FlexClip, a Simple but Complete Video Creation Tool
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FlexClip, a Simple but Complete Video Creation Tool

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Looking for free software as an alternative to Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie? FlexClip Video Maker is a free all-in-one software that allows you to edit and create videos online. Here is an overview of the possibilities offered by the tool.

What are the possibilities of the FlexClip video creation software?

FlexClip is a video creation software available online. Concretely, the tool allows any beginner user to make small videos in a few clicks from his browser.

The main features offered by the FlexClip are:

  • The import of images and videos in many formats
  • Cut, crop, or rotate a video clip
  • Add predefined titles to certain sections of the video
  • Add a soundtrack to a mounted sequence
  • Record a voice-over directly from the software
  • A vast collection of video, photo and music libraries
  • Real-time preview
  • HD output quality

How To Use FlexClip Video Creation Software?

Specifically, the realization of video creation with FlexClip is done in a few simple steps.

1 – Import media files in drag and drop

FlexClip allows you to upload the files you want to use into your project directly from your computer. It is also possible to choose from the media libraries available in the app. There is a vast collection of videos and photos integrated.

To begin, click on the “+” button and then import the desired video and image files.

2- Cut videos

After importing all of its source files, it’s time to start cutting unwanted parts and arranging everything. To do so, simply use the tool “Trim” and “Split” to cut the clips into different parts that you can then either delete or keep for your editing.

3 – Add titles to certain sections (optional)

FlexClip gives you the possibility to add pre-formatted titles. All that remains is to edit the text. You can change the font, color, size, duration, and much more. Of course, you will also be able to make your own titles in Photoshop for example and then import them as an image into your video if you want something more sought after.

To add a title to any section of the video, click on the “TEXT” section and add/edit the one that best fits your project.

4 – Export the video in the desired quality

Once you are satisfied with the result of your video, photo and audio editing, you just have to export it in the desired quality. To do so, simply click on “EXPORT VIDEO”, and choose the quality from 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Your video will also be ready for sharing on social networks or others.

Final Words:

FlexClip,  a Simple but Complete  Video Creation Tool

FlexClip is basically a very good middleware between a Windows Movie Maker and a Final Cut or an Adobe Premiere Pro.

Available at an unbeatable price compared to two other software just mentioned, it is able to make very good video editing without much knowledge in this area. It has a very well designed user interface, and only the important features visible at first glance makes it really fast and fun to take in hand.

Overall, I recommend it for small projects that do not require effects like After Effects for example.

The design of the interface is really pro and well thought out, the user experience is all the more pleasant and the handling easier. FlexClip is available for free online. To access the tool, visit: https://www.flexclip.com

Points To Improve

If it were possible to import effects from After Effects files, it could really increase its possibilities for a little more professional users who can not afford to invest in Adobe Premiere Pro, for example.

You have already used the tool and would like to give us your opinion? Feel free to do so via the comments below.

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