Can I make money with Upwork? Honest Upwork Review.
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Can I make money with Upwork? Honest Upwork Review.

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Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, was founded in 2003 as an online platform to find independent jobs in various fields. is a platform that brings together freelancers and online employers. To me, UpWork looks pretty good due to the fact I worked there too. So, this is my honest Upwork review.

For the freelancers of Upwork, you need only a computer and Internet service. The work is virtual, so you can find it and complete it with your computer.


Which Work Categories Are Available In Upwork?

What work categories do you find in Upwork? The list is incredibly long! One hundred or maybe two hundred, but here are the main categories:

  • Web, Mobile & Software Dev
  • Design & Creative – graphic design, logo design, photography, animation, …
  • IT & Networking
  • Writing – copywriting, blog writing, creative writing, editing and proofreading, web content,…
  • Translation
  • Engineering & Architecture – product design, interior design, 3D modeling, architecture,…
  • Legal – contract law, corporate law, family law, criminal law,…
  • Admin Support – data entry, virtual assistant, project management, transcription,…
  • Customer Service – customer servicce, technical support,..
  • Sales & Marketing – email marketingpublic relation, marketing strategy, SEO, …

Upwork Application Process

To work independently in Upwork, you must first create a profile. Once you have created your profile, the company will send you ideas for possible jobs that might suit you according to your profile. The more complete your profile is, the easier it will be for you to get jobs.

An Upwork review

But You Can Search For Jobs Immediately!

When you search for jobs and find a job for which you want to submit a proposal, you must click a button that says Submit Proposal. The process is very clear at all times.

You get 80% of the contract price, which can be anything. When you create your profile, list your prices, but you can change it every time you submit a new proposal. How much you will be paid depends on the work, the hours and the rate you propose. The Upwork pays out weekly through contracts per hour or perhaps fixed price. They are paid by deposit, PayPal or Payoneer.

One benefit of working independently through Upwork is that they have payment protection to make sure you will get paid for the work.

You can actually set up your automatic bank transfers while the account gets to $100 and above. All these very payments are done weekly. If maybe the balance is less than the required $100 once it appears available, you can request a transfer to claim your money.

At the end of the week, send your very own hours through an Upwork stunning time card application that you install on your computer. The customer has to pay for one week and you can withdraw the money soon. I plan to wait 2 weeks to get paid for a job. But once you have a contract, you are always paid weekly.

Can I make money with Upwork _ Upwork review

Does Freelance Cost Anything On Upwork?

There is no charge to create a profile. Therefore, you pay no fee for the search and application for a job.
When you get a job, a fee is deducted from your gross income. Upwork will take 20% of your payment for the very first $ 500 with a client.

If you continue to work, either the same or a new job, Upwork will increase the rate to 10% for the work you do for that customer once you have made more than $ 500 in profits. If perhaps you reach $ 10,000 with the same customer, Upwork will continue to reduce your rate to 5%.

But in reality the seller does not pay the fee; it is simply deducted before they pay you.


How In The World Does The Connects Work?

They give you 60 connections a month for free. If you want to send a job offer, it costs between 1 and 5 connections, but 2 are more common. Imagine, you can send 30 suggestions in 2 to join a pop. After one month, your connections will start again.

You can actually buy more connects if you want that. They cost $ 1 per connection.
Occasionally you will be asked to submit a proposal; in this case, you are not going to employ a connect to send a job proposal for this very job.

Your agenda with Upwork depends on the individual jobs you receive. But it’s all independent, so your schedule is as flexible as you want.

Glassdoor criticizes the physical company behind the independent website platform. There are 190 comments and it is possible that some independent reviews are mixed, but every review I read was from an employee entering an office.

Having said that, I can give you my personal opinion because I have a profile on Upwork!


My honest an Upwork review _


I have received a handful of works in Upwork. I did a $ 5 job to register and give feedback for something. The job that worked best for me was to help a small entrepreneur create and publish images on social networks. That`s why I can give you an honest Upwork review.

The only problem I had was that the client said he could go through the set hours to complete a project, but when I did that, they only paid for the exact number of hours we had agreed. That was something that happened in Upwork and I could fix it by contacting the customer.

In general, working independently on Upwork was a positive experience. Every time I feel that I need more work, I connect with Upwork.

Is Upwork A Scam?

No, I know to actually work on Upwork is not a scam. Personally, I got Upwork jobs and they paid me!
Sadly, there exist some dishonest individuals trying to get you involved in such stuff on Upwork platform, so you should be wary! The platform has taken steps to prevent this. Should you truly stay within the Upwork platform for every message as well as communications, you are going to be protected and them supported by Upwork team.

So, after reading my Upwork review, you know what is Upwork about.

Finally, Upwork is not a scam, and I recommend it. It’s a great platform as long as you choose the right people to work with. If you want to work independently in Upwork, here is the link to create your profile and get started.

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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