Dollar Dig: How To Get Paid For Shopping Online
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Dollar Dig: How To Get Paid For Shopping Online?

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Cashback, cashback, cashback! Sounds like a sale going on somewhere?

Well on the Internet or the online world, such sites that claim of giving you a cashback are nothing but similar to those sale season happenings at physical stores where you get discounts for things you buy from them.

The only difference here is it is all online and you get somewhat the same benefits.

Now and then we come across such websites (Dollar Dig is one of them) that talk about getting cashback or making some discounts on every purchase you make. But, if you’re want to know about making a full-time income online, check out My Most Recommended Program to learn how I made over $6,000 monthly online!

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But how authentic are these sites like Ebates, Mr.Rebates, or Dollar Dig? Do they give back something to you or just plain lies? More often than not, some websites do earn you back something, but how do they do it? So, how to get paid for shopping online?

What Is Dollar Dig?


Dollar Dig is yet another website in the online world available in the US and Canada that talks about cashback!

Dollar Dig’s tagline itself says “Shop online. Get paid”. They also claim they are the most reliable cashback rebate site on the Internet.

First, How The Site Works
Is Essential To Know

It is like how we go to a physical store to buy something; we lookout for what we want, we select things, and eventually, we make a purchase.

Similarly, with Dollar Dig you enter their site, sign up for the same, look out for the store you want to shop from and purchase from the same. The only difference here is you get to earn something back.


Dollar Dig asks us to shop the same things that we would buy from other physical stores or online stores to buy from their website so that it’s a win-win situation for both. They earn the commission from the merchants for advertising their stores, and they share a portion of their commission to us as we get a cashback depending on the purchases we make.

And on the website, they even show you how easy the process is to join in:

  • Step 1 is to sign up – The sign up is absolutely free, anybody and everybody can join. And you even get a bonus of $ 2.50 upon joining.
  • Step 2 is to look out for your favorite stores; there are around 3,250 stores with different coupons & deals for you on the site and a link to their store.
  • Step 3 is to do your favorite thing – Shop. Keep adding items to your cart to earn more cashback.
  • Step 4 is to purchase the items in your cart.
  • Step 5 is to earn cash back on your purchase.

This is the simple process that Dollar Dig explains on their site.

Dollar Dig_ How To Get Paid For Shopping Online

However, it is vital always to remember that no matter how simple they show the process to you claiming you earn something back, it is not going to make you overnight rich.

It is a simple process of giving and take. You shell out your money to buy something from their website and they give back a portion of their commission in the name of cashback.

Dollar Dig takes up to 90 days for your cashback to get approved and till that time it will show pending on your account and when you reach $25 only then can you cash it out. And some who have reached  $25 the payment of cash is quick enough they say.

Dollar Dig also has a Referral program.

It is quite simple and easy. You can invite as many friends as you want to join in and you receive $2.50 for every friend that reaches $25 to cash out. So the more friends you invite, the more you are in profit.

Important Don’ts To Be Considered
For Earning Cashback At Dollar Dig

  • Don’t click on any other site while you are already on Dollar’s Dig.
  • In case you call the customer service for making any changes, it may not earn you cashback.
  • Always ensure you clear cookies, and your browser is clean enough; otherwise, it can negate the cashback.
  • Cashback excludes all the taxes and shipping and handling fees.
  • Coupons or discounts that the merchants directly send you may sometimes not qualify for cashback.
  • Any kinds of gift cards, gift wrappings do not qualify for cashback.
  • Multiple clicks on other sites as well can negate a cashback by the merchant.
  • Cashback is not earned on wholesale orders.
  • Simultaneously using similar websites can also result in loss of cashback from the merchant.

What Is The Procedure For Receiving Your Cashback?

After earning your minimum amount of $25 and as soon as it is approved, you can cash them out via PayPal, Dwolla, Check or even an Amazon gift card. However, this a long process and you need to have the patience to wait for as long as 90 days first for your cashback to be approved and then to earn the minimum of $25 for cashing it out.

There Are A Few Complaints Too For
Dollar Dig That We Must Know

  • A common complaint is they don’t give cashback always. For many reasons that we have already discussed before they may negate your cashback.
  • High level of patience required; hence, they make you wait for long. The process of your cashback reaching you finally takes a lot longer as compared to similar cashback websites.

Though there are positive reviews too that say they do pay your cashback though they take a long time to do that they still do.

But, the point here is when we also have similar sites that offer the same cashback offers or even in better amounts also with less waiting time why not we choose them over Dollar Dig.

My Conclusion on Dollar Dig

Dollar Dig might not be a scam, but an honest suggestion here would be to invest in a website that will genuinely be more fruitful to us in terms of better cashback and lesser waiting times.

Also, rather than helping with “Digging Dollars” for us it digs out most of our precious time. If you are interested in earning a pretty decent amount of money, then there is a lot of scope with Affiliate marketing it is something that is growing day by day.

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