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Bonanza Online Selling – A Genuine Marketplace

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Bonanza is another online market place that gives a platform for sellers to sell their stuff, and buyers to choose from the variety of items that are sold on this website. This is how simple it is doing the job for both the buyers and the sellers. But, is it that simple as mentioned or there’s a twist to this we’ll figure out that later.

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What Is Bonanza?


Bonanza was started in the year 2007 by Mr. Bill Harding, who was tired and frustrated with a job and who decided to venture into this online marketplace business.

In 12 years now, Bonanza has grown to be one of the biggest online marketplaces competing with eBay that offers more than 10 million items for sale in almost every country.

Bonanza was also declared as “The best eBay alternative we’ve seen” by E-commerce guide. This gave more recognition to Bill and Bonanza.

Bonanza is an E-commerce website and an online marketplace that is designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

They claim that the online marketplace is for the sellers, by the sellers, to the sellers. It is an online marketplace that comes in line with Amazon, eBay, andEtsy. And in 2016 it was also voted as ” The most recommended marketplace.”

Why it is the best decision for sellers is because there are almost no barriers and fees for sellers to use this platform. Bonanza is more towards the sellers, and that is why the buyers also benefit since it does great for the sellers.

Creating A Booth On Bonanza

This is an excellent platform for sellers, to say the least, because it charges no listing fees, unlike other sites.

You can sign in here.

As sellers, you will be guided to set up your selling page or booth. It also allows you to import items on Bonanza if you are also selling on other e-commerce sites.

The only fees that a Bonanza charge is 3.5% of the sale of your items and that is it.

You can also become a paid member at Bonanza with different membership levels like Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titan, Titan+ ads. This basically is to direct more traffic to your booth depending on your membership with Bonanza.

There is no doubt Bonanza is made more for the sellers, and also it creates an excellent platform for them to build their business too and their identity.

Sites like Amazon and eBay takes information on buyers from their sellers, but Bonanza gives a common platform for both sellers and buyers to contact one another and know more in detail about each other.


The seller’s experience with the buyers get more customized and the buyers feel a personal touch and the buyers, on the other hand, can get information about any item that they are interested in buying from the seller. This is done through a dashboard provided by Bonanza that gives details about the sales patterns, item views and booth traffic.

So this is what we know about Bonanza now. But the main topic today is not just to review Bonanza but to understand how Affiliates can profit through Bonanza.

First Of All, What Is
Affiliate Marketing?

To make it very simple, Affiliate marketing is a sales tactic where the seller or the product owner increases its sales through the efforts of an Affiliate marketer who is promoting the same through different mediums.

Affiliate marketing is the best thing that can happen to people who are looking to earn some passive income.

The process is straightforward. You, as an affiliate, provide links of the marketer’s site or product pages on your websites, blogs, or social media. When your followers or people come to your website and clicks on the links that they see on your website, they are directly landed onto the marketer’s website where they are made aware of the seller.

Affiliate Marketing Model

Once they like the product or service, they click on it and go towards making a sale. When the transaction is made, you as an affiliate, get paid your commission. Depending on the company and their respective policies for affiliates.

How To Make Money From Bonanza
Becoming An Affiliate?

As mentioned before Affiliate marketing is the new big thing in the online world. With Bonanza, you as an affiliate can do wonders if you wish to. 

Bonanza has an affiliate program powered by Awin (a 3rd party).
If you think you have a good number of followers on your websites and blogs plus social media, then you can also work with Bonanza to earn more income as an affiliate.

You can provide links of sellers on your websites, blogs and social media and can generate more traffic for Bonanza on their site.

Bonanza has a great affiliate program where they provide a 6% commission. They also provide promotional tools like banner ads, text links etc. They also have dedicated management and support.

Though there is an eligibility criterion that you must fulfil like – you must first have a website and also driven by good content. Any sites that cater to topics on sexual, political, religious matters are prohibited. And, websites that only exist for promoting Bonanza items are also prohibited.

Also, your commission is dependent on the type of site and the content. Commissions are not given to affiliates if the sale is cancelled or returned. There are other conditions as well that you must comply with which you can know more from their website.

Now you know how you can be an affiliate and earn from Bonanza.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Training Is Essential
To Become Good Affiliates For Bonanza?

If you are starting your career and are unaware of how to earn from affiliate marketing, then the Wealthy Affiliate training program is just for you. It is an online training program that helps individuals make their careers in affiliate marketing.

Bonanza Online Selling

The wealthy affiliate program will make you learn the most current techniques of creating your website and online traffic for a website.

Also, you will learn techniques that can help you generate more customers for a website and hence generating more income for you.

When you know you have an excellent online training program called Wealthy Affiliates, you can imagine how much you can profit from the program and earn a lot of commission from becoming an affiliate for Bonanza.

To fulfill the criteria of the affiliate program on Bonanza, you must seek help from Wealthy affiliates because they are creating entrepreneurs of the future and you can be one.

Imagine the training you can get for creating the traffic that is needed on a website. Once you master that art, Bonanza will be a real “Bonanza” for you as an affiliate in terms of earning high commissions.

Just becoming an affiliate without training can earn you good – imagine if you train under wealthy affiliate program what push you can get in your career and earn even better. 

Bonanza is not just an excellent platform for buyers and sellers; it is an equally great platform for the Affiliates.

So Bonanza gives an opportunity of earning to buyers because they purchase from varied sellers with different discounts and offers, sellers because they get an excellent platform for selling their items with a broader customer base. And, Affiliates, because they can direct traffic to this website, and earn their share of profit. 

Bonanza proves to be a Bonanza for all.

If You Want To Know How to Make Money As Affiliate

Though a few negatives of Bonanza can be too much of clutter of sellers at one place, designed more for the sellers and not buyers, the shipment process is slow which a big negative is for buyers but all in all it is an excellent opportunity for many.

Bonanza is not a scam but is a genuine online marketplace that provides an opportunity of earning to all.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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