection, unless they pay a fee for your time and influence if perhaps you’re truly feeling this’s right

If maybe you don’t actually want to work or partner with them if you are not paid, you should still send some great tweet texts on their behalf just as a gesture of your own good faith. So, if they eventually decide to budget for paid contributions, you are still on their radar profile.

Remember, a brand that does not pay you does not mean they are enemies or bad. It simply means that your budget does not allow payment and that’s fine.

If maybe they love your very own first post, you can almost guarantee a long-term relationship.

Often, however, you are just the victim of a massive email. Many brands turn around when it comes to actually pay you. They say they want to and not.

How Much Should You Charge?

This is the topic of many bloggers: Should they accept the product or promotion as compensation?

I worked for free when major brands reached and secured paid contributions after the first test, which I earned up to five times more than I normally charge. I also worked for very small brands for free because I believed in their mission and wanted to help.

But if you are not really 100% in love with the brand enough to want to work for free. Then you should politely consider whether you should leave it and ask them to consider it if they have a budget.

Why Charge?

Bloggers don’t have much credibility. Most people hear the word blog and think that 14-year-old girls keep an online diary, so it’s up to us to give bloggers a way to establish themselves as a blog.

By accepting only paid contributions, you say, yes, my work is work, and I deserve to be paid for the time, energy, and talent I have devoted to this promotion.

The more people demand payment, the more brands accept paid bloggers. But the opposite is true too. So the industry as solid and knows that it deserves compensation, as you probably see until now, blogs are not easy!

What If The Brand Has No Budget?

Many bloggers advocate being rude when they hear that there is no budget. However, if you act with kindness, you will memorize much more than the blogger who is demonized to throw a little tantrum.

The people who distribute and send email are usually levelers or interns, and you beat them up and don’t squat them unless they get the feeling of putrefaction in their stomach when people feel hostile.

At Your Place, You Can Send An E-Mail That Is Something Like This:

I totally understand it! But now I have no place in my own editorial almanac for unpaid or voluntary promotions, however, the idea sounds incredible and I really wish you the very best to ensure influential people who can give your brand life. If there is a place for paid, I would like to be considered.
Thank you for your time and good luck!

Elegant, friendly and professional! Now you will be remembered as a blogger who does not cast many shadows.

How Much Do You Need Charge?

This question is asked 100 times a day in Facebook groups and all possible recommendations are displayed.

Each blogger will want to charge a different amount depending on a particular factor: how much do they have to earn each month to make ends meet, how long the collaboration lasts, how big the followers are, and what costs they have to pay. I will join the association and a million different factors.

There is no right answer, and just because you have the same number of followers as another blogger does not mean that you should be paid as much or as little as other.

Another person’s publications may only have 300 words and yours are 1000, in which case you can charge more. Or maybe he hires a photographer and you don’t. Then you don’t need to add that much budget for photography at their expense.

Collaboration with von Holzhausen

How Do I Write A Sponsored Post?

Here many people remain stagnant. A sponsored publication or perhaps post should never sound like a sponsored publication. Your audience will be bored and it will not be a funny publication anyway. You must always integrate the brand into a post in an organic way.

It’s easier to say than to do it. Right?

Let’s say you write a sponsored post for a clothing brand. You can write a publication called My Favorite Dress and talk about how awesome these new clothes are, or you can write one of these publications:

• How to be professional in the office (and you feel good about it!): Highlight how perfect these clothes are for the office, and also super sweet! Make an OOTD and inform your audience that these dresses are essential. This publication will be very valuable, but it will also highlight the brand in a nice way.

• The 8 ways to get fit this summer (without the gym!) – Just as it sounds! Mention that a pretty dress is a great way to look as if you were in shape, and that sponsored dresses are perfect to wear. Publications like these are widely shared on social networks and will attract many more people than a publication that is simply called “the best dress for the summer.”

The key is to write a publication that attracts your audience. Some people may be worried about their favorite dress, but people are more likely to enjoy a publication that has useful tips for following them.

Concentrate On:

  • Make the piece comprehensible. You want your audience to connect with you and the brand. Be understandable and let your personality shine.
  • You want to highlight the brand without becoming commercial. I’m going to go over this very point again since it’s so vital. If you’ve written content that was sponsored in the past and that was not as good as your non-sponsored publications, it’s likely written as sponsored content. It is better if maybe you can incorporate the sponsor into a publication that you would previously do with or without the sponsor stuff.
  • Showing a relationship with the brand. Unlike my last point, you are legally obliged to show that a relationship exists. You’re not trying to hide this point; you just make sure that your publication is authentic and organic, even though there’s a relationship.
  • Share the post. You want every publication you write to be your most popular publication sponsored or not. Make sure that:
  • Your audience has an advantage: what do they get when they read your publication? Is your post useful? Absurdly entertaining? Make sure your audiences have a takeaway from this post.
  • Make the sharing and reading of your Publication Easy: Social media buttons and adding a pin button in your pictures are very helpful.
  •  Use a call to action. Did you find this publication helpful? Share it with someone who _________

Continuation Of The Collaboration

If you have a positive experience with a brand, it is definitely worthwhile to build a long-term partnership. This can be done in the form of monthly gifts or quarterly campaigns or anything in between.

The only way to ensure this kind of collaboration after a single campaign is removing the socks. As I said, every post you write should be your new best blog post, and this should be very true for the sponsored content.

In the past, when I worked with brands that I loved, I will wait a few weeks and then say:

Thank you for the opportunity to work together. The campaign was a lot of fun! I am impressed with how positively my audience responded. I have received more comments and actions than ever before! (Only indicate if this applies!) Since my audience likes ____ so much, would you be interested in working together again in the future? I thought we could _________.
I hope to hear from you! “

You are expected to be impressed and to continue, and you can begin to exchange ideas. At this point, I would recommend applying for a long-term contract. Maybe a quarterly release for the year or an Instagram for a month for the quarter, regardless of what you are looking for, your goal is to help them recognize the benefits of long-term partnership and sign a contract.

Long-term partnerships are the best friend of a blogger because once you’ve secured them; there will be less stress on where your next paycheck comes from.

If they ignore you or politely say “no, thank you”, they may not like you, or they simply have no room for more collaborations now, but not forever.

Send an informed response and follow it at the beginning of the next quarter.

This may seem like spam, but I promise you that your succession will not apply at all every three months to the number of messages they receive in each day.

Let them know in your email about the long-term impact (how many shared actions, views, comments, etc.) your publication has received and what you want to do with them in the future.

They still may not be very interested or perhaps have no space for you in the company budget, however, staying on their very radar will ultimately help you in the future.

The Red Flag, What Is This?

Many brands try to get treacherous and exploit uninformed bloggers by making claims that you need to call.

If a brand is looking for just do follow links from you, you can send a half-unencrypted email or ignore it and move on. Don’t continue with the company. If they request you perform a do follow links, they are incomplete and bad (or at least uninformed) and do not want to connect to them.

Send an email like this:

As you may know, the use of do follow links for sponsored content violates FTC guidelines and can jeopardize both sites (your site and mine) for spam!

Brands that demand links have a bad reputation in the blogosphere, and working with such a brand can make a bad name

Another thing you should send in a different way: a brand that prompts you not to disclose your association or partnership. Such happens more often than you think and it is illegal. If you’re compensated in any way (be it money or product), you must give it away if you don’t want the lint knock on your door. E-mail again or ignore it and walk away, but don’t continue with the relation.

No Brand Is Worth Risking Your Business.

If you’re part of the blog communities on Facebook, it’s always worth calling to see if other bloggers have collaborated with a brand that contacted you. I’ve cleared out some important bullets in the past. Some groups even have blacklists of brands where you can share your brand experience and share with other bloggers about what’s happening.

If working with brands is your goal and you want to leverage your influence online to make your blog a profitable business, that’s great. Earning money even via blogging is never that hard as it seems. Surely it can be a challenge, but it is not an impossible adventure. This is especially true if you want to work with brands.

Lastly, I am always learning and blogs are such a new industry that there are always new trends and opportunities for collaboration. If you have an incredible suggestion to work on brands, which I may have missed, please let us know in the comments.

Working for brands is not a 9-5 job, however, it is a job that requires time, concentration, and certain skills (such as photography and image editing). If you really want to start a passive income source, I advise you to start with affiliate marketing.

Sign up for my email and I will send you a simple training on how to start your own online business that can bring you money while you are asleep.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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