Shelter in place
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Helping People Stuck in the Home Amidst the “Shelter in Place” Orders

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The world suffers from a dangerous and fatal disease called coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. It has taken almost all the parts in the world by storm.

Nobody a few months ago had even realized that the virus would have gripped the world around in a matter of a few months, taking the lives of thousands in many countries.

But, with emergencies that arise in the world, desperate measures become essential to save people from the spread of the virus. And to do that, the US officials have issued “shelter in place” orders.

What is “Shelter in place order”,
and why is it necessary right now?

Shelter in place typically means to remain at your homes or find a safer place indoors and to keep staying there during emergencies until any further notice by the authorities or any green signal has been given to evacuate.

This comes as a mandate for residents to stay inside their homes. However, citizens would be allowed to travel for essential trips, for buying groceries, go to the bank, or to get any medical care.

This order is considered to be one of the most stringent measures taken by the authorities. The goal is to save people while they are practicing social distancing, quarantine, or lockdown and to compel the citizens to be and stay at home to limit any further movements.

However, this measure comes as a necessity right now and had to be taken by the authorities, as it can be said that it is the most well-thought-of decision and is a need of the hour.

There is a website that comes as a ray of hope to people under the ‘shelter in place’ order and to help them while they are stuck at their homes. This amazing digital platform is called “Shelter in place tips.”

What is “Shelter in place tips” all about?

This website is for the people staying indoors amidst the shelter in place order and those who are still working from home. To give them some positivity and strength during these tough times and offer them products that would make them feel all healthy and comfortable is what this website is all about.

Many are working from home for the first time, and this could be even more stressful for them. So to help such citizens, this website supports in relieving that stress and also share some essential tips. To get hold of this beautiful website, you can check them at Shelter In Place Tips.

What does the ‘Shelter in place tips’ offer
to citizens?

There are mainly three verticals on this website which includes:

Work from home: For those who are new to doing work from home and to get their comfort at doing their office tasks, the website offers desk chairs and desks on amazon. Also, to impress their colleagues and bosses, they offer home office clothes on Amazon.

Life at home:

To relieve the stress and anxiety that citizens might feel staying indoors, this site offers essential oils. To make their home wear even comfier, they also offer fleece-lined leggings. When feeling the most stressed, the skin also gets affected by it, causing it to break out and become dry. To combat this, they offer body lotion for dry skin.

Health & fitness:

To keep healthy amidst the pandemic becomes essential, and to make your immune system stronger, the website offers vitamins. To remain fit is equally important, and they provide at-home workout equipment for beginners.

There is a lot of hope that ‘Shelter in place tips’ provides us

Introduced with the hope and aim to improve people’s lives amidst an ongoing pandemic with the products they offer is beyond commendable. You can find products of healthcare, fitness, and wellbeing to keep you sane during such deadly times. To make you care more about yourself at home is something that makes this website even more special.

They also have mental health experts so that citizens who are finding it unable to cope with the stress and frustration currently can seek their help and try to overcome their struggles.

All the net proceeds from ‘Shelter in place tips’ go to benefit all those affected by COVID-19.

The best part of ‘Shelter in place tips’ is the money that people put in to buy the products also goes to all those who have been affected by the ongoing pandemic.

That means this noble initiative not only benefits those who are using their products but are also helping others by providing them with the net proceeds of this website.

Nothing is more honest than a website designed for the people stuck at home due to the COVID-19 and to help people suffering from the pandemic.
A website has been designed especially for those who are stuck at homes, to help them cope up with ongoing times, makes life a bit easier at home and take care of themselves.

For people who are missing their workouts and want to get back to their gym sooner, Shelter in place tips offers equipment for beginners, and also an app to help gain access to thousands of workouts.

Honestly, this is their best offering at the website, which can prove to be extremely helpful to all the citizens to remain mentally as well as physically fit.

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