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Blog Income Report – January 2018

 If you`re regularly on my site, you can already notice that I write my Blog Income Report around the 6th of the month. Unlike last month (Income blog – December), this time I managed to achieve almost all of my goals. What happens when you reach your goals? Create new ones! In this blog post, you

Blog Income Report – December 2017

It’s over 2017, and my site BOB (Building an Online Business) for Her now has 4 months. I like to write a Blog Income Report because it reminds me of where I`m going, where I am now and where I want to be. If you have not read my earlier blog income reports here are

Third Blog Income Report – November 2017

Hello friends! It`s time for another blog income report. If you want to ask me why I wrote those reports, it’s because I want to show you the back-office of my site. I believe they are inspirational, and I use it as a sort of diary. I’m sure I will be back in these posts

Blog Income Report – October 2017

This is my second month since I started BOB for Her site. Although I was pretty busy with other things, managed to achieve some of the goals. When I launched this site two months ago, my goal was to help moms earn extra money and maybe start their online business. That’s also the biggest reason

Monthly Blog Report – September 2017

Since I want to be completely honest with you, I decided to publish my monthly progress. I know that a sum of around $ 140 is not something you can live with, but it shows me where my site is going, and that if I can make $ 100, I will be able to earn