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Can You Earn Money With Kindle Self Publishing?

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Publishing ebooks for Amazon’s Kindle audience is being called The Modern Gold Rush. However is it seriously that lucrative? Is it possible to actually earn money with Kindle self-publishing?

Amazon online marketplace launched the Kindle in 2008. Ever since, the reading unit is practically wholly to criticize for the downfall of normal print reading such as newspapers, paperbacks as well as entire franchises similar to Barnes & Noble.

For me, the Kindle is more pleasant to read than a paper book and I think that in ten years, the majority of people will read on a reading light. It’s truly a small revolution. All those who have a Kindle tell me how much they value their Kindle and how convenient it is (even people who love to read paper books).

Can You Earn Money With Kindle Self Publishing? _


The 3 Advantages Of Kindle

  • When you buy a book you automatically have it on your Kindle, no need to wait for delivery.
  • If you lose your Kindle, just set it up and automatically you have access to all the books you bought again.
  • In your Kindle, you can put thousands of books, and you can also take notes. In short, it’s really a revolution.

When Amazon actually did it in 2008, it also launched a completely new market called Self Publishing, which of course started on Amazon, but has since been extended to other markets such as Apple Store, Nook, and many others.

What Kindle has advertised allowed anyone who wanted to write a book to do so without the traditional guardians. In the past, you’ve had to go through a series of releases that essentially pass on the idea of your book to literary agents and publishers in order to get in line with a book.
Without any book contract, you would never have been able to publish a book!

Instead of starting your idea, right now, all the stuff you need to do is indeed upload just a simple and good document. You could factually be a published writer in just a few hours. And again, even with the use of typographical mistakes, bad ideas, and bad writing, you can be an author!


How To Publish a Kindle Book?

Surprisingly, publish a Kindle book is not difficult at all.
Once you’ve written your book, just upload it to Amazon for review. You can load your book in a simple Word document.

In addition to the actual content of the book, you do not need much work. There are some things that most editors cannot do without, such as the Professional Edition (PE).

Once the good people from Amazon check your book, it will be published in the Kindle Store and become a published author. This simplicity is probably why the Kindle publication has attracted so many independent authors.
But again, can you actually earn money with kindle self-publishing, or maybe is it much more of a novelty to be an author?

How Much Can You Earn Selling Kindle Books?

There are several authors in the world of the Kindle publication known for their success.
A name like Hugh Howey, author of the hit series Wool, received offers from a well-known Hollywood to turn his book into a movie.

So, can you earn money with Kindle? YES, you can!

The Questions We Need To Answer Now Are:

  • How do you start (or improve your current sales)?
  • How do you earn by selling Kindle Books?
  • Do you follow the Guts and let this happen?


What are the disadvantages of selling on Kindle?

Let’s just shake the rich quick crowd. Despite the many positive aspects of the Kindle release, there are some potentially groundbreaking warnings.

Digital Book World has released a report that shows that the average income of self-published authors is    $ 5,000 per year.
Still, that number ranges from $ 1 to $ 5,000, which means you can drop your books into hundreds of dollars a year. Authors who earn more than $ 10,000 a year are among the Total 10% of authors around the world.

It seems you need to publish several books to see any tangible success. There are many authors with a large number of published books claiming that they are still losing the expected success.

In addition, you will need an email list to promote the book so that it can account for monthly revenue. Without your own website and mailing list, long-term sales will be a tough nut to crack.


What’s The Number 1 Issue While You Sell Kindle Books?

The truth is that it’s not easy to market books (just ask the traditional publishers) and the Kindle Store is continually bombarded with new books every day!

Simply writing and publishing a book does not help to sell it. They are nothing but a small report from a group of more than three million people.

If you want to earn money selling Kindle books, you must learn to market both the books and yourself as an author. If you want to build a readership and sell books, you need to learn how to make a blog and use your blog’s traffic to sell books.

Maybe you`ll read about the popular Kim Sorgius, just as she was truly pregnant with her very fourth child, her husband left her. So, this led this single mom to the decision to begin a blog as an effort to earn some extra cash.

Then her own blog,, began slowly, it actually took a big jump when Kim accidentally posted a photo on Pinterest site which was linked with one of the blog posts she wrote earlier. The image really spread akin to a wildfire as well as led in the same month 100,000 visitors to her very own blog.

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From her second product, Kim began using more targeted email marketing campaigns, using the power of affiliates to break the $ 10,000 a month. She never fell below that number again.

While I definitely think it’s possible to make a lot of money by publishing books on the Kindle, getting started in the business is not going to generate big revenue for you. But if you are a constant and dedicated author with many ideas and you are really eager to publish book often enough, you can absolutely see a success that goes beyond a pocket change out there.

The best way to increase your success rate and thus a number of benefits is to devote some time to learning the basics of online marketing.
Then you can build loyal followers much faster than those who do not. You can also highlight your books in the Kindle Store; make it different from others as you generate more sales, more reviews and more participation from your readers.

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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