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The Internet has given many choices to earn money from home. But as we say with great things comes terrible things, the growth of the Internet has one disadvantage, and that is scams. We are seeing so numerous site which are scamming people on the name of work.

Today, my review is on the site called Cashcrate site. In this review, I will guide what it is, how it works, how much you can earn, and its pros and cons.

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What Is Cashcrate?

The journey of Cashcrate started in 2006. This site has grown as time passed, Cashcrate is a “get paid to” reward site. Take surveys, paid offers, play games, and earn a few dollars for it.

In April this year, launched a new site with a promise that all surveys and GTP sites listed are legitimate.

How To Join Cashcrate

Joining in Cashcrate is free. Actually, since they are lunched new site there`s no signup button.


In Cashcrate 2019 edition you just have to click on the left menu, -Opportunity categories and from there choose your work.

Suppose you want to take a paid survey – click on that, you will see the list of websites. Click on any one site; as soon as you click on that, you will be asked to fill up information for joining that site.

They also tell you which site will work in your area.

Suppose you are living in Asia and click on Opinion Outpost it will display a message. This site is not working in your area. If the registration page gets open means, you can work, fill up your necessary information and from there, your works starts.

Earning Opportunities In Cashcrate

As you visit this site, you can see four options from where you can make money from this site:

  • Paid Surveys
  • Side Hustles
  • Rewards
  • Shopping

Paid surveys are the quickest way to earn cash from Cashcrate. But for that, you have to give you email and phone numbers. The problem is here you might get spam emails and unwanted calls which can frustrate you.

They have plenty of offers which can give you an advantage. So get paid to try new products and free websites and services.

Paid Surveys:

The best way to earn cash take surveys of Cashcrate. You will get many surveys for work, but you have to qualify for surveys.

All the surveys you get would consist of third parties, as Cashcrate is not a survey site.

Cashcrate works on affiliate marketing principles. So, when ever you click on the link on thier site, they ( as afflaites) will earn some money, and you wil get just small part of it.

So you might think of surveying from other proper survey sites, like Clixsense, Clickworker, or Unique Rewards to earn more return.

If you decide to go though Cashcrate site, surveys will be of 5 to 20 minutes, and you will get $0.25 to $1.50 for survey work.

Yes, if you get a longer survey than you might get lucky and earn $3 for that task.

Side Hustles:

Most of the side jobs that Cashcrate offers are also sites with affiliate links, so if you decide to start any of side hustle from Cashcrate, they will earn their affiliate commission.

It`s Ok, as long as these websites are legit, you can think about Cashcrate as a menu of different site jobs.

Some of the side jobs that they recommend are:

  • Uber – give your people raid in your town and make money. Use your car to earn.
  • Rover – if you are animal lover, you can make some side money by offer pet care or dog walking in your area.
  • SitterCity – if you are interested in providing child care, this site can connect you with parents in your area who need help with kids. 
  • DoorDash – if you are 18+, and you have a car and a valid license, you can make some side money by delivering food from restaurants in your area.

and some others…


In this section, you will find different ways to make money and get some gift cards. You can get paid by watching videos, playing games, socializing, contests, and trying new products.

Some of the websites that are recommended are Swagbucks, QuickRewards, InboxDollars, FusionCash,…


You get cash back offers on the purchases you make from different online retailers. They are tied up with good stores like Ebates where you get 3 to 8% cashback on any purchase. Also, Cahscrate recommend MyPoints, RetailMeNot,, etc.

At those sites, you will find great offers from many stores like Amazon, Walmart, Macy`s, Samsung, JCPenney, Michael Cors, Walgreens, and probably every store that you have on your mind.

How Do Cashcrate Pay And How Much You Can Earn From Cashcrate

According to my research, I think you can earn about $50 to $150 in a month for an average user using surveys and rewards every day. You can earn more if you decide to start with some side jobs they reccomend.

They pay the first payment in check, and then you have the option of PayPal which will take about three weeks to transfer the amount in your account.

The minimum cash out is $20 which I feel is a little higher compared to other rewards site.

Pros And Cons Of Cashcrate:


  • It is a legit site.
  • It is free to join.
  • Easy to use and earn some cash.
  • They pay cash.


  • Cash out is too higher at $20.
  • You will receive spam emails from them.
  • The payment they do is below average.
  • One account for one house.
  • It got shut down in 2019 April for few days without informing their members, ( now they have a new website on same domain)
  • Complaints are getting higher from 2017.
  • Cashcrate rating in BBB is poor.
  • I think they are not having enough work now.

My View On Cashcrate:

Cashcrate is a legitimate GPT reward site, which allows you to earn a few bucks from here and there.

Very few can make over $400 from Cashcrate; else I feel average ration for income is $50 to $200 not more than that. You can’t become wealthy by working from this website.

There are many ways you can earn good money from online without giving your personal information to the website. For better making, I have an excellent option which is far higher than Cashcrate.

Let Me Show You How I Make 4 Digits Monthly

It`s the same way that Cashcrate makes money, and it`s called PASSIVE INCOME. They earn money from every person that came to their site and click on links, and they don`t go to click on ads, do surveys or anything. They are making money from YOU!

You can earn significant money if you start with affiliate marketing; you will able to make far better than rewards and survey sites.

As I calculated, you can earn, let`s say $100 a month from Cashcrate. So, they probably take on your jobs the same amount doing nothing (maybe more, but it is easier to calculate). If they have a thousand people monthly, who do the same surveys and click on ads like you do – they are earning
$100 x 1000 > $10,000 a month!

Because I’m keeker, I find out how many visitors they have monthly. And in November 2018, this site has 65,543 visitors! What you think, how much of those people decide to do any survey ar add click?!

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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