• Low Investment Business Ideas For Unemployed Women During The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Low Investments business ideas

    The COVID-19 pandemic is continuously shaking the industries and many sectors. Where the healthcare professionals are getting exhausted treating the uncountable number of patients, people around the globe are facing yet another issue and that is unemployment. A huge percentage of people have been laid off by established firms and many start-ups have been shut down.  Looking For a Legitimate Way to Make Money From Home? If not the virus then the fear of getting laid off causes anxiety and depression among people. Everybody fear of getting laid off from their companies despite the amount of hard work they are doing. Or if…

  • Helping People Stuck in the Home Amidst the “Shelter in Place” Orders

    Shelter in place

    The world suffers from a dangerous and fatal disease called coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. It has taken almost all the parts in the world by storm. Nobody a few months ago had even realized that the virus would have gripped the world around in a matter of a few months, taking the lives of thousands in many countries. But, with emergencies that arise in the world, desperate measures become essential to save people from the spread of the virus. And to do that, the US officials have issued “shelter in place” orders. What is “Shelter in place order”, and why is it…

  • OneClass: Free Tutoring Educational Program With Live Streaming

    OneClass_ Free Tutoring Educational Program

    Wise are those who have the knowledge, and wiser are those who offer the same to others. Well, nothing can get more real than this, and this is what an online platform dedicated to the students, by the students and for the students speaks about itself. The amazing all-in-one online platform is called “OneClass.” To help students expanding knowledge, this digital platform gathers students from hundreds of colleges and universities to put together their knowledge. To create and organize materials of what they learn and pass on that same information to others who need it. For doing this good deed, what you also…

  • COVID-19 And The Way it is Affecting Business Areas

    How COVID 19 Affects Business Areas

    To what the world will remember as the most dreadful and one of the fastest spreading viruses called Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has till now proved to be one of those global menaces that have shaken the entire world and how. It is considered to be one of a kind human tragedy that spread to such an extent, increased in almost all nations. It has affected thousands of people to the size of even losing lives fighting against the virus. This global health emergency, which was first found in the Hubei province of China, Wuhan was recently termed by the World Health…

  • OneClass: Top Online Learning Platform For Earning Money By Offering Knowledge To Others

    OneClass top earning platform

    “Learning never stops” this is what OneClass believes in. It is a top online learning platform for all the students out there from hundreds of universities to gather their knowledge, design, and make notes of the content they learn. They are required by others and puts across all that information to other students, helping them at excelling in their studies. And, the best part for doing this is you make money out of it. Students help other students in providing them with study materials, homework help, exam help, and what not and get paid in return for doing that! Wow, this is something different. The new…

  • How To Find Great Developer Or Designer To Update Your Website?

    How to find developer or designer to update your website

    To grow an online business in today’s time, you need an eye catchy online presence, which should be appealing, top class designs, new tools & plug-in, user-friendly, and responsive website. To achieve that you need a team of web experts who can give best UI, responsive and attractive tools, and lightweight fast to open a user-friendly website which can be accessible at every platform. Program and designer work only one time for you, but it gives you a lifetime earning source which you dream for with a fabulous online presence. In competitive market demand for good programmer and designer is high and application…

  • 10 Smart Money Moves To Grow Financially In 2019

    Smart Money Moves To Grow Financially In 2019

    3 months have been passed in 2019, but some of us still struggling with our finances just like any other year. To build a strong financial future and a decent money profile will be possible in 2019 if you take care of a few things regarding your finances. For that reason, you have to make smart money moves from now on. Here I am sharing a few ways to make money in 2019 and give a boost to your financial wealth. Let’s have a closer look at your long-term financial goals. Sounds Exciting? 1. Create a budget for 2019 Budgeting is the key…

  • What Are Mock-ups And How To Use It?

    What Are Mock-ups And How To Use It

    We all love to see our product looks good, don’t we? For that, we need good graphics and content to attract people. We also want to send a clear message with our product to our clients. All the freelancers, business people, whether it’s big or small companies than people working from home, we all need good mock-ups for our clients, don’t we?