Herbalife Reviews 2019
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Herbalife Reviews 2019. How Much Money Can You Make?

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Today every one to remain healthy and fit and for that, you need to do exercise and eat nutritious food. Many companies today claiming their products as best health-related products and if you see most of the good companies which are selling health-related products are getting good response worldwide.

There is one company which is famous for Nutrition products called Herbalife Nutrition. They are working on so-called MLM concept. Based in the U.S, Herbalife has always been in the limelight for many things.

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My this review will help you get an idea of what is Herbalife Nutrition and is this company legal or not or just like other fake MLM companies who scam people. In this review, I will cover points like Herbalife Nutrition, compensation plan, products, Its pros, and cons, and we will check some other Herbalife reviews in 2019.

About Herbalife Company

Many today believe for good physique and healthy body you have to eat meat eggs and other Non-veg things, but it is not right. The veg plants are very rich in protein Herbalife is the best example of it.

Herbalife was founded in 1980, by Mark Hughes. The first product was weight loss shakes. After Mark Hughes death in 2000, it was acquired by private equity firms in 2002 and 2004 it was public again. 2014 it was back under a scanner, and by 2016 all the problems were sorted out.

Herbalife has shown the whole world the importance of purely vegetarian daily protein in the form of powders.

Herbalife products are available globally, and it is the most reputed company worldwide in terms of MLM.

It has got good response everywhere with the right quality products which have given them good followers and product lovers. They also have powerful MLM module too, which is also a reason for their success. They highly depend on their products quality and selling.

Herbalife MLM Busines

As it is a network marketing organization, the more products you sell and more people you recruit, the more money you make. I`m getting bored with these lines “more” and “more” and “more.”

Ahh, Networking marketing companies make things like you will be a millionaire in a day.

Lose weight strategy helped them grow, and they have many customers worldwide.

Despite blamed as a Pyramid scheme, they are doing good business by selling products in bulk worldwide. They are selling their products in more than 90 countries, and they have also come in Forbes best 500 Midsize company.

Herbalife Nutrition is a smart group of people, and they know how to market things. An example is they have the best soccer player in their lists like Cristiano Ronaldo and the LA Galaxy.

They are also doing some charitable work. They are supporting the American Red Cross and bringing awareness to the urgent need for blood donation.

Herbalife Nutrition Products


Herbalife has many products, and they are working with a new way which is different then Mark Huges formula.

Company is having weight loss products, vitamin products, energy, and fitness products, and all these products are made of natural things as per their claim.

They are selling nutrition pills, shakes, Energy drinks, skin and hair care products, powders from their catalog.

Compensation Plan

If you want to make some money in Herbalife, you can do that on two ways:

  • You can sell Herbalife products and make a retail profit
  • You can recruit others who want to to de same

In starting you have to bay as Distributor Kit in Herbalife, it can be International Business Pack ($94.10) or International Business Pack – Super Starter ($124.10).

You will get 25% discount on products which makes price lesser than retail stores.

So it means if you spend $100 on products, you can earn about $25.

But only if you know how to market products in MLM way (Herbalife has a lot of costly events and seminars wher you can learn how to do that).

They have volume points for products purchased. More volume points more chances of getting significant discounts from the company.

Once you passed 500 volume points by buying and selling, you become a Senior Consultant and qualify for a down-line.

Herbalife Ranking Ladder:

  • Member
  • Senior consultant
  • Success Builder
  • Qualified producer
  • Supervisor
  • World team
  • Global Expansion Team
  • Millionaire Team
  • President Team
  • Chairman Club
  • Founder’s circle.

You will need 4000 volume points for at list two months to earn something. They have different categories in volume points, and it is confusing. 

But, what is much better to understand ( then points volume) is how much people earned with Herbalife for leat year. So, according to average gross compensation from July 2017 to June 2018, more than 39% of people didn’t make NOTHING!

Most of Herbalife distributors earned from $140 to $840 ( 50% of them), and just 1% make more that $2800 ( for whole year!)

Let Us See Herbalife Pros And Cons:


  • It has a huge fan following.
  • They use Natural products, vegetarian products.
  • Refund policy is good ( but still there’s complains).
  • Most products quality is good, which has helped them gain name and profit.
  • They are spending lots of money on branding.
  • They are actively doing good charity work.
  • It has become a global brand they are selling their products in more than 90 countries.
  • Prevalent in both genders man and women.


  • Its MLM and they have many problems.
  • Prices of the product are sky high.
  • Tough to market as a distributor
  • Tasteless products.
  • Many a time if you don’t read prescription than you might get allergy issues.
  • Soy is good, but it is dangerous too, and they are using it in their products.
  • Confusing compensation plan.
  • Low earnings ( half distributors last year didn`t make any money, and just 1% earn more than $2800)

Other Herbalife Reviews in 2019.

There are some Herbalife reviews 2019 from people that join this company as a products users or thinking it`s a good business opportunity:

Herbalife-reviews 2019 FDA-not-approved

After I read this review, I need to investigate are Herbalife products FDA approved or not. So, I find out that they are NOT approved because their products are food and dietary supplements, and they are not vaccines or drugs, so they don`t need FDA approval.

However, Herbalife needs to send a notification to the FDA about every product displaying structure and function claims. Actually, FDA published in 2018 that Herbalife recalls for its Protein Bar “Peanut Butter” due to discovering amounts of undeclared Fish Allergen.


You will find a lot of Herbalife reviews online where people claim that this company is a fraud.

I posted Herbalife reviews 2019, but maybe you should read this article from 2018, about a couple who was suing Herbalife for spending $100.000 on their products, events and other stuff, because of promise that they will get rich.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t only lawsuit agains this company. In 2016 Federal Trade Commission claims that the large majority of people “made little or no money and a substantial percentage lost money.”

My Views On Herbalife

1 stars review

It is definitely not a scam like some other MLM companies, but it has seen a tough time till 2016, which has damage companies reputation a lot.

Their compensation plan is an issue, when you are not sure what you are going to earn, then you should think twice before joining.

Products of Herbalife have mix reviews, but I would give advantage on it as they are selling the right products as their selling speaks a lot.

If you think that all these things will force me to join it, well my answer is NO. There are reasons for it.

First of all, the weak compensation plan. Company is MLM. You will not earn as a distributor, as more than almoust 40% of distributors are not getting anything from it.

Spending $3000 in a year and making nothing means you have fooled yourself by investing that much even after not getting anything in return.

In fact, try some excellent job it will give you ten times more return in your life and also stability or try other programs which can provide you with confidence, and also you don’t have invest money.

Well, I have one plan in mind if you don’t want to join MLM. Join Wealthy Affiliate Program, it is a training program that will help you build your business and will help you at every stage of your life.

Looking for excellent work instead of Herbalife?

Hope you like my and other people Herbalife reviews. If you have any questions and comment, please post it below.

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