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How To Write A Blog Post For SEO And Increase Your Google Ranking?

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Before I started working as a social media marketer, and now a blogger, I worked for a year and a half as a reporter for a small radio station. I wrote articles for daily news and I can tell you – writing for the web is different than writing for print or radio news.

Discover Ways To Write
A Blog Post For SEO

Why Is Post Format Essential?

How to format a blog post and increase your Google ranking _

In today’s world, people have attention deficit disorder. Much material comes at us from all sides every day. It would be challenging to consume all of it thoroughly.

We scan things rapidly and then choose if it is worth our time to check out the post, enjoy the video, listen to the podcast, and so on.

Post format needs to make it simple for readers to scan and quickly see exactly what the post is about.

They will (ideally) choose to check out the complete post. That’s exactly what formatting for readers is all about.

It does not matter how excellent your material is. If it isn’t really simple for people to check out, then they will not.

Formatting is also a fundamental part of on-page SEO. And it’s one of the simplest SEO techniques to find, so it’s worth some attention.

Ways To Format Post For Your Readers

You wish to start by formatting your post for readers and SEO.
The online search engine is essential; however, search traffic does not matter if individuals do not stay to read your post.


Make It Simple To Scan The Material

If you want your readers to stick, then you need to make it simple to scan the material.
Headings and white area separate text, making it simpler for your reader to scan the post and find out if they wish to see more.
Your heading and images are a huge part of this.

Guide Your Reader Through The Post With Subheadings

Subheadings improve your post circulation and make posts easier to check out. Skimmers will have the ability to scroll down the post and determine which parts they wish to read for more information.

Separate Blocks Of Text Into Lists

Separate pointers, concepts, and so on into lists. Use bullets or numbers, depending on the context of the list. If the list has to remain in a particular order, then use numbers; if not, then use bullets.

Lists are simple to check out, fast to scan and they help readers consume your content.

Brief Paragraphs Make Your Posts Simpler To Read

Reading online is harder on our eyes than reading printed material. And because we are taking in a lot of material every day, our attention spans have reduced drastically.

Make it simple for people who read your posts by writing brief paragraphs. Gone is high school or college, where you composed long sections to impress the instructor.
One to 3 sentences per paragraph is generally all you want in an online text.

I make it a guideline to never ever have more than 4 lines in a paragraph.

TIP: Try reading your post out loud and separate your paragraphs where you make a natural break in your reading.

You can also include the periodic single-sentence paragraph to highlight a point and keep things interesting.

Use Bolding To Highlight Essential Ideas

Highlight essential ideas or keywords of your post by bolding them. Bolding is a visual hint that tells readers that this is an essential point.

Use this moderately or it will lose its effect.

Separate Your Text With Graphics

Images can be used to separate big pieces of text and make your post more welcoming for readers. If your subject does not provide itself with photos, then be innovative.
Screenshots are an alternative if you are writing a technical post.

Fonts And Text Colors? Simple Is Much Better

Pick a font or fonts that are simple to read. Save the elegant calligraphy font styles for your logo design or use them (moderately) in your social networks graphics. While they are pretty, they are too tough to read, particularly in big blocks of text.
And keep in mind that larger is much better when it comes to font size (but not too large!).

Restrict the usage of text color. Many people choose dark gray text on a white background for reading. Use your brand colors periodically to highlight a little piece of text.

The Best Ways To Write A Blog Post For SEO

Now that your post looks good and is easy to scan, let’s talk about writing for the online search engines.

Use Heading Tags With Your Subheadings To Improve SEO

We spoke about using subheadings to enhance readability. Heading tags (also referred to as H tags) is code that tells the online search engine that you are using subheadings and lets it know that these words are necessary.

To format your subheadings with H tags in WordPress, highlight the text and after that click the drop-down arrow from Paragraph in the menu bar. Pick the type of heading that you want to use.

Heading 1 (H1) needs to be used for the title of your post, with the other headings used to suggest various levels of subheadings within your post.

Use H (heading) tags to enhance readability and SEO

Consider H tags as a summary of your post.

If you aren’t sure which H tag to use, simply consider the various levels of subheadings as the summary of your post. Heading 2 (H2) is an essential subheading, followed by Heading 3 (H3), Heading 4 (H4), and so on

As an example, here’s a partial summary of this post, with the H tags used for each product:

Why is post format crucial? (H2)

Make it simple to scan the material (H3)

Guide your reader through the post with subheadings (H4)

Separate blocks of texts into lists (H4)

Brief paragraphs make your posts simpler to check out (H3)

Make Your Keywords Strong

We talked above about using strong as a visual hint for readers and as code for an online search engine. Find where you used your primary keyword for the very first time (preferably this will be in your very first paragraph) and make it strong.

The online search engine will check out the code and understand that this specific little text is very important.


Include Keyword-Rich Alt Text
To Your Images

As you include images of your blogging platform, also include text in the “alt text” field. This “alt text” must explain the image as well as include your primary keyword. Just like other tags and format pointers, this will help with online search engine ranking.

Read more==> Including keyword-rich alt text is also essential when enhancing your images for Pinterest.

Include Your Keywords Throughout The Post

Scan over your post and look for your keywords. Have you used them numerous times throughout your post?

It’s crucial to find the middle ground here. If you exaggerate, that is called “keyword stuffing,” which is discredited by the online search engine.

Do keep in mind to include your keyword and variations a couple of times.

Some places to include your keyword are:

  • In the post title
  • In the URL
  • High up on the page, preferably in the very first paragraph
  • In among your H2 subheadings
  • Tactically sprayed throughout the body of the post

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Post Formatting Wrap-Up And Action Step

When formatting your article, there are 2 objectives that you will want to achieve.
You’ll want to format your posts to make them aesthetically appealing and simple to check out.

You will also want to write a blog post for SEO to understand exactly what your post is about.

Now it’s time to do something about it.

Choose an old post that might use sprucing up. Modify it with these basic format ideas and republish it. Even with the very same material, you must see a boost in readership and search traffic.

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Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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