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First 1000$ on BOB for Her – Blog Income Report

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I have great news! Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our third anniversary of marriage!
He took me to a wonderful Spanish restaurant where we had a cup of black wine and tried Spanish dishes called “pawns” and “tapas”.  After dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful view of the starry sky.

By just 5 years ago, my life was miserable. I was in the marriage in which I was verbally and physically abused, manipulated and controlled. As a born-again Christian, I thought I did not have a divorce option.
One day my ex-husband left me with three children.

After that, I met my present husband, the pastor of the church. Together we started the Christian mission in the Balkans and the Middle East.

I started my online business, and the site you are on is my third site.

This site aim is to let you know exactly how you can start your own online business or at least earn extra money with the side job.

Also, for 10 months, has earned its first $ 1,000.
By clicking this LINK, you can track the growth of the site since its creation to date.

I really have enough reasons to celebrate!

How I made my first $1000 with my blog_


This report will be a bit different from what has been done since I’m going to show you how my blog has moved since first post – September 6, 2017. till now.

A number of blog posts: 52
A number of pages: 8
A number of users: 11,675
Page views: 26,927


3 MOST READING articles ever:

  1.  How This Affiliate Training Helped Me To Have My Own Online Business – 3,259 pageviews
  2.  My Favorite Toolkit For Blogging – 1,180 pageviews
  3.  How I Got My 379 Email Subscribers In The First Month Of Blogging? – 853 pageviews

Unique Email subscribers:
There are currently 887 active subscribers on my email list. Last month I deleted all email subscribers who did not open any of my emails. I just want people on my list to be those who are interested in online business, social networking, and blogging.

If you are one of them sign up and as a sign of gratitude you will get a FREE Guide To Successful Online Business:

Want to know the secret to making money online? _ banner_



BOB for Her Facebook page2,822 likes

Facebook group BOB for Her: 1,200 members
I did not devote much to this group, but this will change in the future. There are many surprises waiting for you! So if you are not part of my Facebook group yet, I’m here to advise you to join as soon as possible!
Click on the link above to be part of my Facebook group.

Pinterest: 3,056 followers
1000 followers more than last month! My work at Pinterest has begun to be paid!


To succeed in Pinterest, I’m grateful for Tailwind. If you have not tried this Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler yet, it’s time to do this. Use my affiliate LINK and you will get $30 account credit  – enough for 2 months of pinning.
(this is truly an automation tool which saves me 2 hours of work on Pinterest for my blogs every day. It will save you a lot of time, so you can spend summer with your family)

In the following picture, you can see my growth on Pinterest for these ten months. At the beginning of May, I started working with Tailwind with my special technique, which immediately reflected the number of Pinterest viewers as well as the visitors on the site.




Since your emails are constantly coming up with questions about my Pinterest technique, I decided to publish the ebook in September, in which I will explain in detail how I use Pinterest and how I was so successful for such a short time to get such great results.

If you already subscribed to my email list, you will regularly receive useful tips on Pinterest, as well as any changes in the code that Pinterest does.
Also, you will be the first to have the opportunity to read the book and apply all the techniques. If you are in affiliate marketing and want to earn extra, you will also get affiliate links with earnings of up to 35% on each ebook sold.

Instagram: 2,609 followers

I’m not an Instagram expert (still). Maybe this is because I do not like to share a lot of pictures from my private life. My teenagers do not like being photographed and I’m not really a lover of selfies. I do not sell physical products to put their photos. On my Instagram account, you can see the photos of the places I have visited and the quotes I love. In my Instagram stories, you can sneak a little bit into my private life.
Although I have many followers, I have not yet seen any major influence from Instagram on my site and online business.

Twitter: 2,537 followers
More than 1000 followers in the last month! I`m using Twitter only for 3 months and love it! I really have good results with Twitter, and that is mostly because of Crowdfire.
With the Crawdfire scheduler, I can schedule posts for Twitter for the whole week or longer. Every day I take only 5 minutes to track those who follow me or unfollow those who are not following me, as well as to like some posts. And my Twitter account grows without my big help.



You can click on any program below and find out more about it.

Wealthy Affiliate:  $ 372
Google Adsense: $276.23
Tailwind: $165 + ($25 Amazon Gift Card)
Airbnb: $100
ShareASale: $35.28
Crowdfire: $20
Ebooks: $18.75
Fiverr: $15
VigLink: $1.43
IZEA: $1.71
Activate ( Bloglovin): $0.46

TOTAL INCOME: $1030.86


My Future Plans and Goals

Although I have been writing the Blog Income Report so far, I will now have to pause. I have several reasons:

1. Summer comes and I will travel a lot. I plan to visit Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria and maybe Hungary and Croatia. These are the countries in which we have set up home churches and it’s time to visit them.

2. I’m preparing a Pinterest eBook that should be completed in September and I’ll probably need a lot of time to do it. (at the bottom of the page you can sign up for all updates related to my ebook and Pinterest growth and I will send you as a small sign of gratitude: 200 Pinterest Group Boards to help you boost your account)

3. does not grow so fast to see the difference for just a month.

My next blog income report will be released in September. This is exactly one year since I started this site. I hope I have a lot of cool news to share with you.

Until then I will mostly work on my Pinterest tactics. I plan for every post I have posted to make at least 2-3 new pins.
I know I could do the better design of my pins, but I do not want my pins to look the same as everyone else. I’d prefer to be recognizable. I hope to find a way to improve the existing design but not to plug into the sea of similar blogging pins.



Tools That I Use:

  1. Wealthy Affiliate training, courses, and income (Free and Premium membership)
  2. Jaxxy  – keyword research (Free trial).
  3. MyThemeShop  (Free and Premium themes)
  4. Mailerlite for email marketing (Free till you get 1000 subscribers)
  5. Tailwind for the Pinterest account ($ 15 per month – GET your first month for FREE)
  6. Crowdfire for Twitter and Facebook scheduled posts and growth
  7. Google Analytics (Free)
  8. Fiverr ( for editing and proofreading my posts – free account)

I hope that with this “Blog Income Report” I’ve given you some new ideas to make money from your blog. If you have not yet started blogging and thinking about to start your own blog, read my step-by-step post: How To Start a Website?

Please send me your comment. Do you think I should change the look of my pins? Do you like the idea of writing a Pinterest ebook?

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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