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Celebrating One Year Of Blogging – Yearly Blog Income Report

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Happy First Birthday of my blog BOB for her! 

If you follow my blog revenue reports, I’m sure you’re sorry that I did not write them for a while. I stopped to write them three months ago because I realized it would be much more interesting if I suspended for a while and then I can show you more results. For each blog, it takes time to grow.

This post will be a detailed overview of the first year of the site on which you are now – BOB for her.
If you’d like to read earlier reports on blog revenue, here’s the link: BLOG INCOME REPORTS

If you are on my blog for the first time, I want to emphasize that I make online income for almost 4 years and this is my main way of earning.

BOB for Her
is not my only blog. It was created with the desire to help other moms (I have three children) to dare to enter the world of online profits and to afford financial and time freedom. If you have not yet started blogging and thinking about to start your own blog, read my step-by-step post: How To Start a Website?

It helped me a lot to realize how affiliate marketing works. Before that, I was spinning in and out of various scam programs. If you want to start your online business (in the area you love), I recommend reading this post: The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing To Generate A Passive Income Online.

So let’s start a story about BOB for Her blog.



September 2017 – September 2018

A number of blog posts: 72
A number of pages: 8
A number of users: 17,038
Page views: 35,988

3 MOST READING articles ever:

  1.  How This Affiliate Training Helped Me To Have My Own Online Business – 3,679 pageviews
  2.  My Favorite Toolkit For Blogging – 1,293 pageviews
  3.  How I Got My 379 Email Subscribers In The First Month Of Blogging? – 1,083 pageviews

Unique Email subscribers: 941
For the last three months – since writing the last report revenue post, 41 more women have subscribed to my email list. It’s not too much, but I’m really interested in the honest readers of my blog and I’m very comfortable with this number.  Thanks if you are among them!


I gain over 17,000 followers on social media between Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter!

BOB for Her Facebook page: 3,102 likes (274 more than the last report)
Facebook group BOB for Her: 1,410 members (210 more than the last report)

I’m still not satisfied with my participation in this group. Although the group is developing, my desire is to dedicate further to it. If you are part of this group (and I invite you to become), feel free to write in the comments how can I improve it.


Pinterest: 5,020 followers ( 1,964 more than the last report!)

I love Pinterest more and more! Do you know it from all social networks, my site gets the most visits with Pinterest? Thanks to the time I spent studying this social network and everything I’ve applied, my Pinterest tactics show results.
I achieved the most success at Pinterest thanks to Tailwind. It’s time to try this tool. Use my affiliate LINK and you will get $15 account credit. (it’s an automation tool which will save you a lot of time, and get you a lot of traffic)

I have written many posts about Pinterest, so if you are interested in how you can achieve similar (or better) results here is a link to my posts about Pinterest.

In the last income statement, I wrote to you that I was about to write an ebook about Pinterest and that it would be finished in September.
The good news is I’m working on a book!
The bad news is that it probably will not be finished before October. Stay tuned!


Instagram: 3,789 followers  (1,180 more than the last report)

Although I have more and more Instagram followers, I still have a problem with the images. Simply, I’m not satisfied with how I look at photos and it’s very difficult for me to choose what I will post on this social network. Quotes are always a good solution, but I want you to see my real life.
Also, my Instagram grid does not meet my aesthetics. I’m still trying to find the right expression (colors, fonts, and photo looks). I still have not found my Instagram theme and it frustrates me a lot. I hope that in the future I will find my authentic Instagram look and I will finally be satisfied.


Twitter:  4,120 followers ( 1,583 followers more than the last report)

If there is a winner among social networks, it was definitely Twitter for me in the previous period! Not only because of the number of followers (because I got more on Pinterest), but this social media is more and more interesting for me, and also because thanks to paid posts I managed to earn an additional $103.
In addition, I have been actively using Twitter for only 6 months, so I believe that more successes are coming and that is because of Crowdfire.
Crowdfire for Twitter is something like Tailwind for Pinterest. It allows you to post your posts in advance, so it saves you a lot of time.



My earnings on BOB for Her are still not as good as I would like to be after a year from the beginning. But in the last days, I see that the number of visits, the number of emails, as well as the number of followers on the social networks, is increasing. All these are indications that this site is going in the right direction.

If I used the first year to put everything to work, this second year of the site will be the year of growth, and I expect a more serious income from BOB for Her only in the third year.

These are the programs that brought me the money in the first year. You can click on any program and find out more about it:

Wealthy Affiliate:  $ 600,5

WA is the best way to learn Affiliate marketing and earn an income at the same time. This is the best source of income for me. You can earn from $23 to more than $100 for anyone that joins with your link.

Google Adsense: $366,17

You`ve probably heard for Adsense till now. For any ad that I posted in my blog content, I earn small commissions from Google.

Tailwind: $243,19 + ($25 Amazon Gift Card)

Pinterest and Instagram scheduler that has an affiliate program. For anyone that join with my link, I get $15.

Airbnb: $100

With Airbnb, you can earn in a couple different ways. First, you can list and rent your spare room or apartment ( What I do, but I do not show this income here since it’s not an online income). The second way is to ask people to rent their apartment on Airbnb. If they start hosting you will earn $100 commision. The last way to earn money with Airbnb is to ask friends ( or site visitors) to join and will receive $30 off of their first trip of $80 or more. You will make $20 when your friend completes their first eligible trip.
So, if you want to travel soon, please join Airbnb with my link :).

ShareASale: $35.28

My favorite affiliate networks – especially for mom bloggers, joining ShareASale allows you to become an affiliate for great brands such as ErgoBaby, Earth Mama Organics, Primary.comGymboree, Spanx, Newton Baby and more. Applying to join ShareASale is completely free and can be done here.

Crowdfire: $41

Great tools for scheduling Twitter posts and gain followers. Also, they have an affiliate program and give 35% of all payments your affiliates make in the first year! That’s a $420 from a single customer! If you`re interested you can join here for free.

Ebooks: $18.75

In a couple posts, I wrote about ebooks that I read and liked. For each of these books, I left my affiliate link and in this way earned a large 18 bucks ;).
For each of these ebooks, I left my affiliate link and in this way earned a large 18 bucks. 😉 I’m currently reading “Sweet Sales Systems” and I’m hoping that will help me with my incomes. For now, the book is great and I recommend it if your goal is to increase the income on your site.  You can purchase it here, so I will earn small commissions.

Fiverr: $15

Fiver is a great website for freelancers and you can read more about HERE. They also have their own affiliate program.

VigLink: $1.44

Although I like the concept of Viglink – it’s enough to install it on the site and Viglink will make affiliate links from your content, there is still no significant earnings. In any case, you can read about Viglink here, it may be a program that will work better on your site (I guess I still do not have enough visitors).

IZEA: $1.71

Izea is a program that will focus more on the future because I want to start a more serious collaboration with brands. If you have social accounts, I advise you to join Izea because it can be a good source of online income.

Activate ( Bloglovin): $103,38

A similar program like Izea. I use it to connect with brands that need social media campaigns. In the previous period, I made several campaigns – one of them was for the famous Kodak company!


Not so bad, is it? For the first nine months of my blog I usually earned about $ 100 a month, now it’s close to $ 200 a month. A good pocket money, but it’s not something you can live with. That’s why it takes A LOT of patience to make money from a blog.


My Future Plans and Goals

  • As I already wrote, the first thing that’s on the TODO list is to publish my first e-book that will be dedicated to the Pinterest Tactics.
  • I am working more and more on getting paid posts from brands and it is starting to develop. It will be much easier when my social accounts show a magic number of 5,000 followers per account. Also, I intend to write a few posts on this subject that I will publish from September to December.
  • I plan to work on my Instagram account – until I’m completely satisfied with its appearance.
  • If you’ve visited BOB for Her before, then you’ve certainly noticed that I’ve changed the look of the site a bit, as well as the font. I have some ideas related to the visual appearance of the site, as well as its functionality that I will apply in the following period.
  • Another goal is to start writing more often. So far, I’ve been publishing between 6-8 posts a month. I hope to increase that number to 10-15.

My next blog income report will be released in January 2019. I expect significant results by then!


Tools That I Use:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate training, courses, and income (Free and Premium membership)
  2. Jaxxy  – keyword research (Free trial).
  3. MyThemeShop  (Free and Premium themes)
  4. Mailerlite for email marketing (Free till you get 1000 subscribers)
  5. Tailwind for the Pinterest account ( GET your first month for FREE)
  6. Crowdfire for Twitter and Facebook scheduled posts and growth
  7. Google Analytics (Free)
  8. Fiverr ( for editing and proofreading my posts – free account)

Please send me your comment. Do you have some ideas about my Insta profile? Do you find my site useful? Do you use some of the tools I’ve listed? I would love to hear from you!


Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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