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DotcomSecrets Free Book Honest Review Is To Help You Understand What It Is

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Some of the DotComSecrets by Russell Brunson reviews are unreliable.

Owner, Russell Brunson is an online master and has turned his domain into a series of presentation tools. He has sold more than $ 1 million in books and articles after 12 years in the business.

The Russell Brunson products consider all people who offer or market items on the Internet. These books, projects, programs, online classes, and courses must cover all areas of business.


Brunson started with what he called Snap Pipes. It is a computing tool designed to improve the adequacy of advertising and member sites, this proved to be extremely fruitful, and he joined several books and other instructional devices.

At that time, he offered the book DotCom Insider Facts: The Underground Playbook for the development of your very own organization on the Internet.

Also, there is a book titled 108 Demonstrations of Divided Tests demonstrated for mid-range clients that explains how certain split tests can make your site optimally productive.

There is a web course on the Offers channels that explains how it works, a monthly subscription that gives coherent instructions to your business and a guide on how to direct the ideal online course.

It’s a real organization, and Russell Brunson is a respected name in the web-based advertising industry. With a large number of customers and long periods of understanding, I am sure that it is an excellent choice and not a trick nevertheless.

How Much Does The DotComSecrets
Book Cost?

A large number of items offered by DotComSecrets are usually free (but you must pay transportation costs), like DotComSecrets free book. Anyhow, it’s free, because you don’t blow any money first. But, soon you will be immersed in several offers for which you must pay in cash.


The principle DotComSecrets Instructing System allows the constant preparation of recordings. You can try this for five days first for $1.
As of this moment, the cost is usually $47. In any case, these costs can change at any time.

Let’s Look At
The Advantages Vs. Disadvantages
Of The Dotcomsecrets Book

DotComSecrets free book


  • Many of the data offered by DotComSecrets are free, even if you must pay the shipping costs.
  • The tips offered for various topics are complete and detailed. Regardless of if you don’t have specific information.


  • When you publish your email address to receive your free gift items, you should keep in mind that receiving web offers in your inbox is part of the agreement.
  • It is also annoying that you have to pay for transportation to get the books if DotComSecrets could have offered it as a free ebook. That way you could have downloaded it for free.
  • The cost of several paid projects is not hard to find. Bring your email address to the table first and buy it before you realize the real value of these courses. This probably implies that the cost of DotComSecrets can change at any time. Since DotComSecrets does not express the costs on the primary website, it is not necessary for them to take coherent corrective measures.

What Will You Do When You Have Logged In?

Russell Brunson said he needed to work with experienced masters, and this book makes a legitimate distinction between these people. Novices do not know what the split test is, but experienced advertisers are interested in seeing how they can customize a website to attract paying customers.

You will also receive training on how to build relationships with customers, create unique offers to move to new organizations, and test the advertising and behavior of emails on websites to discover what your customers need.

DotComSecrets Book Review

DotComSecrets book will give you an idea of how people think and how to sell them, but to sell and win customers; the book is a ClickFunnels promotion. It does not help you take your customers to your website, but how to reach them whenever you buy their service.

Yes, their service works for what online readers read and see how people like it, but the book is misleading because the title is DOT COM SECRETS and it’s about their services, not really secrets.

I could tell you that I can show you how to sell millions just selling houses, but you have to buy my services for life to do it.

It is not a secret, but a point of sale. It’s not worth the time, and you get almost no knowledge. As I said earlier, this is more a service book for their services than the actual internet marketing skills.

What Russell offers are general descriptions and some of the elements that are included in each part. He does not provide any formula, and that is something that beginners need when they start.

One size does not fit all, but the methods roll the ball. After that, it’s about learning what works and what does not, and possibly modifying it.

The beginner also needs examples of how the concepts that Russell presents can be applied to different types of businesses. How in the world can you develop an appealing disposition for real estate?

Also, how could you design an attractive character for an e-commerce industry? What is another series for the DotComSecrets welcome email series, such as a company that has not yet paid offers?

What should a direct payment offer look like, like the Tripwire offer (or the single offer)?

You start with free stuff, but to get all the data and preparation that DotComSecrets offers, you should pay in cash more and more. You can pay for an unexpected result. You should also understand that these courses are generally not suitable for your situation, especially if you are a beginner.

Sometimes, you’re even forced to publish only DotComSecrets projects and courses on your very own website.

If you are a beginner or maybe an affiliate marketing professional, you can benefit from THIS FREE affiliate training and live webinars. You don’t need to spend your money on DotComSecret Book with all hidden cost they will ask you.

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