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Ecom Cash Code Review: Cashing in Some or Flushing Out all the Money?

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Only the ultimate guru on the internet knows what all it sells and what all does it promotes every day.

If this fantastic invention has given birth to some extraordinary opportunities online, then it has also been a reason behind many a scam that keeps floating in the online sea.

The internet is a world in itself that welcomes all sorts of people, all kinds of companies, all kinds of start-ups. And also, most importantly, all kinds of frauds and scam opportunities.

So, it is a boon for many, but it also acts as a curse for a lot of others.

Searching For A Legitimate Online Business?

With the advent of it and the advent of earning money from the virtual space, it has given many of us plenty of opportunities for making a decent amount of income.

At the same time, it has also taken away opportunities because they only end up being scams many a time.

There are genuine opportunities that truly can change your life from a regular 9-5 job to having a business of your own.

And then there are other things which are only scams in the disguise of great opportunities that makes you lose your money forget about earning any.

Today, we will be discussing an online program named Ecom Cash Code.”

That talks about yet another “get quick rich” scheme that makes use of a particular “scheme” that others in the market are not making use of.

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Let Us Dive Into Knowing What Ecom Cash Code Is About?

EcomCash Code is an online program founded by a guy named Teo Vee and is found at (Currently, the site is nowhere to be found on the Internet).

This system claims that it will make you go through a way that will legally tap into the online purchases of others all over the world, also from sites like Amazon.

They continuously talk about plugins and following the code on any number of sites and claim that by just doing this, you can make thousands of dollars from this program.

What they are trying to say is that you select any website that sells anything, receives the code and press through it to gain tons and tons of money.

The truth behind this entire concept of plugins and the following code is nothing but an inferior version of Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where you get paid every time a sale is made through the affiliate links that you provide on websites, blogs, and social media platforms. You earn every time a person clicks on the links provided by you.

But the above is not the case with EcomCash code.

They are only a sales funnel that tricks you into getting into another program.

This means that they are not any program but only a sales page that tricks you into selling you a different thing altogether.

Initially, it persuaded you to enter their program called My Ecom Club, which is nothing but a dropshipping course designed by Teo Vee.

According to BBB, My Ecom Club is closed in December 2019, so the last update they made on Ecom Cash Code in terms of leading people to some other program was with drawing people to some Bitcoin Evolution site. 

Influencing People Negatively

Wait a minute! They also make you pay $97 to get access to their system.

And people generally get influenced in paying this amount looking at the high BS claims and get quick rich hype.

But, at the end what you only get is some other page and site that offers some other program altogether, either a training material for teaching you how to make money in the eCommerce space with a business program like dropshipping or will directly make you land to some social trading or brokerage company that offers copy trading and financial services as in a Bitcoin site.

Anyway to add to all this Teo Vee has not only created a program full of lies which is only an affiliate link to a Bitcoin trade site, called Bitcoin Evolution, but he has also created many other doorway sites like “Get this plan”, “Click N Flip”, “Passive money miracle”, “Weird online trick”, etc.

Ecom Cash Code scam

This means that the website is intrinsically cloned so that there are tons of other floating sites around the web as well.

And such kind of cheap tricks is done so that if one site shutdowns, they have others in the line which can do the work for them.

Teo Vee thinks that making the use of words like ‘eCommerce and ‘quick and easy money-making’ people get easily trapped into such scam schemes, but the truth is there are many who do proper research before getting into such fake programs that claim big about making millions of money only by tapping into some other person’s purchases online.

The thing with Ecom Cash Code is that they constantly keep changing their affiliate links (!) and lead you to some other program altogether where you don’t want to be.


Through this pattern, they show that they are only a scam site and nothing else. Till the time you read this review, they will again change their affiliate link from a Bitcoin site to some other site.

Does All Of This Even Make Sense
To Anybody?

Well, for me it doesn’t certainly.

I mean, how in the world anyone can even think of promoting a thing with such big lies.

Where you don’t even know what you are selling, and only talk about plugins and following code and making money through it. Really?

Are the people so desperate in their need to earn money that they do not even research a bit to know what they are getting into?

Fake Claims That Ecom Cash Code
Already Makes

  • Their training program will help you earn real cash and is designed to make you a better internet marketer.
  • You can earn tons of money sitting at home and working at your convenience.
  • To provide economic solvency for yourself where no qualifications of yours are required.
  • It helps in making you an online marketer that will make you earn easy income through the internet.
  • You can get high commissions with the help of this program.

I can only laugh at all of the above claims made by them. To what levels a company can steep to loot money from people?

And without wasting any more time, let us now discuss the Cons of Ecom Cash Code because there are no Pros at all.

What Are The Negatives of The Ecom Cash Code?

Well, everything is negative about it, but some of the points are:

  • The testimonials given are entirely fake and provided by actors who have given the same review for other scam sites as well.
Ecom Cash Code fake reviews
  • You are not making any money by tapping into someone else’s purchases. You will be landed on another page with more upsells and you will lose your money.
  • All of their concepts and claims make no sense at all and are full of lies.
  • They present affiliate marketing in a very negative light and creates a wrong image of this fantastic opportunity.
  • Ecom Cash Code reviews – there have been multiple complaints about this site on the Better Business Bureau website. See below some of it:
Ecom Cash Code reviews_1
Ecom Cash Code reviews_2
Ecom Cash Code reviews _3

Is Anything Else Left To Be Said
About Ecom Cash Code?

Yes, EcomCash Code is a complete scam!

The Ecom Cash Code was just a sales funnel for a program called My Ecom Club. Ever since this site was shut down, the Ecom Cash Code will attempt to sell you a program called Bitcoin Evolution.

Do not even think of getting into such programs which are not online programs at all.

Still, only a trick to get you into something or somewhere you don’t want to be or don’t want to do, and only end up losing your $97 plus other hidden costs.

And, talking about Ecom Cash Code, let’s leave it here at the review because there is no value to this program, which is only a scam.

How Do I Make A Living?

Despite the wealth of opportunities currently available online, there are also plenty of fake “marketing gurus” who sell promising and bunk programs.

Affiliate marketing is a simple business opportunity that should be explored to earn decent money online.

The good news is … ordinary people CAN create success online.
There is a legitimate way to work from home online in 2020.

I know because that’s what I did. Here’s how, as a single mother, I went from zero to $ 6K plus a month online.

Definitely not immediate results, but if you work on it and have some patience, this online job could potentially replace your 9-5 day job.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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