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Easy Ways To Make Money On Fiverr – You Can Start Today

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Learning to make money on Fiverr website is an excellent skill to possess if perhaps you’re planning to start to make cash online. Fiverr is a wonderful spot to begin right now with your very own journey.
In this particular article, let me reveal to you the basics of Fiverr as well as some easy ways to make money from Fiverr beginning right now.

What Exactly Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a marketplace for odd jobs and services (gigs) that can be run by ordinary mortals working from home. Fiverr has experienced strong growth and now offers more than 1.9 million jobs and more than 4000 new services in 120 categories.

Fiverr’s concept is simply to connect sellers and buyers of odd jobs and services.

All of Fiverr’s basic services cost $ 5, but it is not unusual for buyers to buy extra gigs. In fact, even if the basic price of a gig is $ 5, more than half of the gigs sold on Fiverr are for an amount between $ 10 and $ 100.

This is due to the growing number of “Gigs Premium” sold, where you can earn up to $ 500 per gig.

On Fiverr, all services are offered as “gigs” and you will find all kinds of creative and crazy gigs from sellers all over the world.

The gigs sold on Fiverr cover:

  • graphic design,
  • business promotion,
  • social networking,
  • advertising,
  • comedy videos,
  • translation
  • writing services,…

A creative mind will necessarily be an advantage. It is possible for someone to make a video with your logo written with beach shells or why not someone holding a sign with the name of your company while doing parachute?

Fiverr funny gigs _

By browsing through the different gigs on offer, it quickly becomes clear that there are many different things and services available on Fiverr.

How Much Does It Cost to
Start With Fiverr?

It costs you nothing to register on their website, but they take 20% of your winnings.

This means that when you sell a $ 5 gig, Fiverr will take $ 1 and you will have $ 4 on your account.

You can then use your service to purchase services from other Fiverr members or you can withdraw your money from your Paypal account. Note that when you withdraw funds from your Paypal account, Paypal also takes a small share.

Create Your Account on Fiverr

How Much Can I Earn?

You will want to take the temperature and start with small gigs at $ 5 and gradually build your own business and reputation and this way, your winnings will follow.

As a new member of Fiverr, you will be promoted to Level 1 seller when you have been active for 30 days and have validated 10 gigs. Once you have climbed the ladder, you will be able to charge a higher base price of the gig.

The first thing you should do is to make a list of all the skills or other subjects you very good at.

Hopefully, You Have Some Hobbies Or Skills Akin To:

Once you have a list, try to get rid of everything that you do not believe you could really make money with. With the options you have left, you want to move on to the next step to see if they are good.

You Want To Check Out
The Latest Fiverr Gigs

With your list in hand, go to Fiverr and explore all the different categories at the top of the homepage. Try to find out if there is a particular category to which your current abilities apply, and click this category if you find something relevant.

take the first step on Fiverr _

If you cannot find a category immediately, do not worry, just look for your specific skill, service or product. Check out the different gigs or perhaps services that appear on the first page, and make sure you sort them by average customer review to see the most popular services, those are ones you will compete with on Fiverr.

Content writer jobs at Fiverr

Now ask yourself the following questions about the first 5 to 10 services or gigs as they are normally called:

  • Does one of the services or gigs have more than a few jobs in the queue?
  • How often do buyers leave reviews for the best services?
  • How many of the best services or perhaps top gigs have more than 100 reviews?
  • Does the best top rated seller provide services that you can offer?
  • How much do the best services or gigs cost or charge for their service or product?
  • Are the pages of the concert (title, description, etc.) optimized for searching?

At this very stage, in case you see many services with hundreds of great customers reviews jointly with many queued orders, then you believe you’ have truly discovered a great subject or category to start selling, so those are easy ways to make money on Fiverr.
If not, try the next skill you wrote down.

Website writters jobs on Fiver _

This research should give you a better idea of what types of services are going well in Fiverr and if your own skills are something that you can use to leverage the platform.

It should also help you to be inspired when you have no ideas about what you can offer, or give you more information about what you can offer potential customers.

Now is the time to make your own service and appear on the list so you can make money.

It Is Time To Create Your Gig
On Fiverr Right Now

To create a new service or gig, go to your panel or dashboard, you want to select “Become a Seller” from the menu bar at the top.

Becoming a Fiverr Seller _

Click this button and start setting up your new service. First, you need to add some personal info and make a public profile. Now, you are ready for your first gig!

Choosing the right title from the beginning is important, but you can change it in the future if you have a better idea of the title.

It’s a good idea to give a detailed title here, so for example with something like:

  • I will do SEO article writing
  • I will write a blog post
  • I will design Pinterest pins for you

These are brief and to the point, so potential customers know exactly what they are getting when they click your service or if they are interested in your service. It’s also a good idea to consult your competitors to see what kind of titles they are using.


Choosing the right category is important because it will be where your service or gig shows while someone clicks on one of the options in the top category.

After selecting a category, you can choose a subcategory and make an exact selection that best represents your service.

Browse tags

Search tags are the search terms buyers use when searching a Fiverr website for the services they want.

You can see some of your competitors to see which search tags to use, and basically just want to get the types that are relevant to what you offer.

For example, if you provide a copywriting service, you should select the following tags:

  • Content
  • Blog posts
  • Writer
  • SEO Writer
  • Content Writing


The Fiverr pricing segment when configuring your service; describe the service you provide in the form of packages that you can sell to your customers.

You can choose from three different packages, and it’s a good idea to set different prices for each price, giving you the opportunity to earn more money from a single buyer.

For instance, if perhaps you are a writer out there, you want to make your basic package to something akin to just 300 words article.

And again the standard Gig package should be around 500 words article and it also includes some tweaks and edits.

After all, your premium package would be about 700 words and would contain some extra features that you could offer at a higher price.

Be sure to describe the details of each package and select delivery times that will make you feel comfortable so you do not risk late delivery.

At the bottom, you can create Gig Extras and that’s basically where you can increase your very own sales to an additional item that you can sell with your basic service.

This could be something like a faster delivery or like its normally called extra fast on, an additional investigation, a detailed report, or anything you can add to your basic service and earn some extra money.

Description and FAQ part

description and faq on

You want to select Save and then Continue and also this is going to bring you to the Description and FAQ part of filling out your own service.

In the description, you can describe what your service is all about and at this point, you want to provide a detailed description so that your buyers and potential customers know exactly what they are getting from you.

There are 1200 characters of space to write and I recommend that you fill out the entire amount if you can.

Be sure to consult your competitors to get an idea of the type of description and always have a personal touch to run the description so that your customers or buyers can feel connected even before they decide to work with you,

Make sure you add all relevant keywords to your service and a call-to-action process at the bottom to sort or get in touch with you for more information.

Many of your competitors will use a detailed description that is important, it will take time to create an excellent description that will impress potential customers and lead them to buy your service.

After completing your description, you will be able to enter some Frequently Asked Questions.

It’s a good idea to include at least three specific questions and answers to give potential customers a better idea of what your service is and what you can offer them.

The Requirements Area

The requirements area is very simple and here you only have to write out the requirements you need from your buyers with whom you must provide your service.

This could be a little more information about your business, ideas that have a logo or an illustration, links to your website or social networks, etc.

You will contact the customer directly on Fiverr Messaging once ordered anyway, but it is a good idea to have some requirements, so you can start to think about how to deliver your service effectively and on time, even before you started with the work


The gallery is the last step of the configuration process and here you should select an image that will be displayed as a miniature of what you offer.

build Fiverr-gig-gallery_

For this reason, I recommend checking what kind of images your competitors use and then working to create your own unique image that will give buyers an idea of what your service is all about.

I would also recommend that you upload a video since the video will help make your potential customer see you more as a real person that you are.

Start Making Money on Fiverr!

That’s thoroughly all there is to it with regards to making money and also creating your own gig appropriately.

It’s easy to publish several gigs at once and then as a novice, I like to recommend filling up your very own account with just as many different services that you’re can offer.

This helps one to cast a larger net as well as reach a lot more audience to ensure that you’re very likely to earn money instead of just counting on 1 or 2 gigs and dreaming about the best.

It’s essential to keep in mind that you most likely won’t start seeing money immediately and your gigs are going to require time to get normalized in the Fiverr search results pages.

The positive thing is the fact that as soon as you start receiving a few orders as well as some decent reviews that should certainly have a snowball impact and then provided that you render a high-quality job then the orders should keep coming in

There are lots of folks making money on Fiverr website each day, therefore, there’s no point why you shouldn’t be looking at this platform bears an easy way of making money on the internet.

Create Your  Fiverr Account Here

Note: You can withdraw your Fiverr income to the bank account using Paypal, Payoneer or even direct bank withdraw.

Do I recommend Making Money on Fiverr? Yes, but …

My goal is a passive income business, so I earn money while I’m sleeping or while I’m at the playground with the kids.
Fiverr can be a great way to make money, but you’ve still exchanged your time for money. Which means your income is limited by the time you can take to work.

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Should you have any questions or perhaps suggestions, make sure you don’t hesitate to let me know down the remarks below. I’d also like to learn about any achievements or simply failures that you’ve experienced with Fiverr.


How to make money on Fiverr? Free step by step startup guide _

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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