Opinion City Review. Is it scam
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Can You Make $500 Weekly Or Opinion City Is Another Scam? My Review

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Today I am reviewing on Opinion City which gives a referral to survey sites. They calls themselves as a survey site which is their first lie then they also say that you can get up to $500 in a day which I feel is the biggest lie I have ever heard.

My review will help you to find out whether is it a legit company or not then are they paying for work done an also look into some of the pros and cons of the company.

We are seeing too many survey sites now a day’s which are attracting many online users for work. Some are good, and some are total scams. You need to know whether the company is legit or not what are they paying and everything before joining it else it can be a waste of time for sure.

If You already Tried Survey Sites and You Are Enough Of Clicking For Pennies

Opinion City Review

OpinionCity Review

It is a well-planned website and present in a simple way to visitors. Actually this site works as a referral site; it will redirect you to other survey sites, and there you can get work. The work you do will benefit them too as they have referred you to the survey site.

It’s a good concept no problems in that, but not all the sites which they refer are legit; some of them are scams which I didn’t like about this site.


When you are referring to some scam site, why will you do wrong things, maybe I feel they have not done proper homework or say research by their team for all the survey sites which they refer.

They are also lacking in displaying their actual work and lack of information on how they are working, which is also a drawback of this website; it creates doubt in visitors mind.

So if I keep it simple in my words, it is just a referral site which will take you to survey sites where you can do work from home or from anywhere and earn some money.

They have some valid websites, and some scams to it depend on your destiny which site you get for work.
You need to be lucky for getting a good website from Opinion City.

To explain bit deep: surveys cannot give you any good cash for your work, it can take away your time and pay you some money for your work. So, if you have enough time to spare, and if the findings in this review don’t bother you too much, then you could consider Opinion City as an outlet to find compensating survey opportunities.

NO Registered Owner Of This Site

OpinionCity.com is a ghost website because you cannot find any registration or any proof that who is handling this site, which gave me clear indication this site is not worthy of joining.

I checked all the pages of the site Contact Us, Privacy Page and Terms of Use, only to realize that no entities apart from Opinion City were disclosed.
What I found from my research is that it is made in 2007 in the USA, and they are in Houston, TX; no more information other than this.

How Does Opinion City work?

When I completed formalities of signing up, I received an email from them which was of a link to the member’s area.

As soon as I entered the site with my account, and I show a website which has no dashboard, you cannot edit your own profile because they don’t give you an option, which is strange, and more importantly, I cannot even delete my account.

It was like I am a place where I cannot do anything. This gave me a strange vibe which was not good. I already have done a lot of Survey Sites reviews ( as “Take Surveys For Cash“, “Survey Junkie”, “Survey Say”, “Survey Rewardz”…), so I know when something is not right.


Only thing I found was a few tabs like a tab which was showing me a few survey sites which were actually good like Toluna (another Survey site).

I found that I cannot earn a single penny from this site for sure, they are paying nothing to their member. What they will get will be from survey sites, which I feel you can directly join them, and its better than this, as Opinion City are taking you commission from survey sites too.

Pros and Cons of Opinion City


  • It’s free to join
  • In a way, it is legit as it has some good sites as a referral
  • Because of the few legit survey sites, you can earn money if you are new to it.


  • First, of its not a survey site, it is a referral site
  • Some websites which they refer are scams
  • You cannot earn $500 in a day which is the biggest lie of this site.
  • No real owner of this site so I called it as a ghost site.
  • No account setting on the dashboard area.
  • They trick people in the wrong way.
  • Many links in the site don’t work.
  • Sharing an email to them is not a good idea.
  • You cannot earn money on Opinion City itself
  • They lie about facebook likes
  • Stocked photos are used.

Is Opinion City A Scam?

2 stars review

For me, it is half legit, and half a scam site which is showing wrong information about themselves, so it is 50-50 as the tactics they are using Is a not correct way to do work.

There are some big red flags you, in my opinion, need to consider before joining this site. It is better to join some other survey sites instead of wasting time in this and get nothing out of it.

There are many other ways to earn money which are far better than this scam site.

What about to start your own online business?

Those people from Opinion City obviously know how affiliate marketing works, so they can earn money when you did survey their site.

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