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Get Paid $300. Is Survey Voices Legitimate?

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We see several websites get online and offer huge numbers. I feel it’s ridiculous and not at all right thing to do.

Because today people who are looking for work, get trapped in scams. We see the misuse of reviews on websites which are bias and paid. 

Many criminal minded people use these tricks to trap people by making a fake website, especially of survey site.

The most trending is surveying sites you find lots of fraud websites in survey work where you will see figures which are unreal and fake.

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What Is Survey Voices?


Today I will be writing Survey Voices review, which is actually not a survey site. For me, they work as a mediator. They have mentioned on their website page what they do and how they work.

They are not saying they provide a survey; Survey Voices say they are a mediator who helps you choose the right survey company.

How Do They Work?

They divert you to some of the best survey sites as a referral.

I don’t think they have any personal contact with companies as well. They are only having connections of survey sites and providing them users for their work.

Signing Up

When you start, you will see image flashing $300 yes; you can only see it because you will never get this from this site ☺. Moving further when you click links of anything outside the USA you will see a message so basically, it works in the USA only.

Survey Voices $300 a day

Answer Questionnaires And Receive Emails:

Once you become a member, you’ll be presented with multiple survey sites you can sign up for and free offers for things like cell phones and even $1000 gift cards.

Moving further to sign up then answer questions, then you will receive emails of offers and all with links. You’ll get daily spam calls every day, and it will continuously disturb you for months.

If you have antivirus then don’t worry it will block you and you want to see lies given by them. I feel some times antivirus are good they even catch frauds☺.

You Can Earn But That Too On Luck

Since Survey Voices only refers you to other survey sites; the amount you can make depend on the site you join. But to give you an exact figure may be around $2 if you choose the right survey site from them.

Survey Voice is a company which is earning from its users. Lol, their user gets few bucks if they are lucky and they will eat the whole cake of income. 

Don’t Give Your Personal Information

They ask for your card details and all the details. I feel it’s not good and anyone gives them can be a victim. They even take your personal information, and if you think you will get something out, then you are dreaming with open eyes.

Survey Voices Is A Middle Man

Survey Voices is primarily a middle man and list other surveys; they don’t pay you. The respective survey company they’re will pay you to whom they link you.

For example, if you answer surveys provided by Survey Junkie, Clixsense or Swagbucks, then those companies will pay you.

Good And Bad Points
Of Survey Voices

Good points:

• Free to join.
• Don’t know how but they have got positive BBB ratings.
• You can earn a few bucks if you are lucky.
• Some Good companies pay.
• You can make extra cash.

Bad points:

• That figure of $300 is not real.
• You may find scam sites from Survey Voices.
• Once you join Survey Voices, you will lots of spam emails and calls too.
• It is only for USA people.
• You can’t contact them.
• No real information about the company and who is handling this survey site.
• You will not get free offers even you passed all the questions.
• Survey Voices cannot give you a steady income for the daily base.
• Lots of unwanted pop-ups.

My View On Survey Voices

1 stars review

So to start with their false claim which is $300? Don’t believe that figure; it’s false. You will not earn that figure even after 12 months through this site.

Survey Voices is not a scam, but this site cannot be recommended. They are collecting information emails, phone numbers and sometimes even card information’s and that’s not a legal thing.

Another thing is they are not diverting to companies they are giving a referral to survey sites, which means they will earn from you and you receive nothing from them. In fact, if you want to do survey work you can directly join any good survey site which can pay better and give you continuous work.

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Review Of  Survey Voices

Survey Voices offers are just frauds nothing else.

If these things were not there on the site, then I would have recommended to others to join it.

But looking to these drawbacks, I feel it’s a big NO to everyone who is reading my review.

For me, this site is not a total scam because they are not charging anything and they have mentioned on their website that they will take you to survey sites.

But its reputation is not good.

Most people find this is a scam all because of false figures they gave to their users.

Instead of wasting time in survey sites, my personal view is to work for your own by starting with an affiliate marketing.

It is a superb way of earning, and I have a program which guides you to help you at every stage so that you can make far better than this survey work. 

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Affiliate marketing can give steady income and growth in life which is essential.

Women’s who are finding some work for themselves; this program is a great option. Why get in a trap in this entire survey work?

Choose a wise option like affiliate marketing and grow in your life with a steady income.

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