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Get Targeted Website Traffic With Tailwind Tribes

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Tailwind Tribes is an excellent way to get targeted website traffic.
I have addressed a great deal about Tailwind here on my blog. Pinterest is my best-targeted traffic source for my blog, and Tailwind is my preferred scheduling tool for Pinterest. 

Tailwind offers plenty of features that can assist you in promoting your blog and getting more targeted visitors on your blog posts. One of the newer features is Tailwind Tribes.

What Is Tailwind Tribe?

If you are familiar with Pinterest, then you know what are Pinterest Group Boards. Tailwind Tribes are similar to them but within the Tailwind platform.

Pinners can join a tribe and share pins based on a specific topic. Then, other pinners in the tribe can simply schedule those pins. It’s an excellent way to get more publicity for your pins.

Find Tailwind Tribes To Join

There`s an option on Tailwind to search for tribes within the platform. For some tribes, you need to receive an invite. Others are open for all pinners. You can also find a large list of bloggers tribes to join here: 25 + Tailwind Tribes for Bloggers.

If you want to get targeted traffic to your website, you should only join Tailwind Tribes that are similar to your Pinterest boards and website niche.

Don’t join DIY tribes if you only blog about making money! You will require to reciprocate the shares, so secure that you have boards where pins from a specific tribe will fit.

How To Use Tailwind Tribes To
Get Targeted Website Traffic

As stated before, Tailwind Tribes are an extra way to get more views for your content. Most tribes are arranged on a common topic, such as fashion, travel, DIY, blogging tips, or recipes.

If you don’t have numerous tribes for your niche, you can create your own! Anyone can start a Tailwind tribe and welcome others to participate.

Tailwind tribes categories

When you are in several tribes, you can simply schedule pins from them by clicking on the TRIBES option in the left menu.

Tailwind Tribes

When you are scheduling your own pins, you can simply add it to the tribes you are in. Just click the Add to Tribes button. This will open a pop-up menu for you to add the pin to your tribes.

How to add pins to boards and tribes

You can choose one or more tribes where your content will fit. With each tribe name, you will see how many pins you have added to the tribe and how many you’ve shared from the tribe.

Tailwind Tribes Rules

Once you are a member of some tribes, you need to know the rules of each. The rules are created by the owners of the tribe and listed in the description box. Most of owners tribes will ask that you share a pin or two for each one you add to the tribe. Follow the rules so you don’t get booted out from the tribe.

So, use pins from your Tailwind Tribes to load your schedule. You don’t need to go hunting for pins related to your niche if you are a member of several tribes! This way you will get targeted website traffic.

Do you use Tailwind Tribes? How are you satisfied with?

How To Get Targeted Website Traffic Using Tailwind Tribes -

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