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Having An Impactful Influence: Influencer Marketing

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Influence! Such a small word but yet a very loaded word.

I was reading a great book called ” The Ultimate Guide To Using Influence Marketing,” and I want to share with you some of the conclusions about Influence Marketing.

What It Is Influence?

It is an impact or the effect on someone’s behavior or character by someone who acts as an influencer.

So what or who is an influencer?

An influencer is a person who can influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the same & eventually influence them to buy the products.

Influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing that involve personalities that can influence others or people who have a significant social influence to make people buy something.

  • There are also different kinds of influencers which can be defined as under.
  • Connected – people who are connected mainly in social networks.
  • Activists – people who are much into social & political movements, charities etc.
  • Active minds – are those who have a different range of interests.
  • Authoritative – people who are trusted by others.
  • Trendsetters – people who are into trying out new things that come in the market & are early adopters.

So influencer marketing involves key personalities who can have a significant influence on others to drive a business towards success with higher sales of their products or services.

Rather companies doing direct business with retailers or the consumers they hire influencers who can do the job for them.

This also becomes a bit easy for the brands to rely on influencers because word of mouth can really do wonders for a company. And when it is word of mouth from an influential person, then it is like a cherry on top of a cake.

Difference Between Influencer Marketing and Advocate Marketing

Advocate marketing is much of a customer encouragement kind of marketing. Here, the loyal customers of your brand and company give out positive reviews and feedbacks for others to know so that more people are driven to buy the same, and hence, it increases the sales. 

Whereas, in influencer marketing, you hire a person who can spread word of mouth like a brand ambassador for your products or services and who promotes the brand through their efforts on social media and the like where they know they can attract a large number of crowd.

Difference Between Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing concerns with people having a large number of followers who look up to them and trust them for the product choices that the consumers make eventually leading it to sale.

Whereas, Affiliate marketing is concerning a person who can help companies or brands with providing links to the products and services on their social media, blogs, websites etc. So that when people reach their social media platforms, they click on these affiliate links and a customer is directed towards the site of the company or product page.

Also, most importantly, when it comes to payments for both these methods, affiliate marketer only gets paid when a sale is made, i.e. when a consumer makes a purchase using the affiliate link.

Whereas, influencer marketer gets a flat based fee like a fee for doing a campaign for promoting the company’s products or services. So this fee is fixed between the influencer and the marketer that they get agreed on.

Have ever wondered all these new types of marketing that we are discussing how have come into existence?

Well, the answer comes so quickly. It is all about the Internet. Yes, the Internet today is something that we can’t ignore. Something that is an invention without which we cannot function in today’s time and age. Something that has an answer to almost everything.

When we say everything so obviously, it has opened doors for companies and brands which initially only relied on traditional marketing. It is such a boon for brands and companies worldwide that buying and selling today has become so convenient for both the buyers and the sellers.

Influencer marketing is more of social media marketing. And where does social media marketing stems from?

Obviously, from the Internet. And not only the Internet but from the need to be socially active in the online world. 

Generally, people who are buyers but don’t get enough time to shop in the physical stores, influencer marketing can convert these people into potential buyers only with the help of the Internet that is the online world which mainly consists of social media.

I am saying social media because most buyers look out for things today on their Facebook pages, Instagram pages, Tweets from their favorite celebs or athletes.

These people can indeed have a positive impact on the mind of their followers, and this helps towards the sale of the brands that they are promoting.

Influencer marketing has achieved quite a momentum in the recent past. This anyway was not something that companies would have missed paying attention to mainly because companies do understand that people look upon individual personalities and think of them as their idols.

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And when a company assumes this mindset of consumers, they play with it to eventually influence them with the help of these influential people so that they can increase their sales.

The most important aspect that companies have realized with Influencer marketing is that with such influencers they can even tap markets that were once difficult to reach.

Almost everybody today has a Smartphone, even in rural areas. Initially, for these marketers to make their product reach to such areas was definitely a task, and also it was difficult for any increase in their sales.

However, with the emergence of these smart phones and of course the Internet all this has become a matter of a click, and the brand reaches even to the remotest of places with the help of these influencers. Because these are the people who consumers want to see and listen to.

What’s interesting to know is that today people can get all the information about a product or service and the brand moreover much before they see an advertisement of the same on Television.

They know everything about it much before from the Internet itself. And when the corresponding information is passed down by an influence, it increases the trust in the brand by the customers.

Also, it is essential to know that influencers today don’t necessarily mean only celebrities or athletes. People who have a good number of followers on their social media can become one right influencer.

Companies lookout for such people who they think can act as influencers because of the number of followers they have and who can drive those followers into potential buyers of their products or services.

How Does The Influencer Marketing Convert
A Person Into A Buyer?

It is all about trust. People today have started trusting the Internet more, and hence they believe people more who convinces them to buy certain brands, and this trust comes by continuously seeing and listening to these influencers on the Internet.

Whether they put their videos on YouTube or pictures on Instagram, or they tweet some information about it does have an impact on the consumer’s mind.

Three kinds of influencer category in the market:

1 – Micro-influencers – are the ones who have a smaller but specific type of reach of dedicated followers.

2 – Power middle influencers – are influencers who are more experienced in promoting a brand and with followers ranging from 10,000 to 250,000.

3 – Macro influencers – are people who are influencers with the highest number of followers ranging from 250,000 to over 1 million and can include your favorite celebrities or even others with that many followers.

So we clearly understood what Influencer is marketing all about. Now comes the main topic of:

What Can We Earn As Influencers?

Influencer marketing

There are quite a few factors that can determine how much an influencer can earn on an average.

Experts say it is around $1000 per 100,000 followers or one cent per follower.

Some experts even claim the influencers can get $10,000 per post, providing they have more than 1 million followers. And people with more than 1 million followers can also get around $ 100,000.

People can also earn $250,000 for a single post on a single platform that they are promoting if they have more followers than a million. This is usually prominent if the influencer is from the gaming industry or if the content is on YouTube.

Some say the rates are different depending on the various social media platforms like Snapchat influencers can start with $ 500 per campaign in 24 hrs, the Instagram influencer can earn $1000 per 100,000 followers and YouTube influencers can earn $2000 per 100,000 followers.

The factors that define what an influencer can be paid depends on their number of followers, their reach as an influence, the number of channels or mediums they are active on social media, how much connect they have with their audience, how consistent they are with their efforts, etc.

If you want to start as an Influencer, I suggest you read my post:
The Top Bloggers Guideline To Work With Brands in 2019.

Pros of Influencer marketing:

  • Time-saving.
  • Highly cost-efficient.
  • Not very pushy advertising.
  • Establishment of your brand by an expert.
  • Reaching even the untapped markets.

Cons of Influencer marketing:

  • Continuos tracking of influencer’s performance.
  • Employees are needed to deal with such kind of marketing.
  • The brand and the influencer may not go hand in hand.

Clearly, the pros are more than cons here, and we are not surprised why. Influencer marketing is the new age marketing that more and more marketers are turning towards and also it’s an excellent choice in terms of increasing sales at the same time being cost-effective and time-saving.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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