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Fitness Influencers: Influencing People for Being Fit and Different Marketing Trends in the Fitness Industry

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To understand any industry niche and the people who influence that particular niche, it is imperative first to understand who exactly are influencers?

An influencer is a big word. It has specific responsibilities that it comes with. People say that in today’s time, anybody can opt for becoming an influencer in their choice of the field if they have that drive and passion. In reality, only a few are genuine in providing the right information.

At the same time, all others are only following a trend.

Who Are Influencers?

Influencers are people in a particular market industry or niche who help drive the audience into influencing them to either use, buy, or resort to something of that niche.

Most of the time, influencers are knowledgeable people in their space who have the correct insight for their industry.

Generally, brands also approach only those individuals who already have a presence in that specific niche and who can further influence the target audience with the right approach.

Influencers are people who have a massive presence on social media and can influence potential buyers by recommending or promoting products to them.

Today, however, we will be discussing yet another popular niche – Fitness, and talk about fitness influencers and the various marketing trends in the fitness industry.

Influencer marketing is the latest trend in the marketing industry that everybody is opting for since a few years.

Businesses have also realized that inviting non-celebrity influencers has a more significant impact on word-of-mouth marketing. And also can organically increase brand visibility and reach more people in the long run.

People tend to trust these non-celebrities because they are experts in their space. The statistic shows 30% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product promoted by an expert rather than a celebrity.

What About Fitness Influencers?

Social media is full of fitness influencers.

Looking at the constant popularity fitness industry as a whole is garnering as more and more people are getting aware of the importance of being and remaining fit.

Fitness influencers are people who can influence the health aspect of people all around the world, and social media platforms give these influencers access to people’s lives.

Many times, fitness influencers are not necessarily experts from the industry but only a person who is equally crazy about being fit than any other fitness freak.

Although I am not a fitness influencer I post pictures from my daily life on Instagram.

You can even check below link on the importance of micro-influencers more than celebrities to promote brands.

Why Use Micro-Influencers Instead Of Celebrities to Promote Your Brand

If that person is relatable enough with his/her posts and builds a rapport with the audiences, then consumers are likely to get more influenced by such individuals.

Relatability with the target audience is the key to influencing in any market niche.

In the case of the fitness industry: If a consumer can identify with the journey and fitness struggles of the influencer or the story of how they have transformed their life through – it can have a more significant impact on the consumer’s mind. That can influence them into buying something that the influencer is endorsing.

What Steps Can You Follow For Becoming a Successful Fitness Influencer?

If becoming a fitness influencer and influence people’s lives through your efforts, you can do that by following a few steps that will connect more with the audiences:

Being a Fitness Freak Yourself

If a person is already a fitness freak, then this opportunity can prove to be more beneficial to him/her

Interacting more with the followers

Continuously interacting with followers is a great way to be more in touch with them. They feel that influencers care about them and consistently provide information on fitness.

Being Active on Different Networks

Providing useful information on fitness and health just on one medium is not enough. Posting similar things across a few mediums reaches more audiences.

It is also essential to know which content will work best for which medium.

Providing Other Information as Well, Along With Fitness

When a fitness influencer posts about diet regimens or places to travel or even the best activewear or gym wear, this offers the audiences a variety of content catering not just to fitness but other essential topics as well.

Fitness Influencers

Consistency is Key

Not just for fitness influencers, but for any influencers, being consistent with posts and updates is the key.

Do not let the audiences forget you as an influencer. Keep posting useful information about fitness and make your viewers feel that you are a part of the fitness family.

There Are Fitness Marketing Trends
That Can Help the Influencers
To Have a Stronger Impact On the Audiences

Video Marketing

You can create tutorial videos for a new exercise regimen or important superfoods that people can include in their diet.

Having a Holistic Approach

Influencers should have a holistic approach and not just stick to one topic of fitness but cover other relatable issues as well.

If a fitness influencer is talking about workout and fitness tips, then the influencer can also talk about the healthy habits that a person can add in their daily life.

Creating More Referrals and Reviewing

Geo-tagging and SEO tactics are important in making people aware of your services.

You can even ask your followers to write a review of your services or products you endorse and ask them to refer you to their networks as well.

This increases followers or subscribers as people depend more on reviews and referrals for making a purchase.

Personalized Solutions

When influencers provide customized solutions, it gives a personal touch impact on the audiences since generic solutions are available everywhere on the Internet.

For example, you can someday opt for Instagram Live and have a direct chat with your followers and answer their queries regarding any new diet regimens or workouts.

Urging Consumers to Share

Creating more content is important, but asking your followers to share the same with their contacts is also essential.

You can also ask your followers to share their before-after pictures and let others know how the products you endorse or services you give have changed people’s lives.

A great example of a successful fitness influencer is Tad Inoue. He has been involved in the fitness and bodybuilding industry for over 30 years, and in addition, Tad has expertise in nutrition, exercise, health and wellness sciences, etc.

Let us now have a look at the new trends in the fitness industry.

In Terms of Nutrition:

  • Intuitive eating – eating without any guilt, as much as the stomach feels full and also enjoying the meal.
  • Plant-based diets – a diet that includes more vegetables and minimum or no consumption of meat. Plant-based foods are generally vegan.

In Terms of Technology:

  • Wearables – wearables have been on the rise with the increasing fitness trends in the industry. Fitness trackers, smartwatches, and heart monitors have been the top three trends since 2016.
  • Fitness apps – fitness apps or classes that help people do workouts anywhere they wish has also been on the rise.
    Apps also provide information on how much calories a person has burnt and how much more is required according to the body mass, weight, height, etc.

In Terms of Workouts:

  • Functional training – this focuses on proper technique and works on movements, helping in balancing & building strength for the body.
  • Group training – many resorts to group training than individual training. Group training adds more fun to workouts, and people are more excited about it as they get to work out with others as well.
  • Yoga HIIT – this is a combination of yoga with high-intensity interval training. This gives benefits to both forms of physical exercise.

You can search Instagram for following some of the top fitness influencers who have massive followers and can help you too.

Some of the names are: Michelle Lewin, Kayla Itsines, Jennifer Selter, Simeon Panda, Massy Arias, and the list can go on.

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