Cutco Knives Pyramid Scheme or Legit Business

Cutco knives have been around since 1949, but they’ve grown so much in popularity in recent years with the rise of internet marketing. With the widespread use of social media there are many people who have seen an opportunity to make a living by selling Cutco knives and sign up as representatives. With such a substantial increase in Cutco representatives, there are now more and more questions about whether or not it is possible to really earn money selling Cutco knives online. The reality is that it is possible to earn money doing this and can definitely be a real way to make money but you need to know what you’re getting into before you get started.

How Cutco Makes Money

Every time someone buys a knife through a distributor, a portion of that sale goes back to the company. The more expensive the blade, the higher percentage of the purchase price that is paid out as income. Furthermore, Cutco also gets paid for any replacement parts or accessories that Cutco knives distributors buy for their customers. In addition to earning commission on sales made by its representatives, Cutco also gets a percentage of each sale by affiliates who sell Cutco knives on other websites through banners or email links.

The benefits of Cutco knives pyramid scheme

1. Commission Paid on Every Sale:

The first benefit of Cutco knives is that it earns its owners millions of dollars each year. The company has a net profit margin which has been reported to be in the range of 30% to 40%. If you take the average net profit margin and multiply it by the number of representatives, it’s easy to see how much money Cutco makes each year. The commissions paid to representatives are not always 30% of the sales price. Instead, it may be as little as an average of 15%, which is still more than most people get with any other business model. Furthermore, Cutco is one of the relatively few companies to have revenue coming in on all four corners. This revenue is not actually the profit that the company makes but instead is a calculated deduction from their total sales to cover expenses and taxes. This “tax” takes nearly $8 million out of Cutco each year which goes directly into government coffers.

2. Inexpensive Products for Customers

Cutco knives are actually inexpensive, although they are advertised as being higher quality than other knives. They start at less than $30 and go up, but the majority of sales are made in the $20 –$50 range. The Cutco knives that sell the most are the ones in the $50 range. This is because they have a higher cost to manufacture, but they generally have strong brand recognition so they command a higher profit margin.

3. Cutco Benefits from Exponential Growth

Cutco enjoys exponential growth, referred to as “exponential economics”. This refers to a simple mathematical equation which shows that many of Cutco’s customers are repeat customers who will buy more and more knives as time passes. The company has been able to grow rapidly by offering a wide range of blades at very affordable prices and then making them available through distributors so they can earn commissions on sales each time someone wants another knife.

4. It is Easy to Make a Profit with Cutco

To make money with Cutco, you just need to buy a starter kit. This will usually come with a base of knives and some information about where to get more customers. You can find someone ready to buy, or you can help them buy online or in person. Every time you make a sale, you are earning for yourself. You also have the opportunity to earn commissions on products sold by other distributors who market Cutco knives on the internet, but there is no guarantee that this will happen in your area of marketing.

5. There is No Risk of an Expensive Blade

Cutco knives is not a brand that specializes in expensive blades. In fact, at more than half the price of high-end brands such as Spyderco and Shun, Cutco offers an impressive variety of knives that are very reasonably priced. The only risk with Cutco is bad advertising or misinformation about the products being sold by other Cutco distributors. In fact, Cutco has been listed in many different scamwatch organizations and has even been sued by several people who were ripped off through misrepresentation and misleading information from the Cutco knives distributors advertising scheme.

6. The Products Have Strong Brand Recognition

Cutco knives are accompanied by a strong, well-established and popular brand name. This means it is easy to get a good reputation in the Cutco knives market with only a little effort. If you are successful in marketing Cutco knives, many people will have high expectations of their future purchases. These expectations create a demand that helps prices go up and help profits go up as well.

7. The Products Sell Well in Online Marketplaces

The most profitable means of selling Cutco knives are through online stores that sell everything from antiques to kitchenware at discount prices. The most popular marketplace for Cutco knives is It has the highest number of customers who are interested in this type of product and it has a very well developed search system designed to show customers what they want to see when they’re browsing the website.

8. Wide Range of Products for Sale

Cutco is one of the companies that have a wide range of products for sale and each product has multiple additions that can be sold separately as accessories or replacement parts. The wide range of products for sale means that you can sell Cutco knives for a long time and not run out of new product lines.

9. It Is Easy to Find Someone to Sell to

Cutco knives are inexpensive and well-made, so there are plenty of people who will find them an attractive purchase. Furthermore, many people get great pleasure from buying a set of knives and keeping them in their kitchens as an heirloom or a keepsake rather than using them as throwaway tools. This fact means that when you are trying to make a sale, you will not be meeting someone who is just looking for something cheap to replace a broken knife or other tool.

In conclusion, the best way to make money with Cutco knives is to advertise them, but you can also sell them at a high price or even set up an in-store establishment where people can buy them in person. If you want to start making money and are interested in making money with Cutco knives, then you need to decide on how much time and money you want to invest into your investment. You can make a lot of money with Cutco knives, but it takes a lot of effort.

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