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An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review For Mom To Work From Home

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Dear moms, I write this long review because I know about your desire to help your family financially and at the same time to stay at home and spend your time with your kids.

I know, because I was there.

So, in this an honest Wealthy Affiliate Review for moms to work from home, I will give you details on how I started my online business three years ago and since then, bought a house, paid the 15K debt and a month ago bought a new car.

Before I start, I want to give you just a quick pitch what is Wealthy Affiliate and how it can help you with your home business. 

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform that will teach you how to create, maintain and grow your online home business – even if you are completely newbie.

Income January 2017
One of the Monthly incomes

This WA program includes thousands of training, live classes, live 24*7 support, websites, networking with other members and my personal mentoring. For moms looking to start working from home, this is the best online community in the world!

Follow my Steps and Start Your Home Online Business

Let me show you how everything works, step-by-step.

The Overview Of Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle & Carson
My personal review score:

5 stars review

If you continue to read, you will find out why I give 5 stars to this affiliate marketing training community.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Training?

As they are online for 13 years and have great success stories from its members, I’m sure that you will find it great to start your online business at WA.

WA years in business

Inside this program, you will learn great techniques that work today, and as you will get new live teaching every week, you will be updated with all new things that come to the online market.

It is essential for your online business to be updated – and that’s the first difference between this program and ebooks, courses, and other programs.

“If single mom, with three kids, without any knowledge on affiliate marketing can learn how to make money online, then anyone can!”

Ok, so I told you a little bit about my self in this sentence. But, I had to try a lot of different programs (most of them was scams), I was in a dozen MLMs, click plans, surveys, pyramids schemes,.. huh…

My family
I have 3 reasons not to quit.
This is one!

In 2013, after my divorce I was desperate. I start to think that everyone is more intelligent than me. That everyone can make money online, except me.

But, I didn’t stop searching. So, one day I find out this image that shows me how actually it is easy to make money online.

There Is A Precise 4 Step Process To Building An Online Business From Home:

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

The start point is to choose something that you love, and you’re passionate about, and that will be your interest.

For example, if you’re passionate about kids learning, and everything about it: toys, games, books, lessons,…, for you it will be quite easy to build your home business around it.

Some examples of this potential business can be:

  • Kids learning toys
  • Kids learning books
  • Fast learning for kids
  • Kids learning activities
  • Children’s outdoor learning activities
  • Education games

This is just examples straight off the top of my head. There are thousands of ideas that you can build your business around. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you everything you need to start and do your business (or several businesses).

Then something’s just clicked in my head!

This is the way I will make my own online business, and I will never do a job for any other!

Ok! So, inside of Wealthy Affiliate, I found every training I need. There are thousands of lessons and videos, so if you are a visual person, maybe it will fit you better.

The training is straightforward, thorough, and it delivers. Now, I’m part of a real community of like-minded people.


This Is What You Will Find Inside
Wealthy Affiliate

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp ( 70 lessons)
  • Interactive – live videos ( every week)
  • Video Tutorials (hundreds of them on any subjects)
  • Task-Based Training,…

How To Know Is It The Right Training 
Platform For me?

You’re absolutely right. Not every platform is for everyone. I know, because, as I said, tried a lot of them.

First, I must tell that this is not for you if you’re looking for “fast money” and “overnight success”!

Every business needs time to start, grow and develop. Besides that, if you are entirely new in this kind of business, first you need to learn some things about affiliate marketing and online business.

This is not a magic pill; you need to make a decision and get focus to achieve it. From my experience, I learn it in a hard way.
There is not a job that you can work 10 minutes per day and earn $10000 a week.

Cmon, you know that also!

So, this affiliate marketing platform will be an excellent option for you if you:

  • Looking to start a business without your own product
  • Trying to find a way to sell stuff online (ebooks, books, crafts, arts,..)
  • Want to build a website and make money with it
  • Want to be your own boss
  • Want to work from home at the time you wish to
  • Want to your offline business be presented online
  • Looking for the second career
  • Looking for a side job

Wealthy Affiliate Support

Sign Up and I will be your personal mentor

When you want to start your business is very hard if you don’t have support from people who already make money online.

“To Know Road Ahead,

Ask Those Coming Back”

That’s what one of the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate is to give you great support and to be available for you 24*7.

There’s no chance to feel stuck in this journey because you will get every help that you need.

Some of the ways that you can get help and collaborate inside WA are:

  • Live Chat ( non-stop)
  • Comments (you will get help in a couple of minutes)
  • Blog post/ questions (you will get help in a couple of minutes)
  • Private messaging
  • Website ^ Hosting Support (very quick and helpful)
  • Access to owners
  • Direct Access to ME, as your mentor

This is probably the only mega-company in the world where you can directly reach your mentor (and owners!) in any time day or night – never less of you are a free or paid member!

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Do you remember this image?

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose Your Interest

No one will tell you to want you to need to choose to be your business. That’s excellent freedom that we have inside Wealthy Affiliate.
You can choose any interest that you love and start to build your business.

Business is fun just if you do something you love!

When you start with your training, it will guide you to find your specific niche. It can be some “moms niche,” but it can be anything that you`re good at, or you love to do.

For instance, I love to travel! But “travel” is too broad so I can choose: “Travelling around Europe with a family” or “Family travel on a budget.”

The true is: every niche is profitable if you did it right.

No matter what you choose, you will attract people who have the same interest as you.

2. Build Your Website

Oh, please don’t run now!
I know it sounds scary, but it is so easy with tools that you will get inside WA!

Actually, you can build your first website in 30 seconds and here’s a link, if you don’t believe me :).

When I started in WA, I never before made any website. Now, I think that my site is pretty cool, isn’t it?

You can start with a free domain, and when you fill ready, you can choose any .com, .org, .net domain.

Don’t worry, there’s no hurry – this is a marathon, not a race. You’re building a business to last for years.

You will get all the elements you need to create a professional website, that you will be proud of. You will get 24/7 support, so your site is never down.

Your business will be just to write about your favorite things, and I’m sure your audience will love it!

3. Attract Website Visitors

If you want to make some big money, you will need to have a high amount of website visitors on your website. Without them, there’s no revenue 🙂

Oh, yes, you can pay to Google, make some Google, Facebook or Instagram ads and be on the first page in searching engines. Or you can spend thousands of dollars on some SEO experts for some traffic building tool or service.

OR! You can use the Wealthy Affiliate tool, called Jaaxy and find out the best keywords that will bring traffic to your site. At WA you will learn how to find keywords and write high-quality articles so you can be on the first page on Google without paying anything!

This is what I call FREE TRAFFIC!

4. Make Money!

So, you will write articles about products or services that your visitors are looking for on searching engines. So, they become your customers, and you get paid from big merchants.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn practical ways how to convert your blog visitors into customers. You will learn how to write naturally, about stuff you already love so your visitors won’t feel that you are selling them something, but they will find an answer on what they are already looking for.

Maybe this is the right time to show you some of the successful stories inside WA. I know that you are asking yourself: is this really works?

Yes, it works!

I Want To Start My Own Online Business!

I was so happy when I earned my first $8! It was proof that it works and if I continue, it will bring me $80, $800 and $8000 ( I’m near to the last sum monthly :)). But at WA there are a lot of people who earn 5 and 6 and even 7 digits.

Let’s See Some Of The Success Stories:

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story- Grace littlemama
Wealthy Affiliate Success Story EddySalomon
WealthyAffiliate Success Story - RD40

Wealthy Affiliate
Interactive & Live Training

Ok, you know where you can find me on Friday evening. I’m participating in live and interactive training at WA.

This is an excellent opportunity to watch and listen, great marketer, how to share their knowledge with you, and you have the chance to ask anything!
(If you like to spend your Fridays evening with friends or family, donate worry, every training is recording so you can watch it any time you want.)

All training you can find in your WA dashboard under the “Live Events.” Also, you can see what there are upcoming pieces of training so you can choose what to watch.

Wealthy Affiliate Live Events

Some of the topics covered in recent live weekly webinars are:

  • Brand – Establishing an Incredible Brand From Day 1
  • Amplifying Your Writing Efficiency
  • Framework – Building Out Your Niche Website
  • Affiliate Promotions
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Introduction to Google Search Console
  • Finding Awesome Keyword Opportunities in Search Console, …

The mentor is Jay from Magistudios, who is in this business for a decade and had a dozen successful online business. His teachings are enjoyable, since he’s spiking in a fun and straightforward way, so it is something to look forward to.

Every new interactive training will teach you something new so you can take your business on a higher level. This is also an excellent chance to collaborate and interact with other members of WA.

How Much It`s Cost?

If we are speaking about honesty, I need to be honest with the price also 🙂
It cost less then a coffee a day!

Seriously, you cannot start any business without money… That’s a fact.

But this business will cost you ONE COFFEE a day.

Wealthy Affiliate costs

You can’t find anywhere on the internet that amount of training and support at prices $49/$39/$29! You can’t find better than that!

Actually, maybe for FREE is a better option?

That’s the best news about this program. Yes, you can try it for free and without any credit card!

You don’t need to give any payment info, and you can start building your business during the trial period!

I Want To Start As A Free Member

How Much Time Will It Take To Earn Money?

I know you want to ask this question…

Because everyone that joined WA and I become their mentor asked me the same question.

Well, it’s not math. I can’t give you exact numbers. It depends on a lot of things, but the main thing is: do you follow the training and do your tasks?

If you do, then money will come sooner than most the people expect.

It is tough to tell because people choose a different niche, some write more quality, some fewer quality articles. Some people are posting once a day, others once a week…

But, let say that most of the people will earn first money in the second or third month of joining, then it will increase with your organic traffic and next breakthrough will be around 6 months and to do full income job, you will need probably a year to two years.

But, then after 2 years mark, this online business will skyrocket. Most people who are persistent and committed after two years make 5 and 6 digits monthly.

P.S. This frame I wrote you is just a guideline I said I depend on a lot of things.

It’s like planting a seed.

First, when you put a seed in the ground, for 2-3 months, you don’t even see it. You don’t know if it grows or not and the whole process seems so long. After that, it starts to grow faster and faster.

After 10 years you will have a big tree in your yard that came from that small seed.

It is the same with an online business. If you want to be successful in online business, you need to give it a time to grow and develop. Here, I’m talking about free traffic and natural site growing. Of course, you can always speed that process with pay adds.

If you read so far, you have an easy decision to make here. You have an opportunity to potentially earn thousands of dollars, and you have a FREE trial to see if it is the right business for you.

What Are you waiting for? CLICK HERE

Those are just some of the thousands of successful stories that you will find in WA. Those are real people with real stories, and some of them became my good friends.

One of my success stories: $100 in a day 🙂

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories mine

My Final Verdict

5 stars review

I can’t be happier that I joined this program back in February 2017. It was like “finally, I have such luck to find it!”

I’m a premium member now, and I’d learned enough to be a mentor to other people that join.

I was totally honest about Wealthy Affiliate review. Because I was scammed so many times, I discover that my mission is, to be frank about those online programs and training and to try to offer you best on the internet.

From 2017 till now, I live my life the way I want. I write what I wish to at subjects that I like. I have enough time to spend with my kids and with my new husband started a Christian Mission.

So, I’m traveling around the Balkans and the Middle East, helping people and at the same time, I’m able to work and earn money online.

If you ask me, this is the life I always wanted.

If You Are Ready To Change Your Life and
Start With Your Home Online Business:

If you are still don’t know what exactly to expect and you are a more visual person, I have an excellent video for you. This video made my colleague from WA- his name is Eric, and he is earning around 7-8K monthly.


I hope that this An Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review helps you to find out how you can start your own online business, especially f you are moms that want to work from home, like myself.

Some Of the Questions That I Get:

1. Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM program?

No, WA is not an MLM program or any other pyramidal scheme program. You don’t need to recruit anyone, and there is no downline or such a thing. WA is an affiliate training platform and if you are interested to know the difference on affiliate marketing and multilevel marketing you can read my article HERE.

2. Does WA have their product that I need to sell?

No, you don’t need to sell anything from WA. You will get proper training on how to become a successful affiliate marketer, so people will come to your website. You don’t have to sell anything or to chase people.

3. Do I need to have My own Product or Service to Sell?

No, you donate need to have your own products. You can be a successful affiliate marketer without any of your products. Also, you can sell your products if you already have it, but that’s not mandatory.

4. I already have a website (or a blog). Can I still apply the training to my website?

Yes, of course. If you already have your site, it will be easier for you to understand the basic lesson about hosting, domain, writing an article. But, with other training at WA, you will boost your site and learn how to monetize it.

5. Is it Wealthy Affiliate really FREE to join?

Yes, it is. Later, you can upgrade to Premium member if you want to improve your business to a higher level. Also, you can stay a free member as long as you want. You don’t need to give any payment info to WA.

6. What’s the difference between the Free and Premium member?

As a free member, you will get 2 free websites, and you will get the first 10 lessons on Online Entrepreneur Certification and first 10 on Affiliate Bootcamp training. As a Premium member, you will get 25 websites, you will have access to all training, lessons and live videos. I’d suggest you take a discount that you will get in your first 7 days, and pay $19 for the first month of Premium.

7. Is Wealthy Affiliate available in the whole world?

No. There are some countries where you can’t be able to access to Wealthy Affiliate. They are:
EgyptThere was a lot of scams and frauds, so they are excluded from FREE Membership, but people from those countries can start as Premium Members.

8. Is Wealthy Affiliate has its own Affiliate Program?

Yes, any member (free or premium) can earn inside Wealthy Affiliate by promoting WA membership. You will get your affiliate link, and for any person that joins through that link, you will get paid.

Wealthy Affiliate revenue

If a person decides to go Premium, you will earn $23.5 monthly, and if a person chooses to upgrade to yearly payment, you will receive $175.
Starter Members ( Free Members) will earn half of that.

9. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

NO. Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent learning platform, with very quality training, lessons, and community. Maybe, some ex-member will say it that is it a scam because they didn’t earn anything from Wealthy Affiliate. But it is usually from people whoa re not ready to work hard and expect that they will make some quick money just after they sign up.

This was a long article!
But, there`s a lot of things that you will get with your sing up in WA.
I hope that you now better understand what is Wealthy Affiliate and how you can start your home business, especially if you are mom seeking for ideas to work from home or find a side job.

I always recommend to start as a FREE member, to see everything for yourself and make a decidion if you want to be Premium member. I know how hard it is to earn every dollar, so this is an excellent option inside WA.

If you have any more questions about this program or affiliate marketing, or any online business that you want to start, please be free to post it in a comments section, and I will be glad to give you answers.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


    • Jelena

      Erin, in Wealthy Affiliate you will find all topic on blogging and affiliate marketing, from A to Z. I didn`t have enough space here to write about 100s of trainings and all the tools they included 🙂

    • Jelena

      Agree with you, Cindy. You need to focus on your business if you want to succeed. But, the award is that you have your own business, work in the time you wish to, work from any place you want, pick the dates for your holidays or just chilling with kids when you want.
      And, it`s easy to start; it may be harder to stay sharpened.

  • kumamonjeng

    Thanks for your information and I certainly pick up few important facts from here. Hope Wealthy Affiliate can help more mom who stays at home and create some incomes.

    • Jelena

      You`re welcome. Wealthy Affiliate helps me to stay at home and have my own online business, and I know ti can help many more moms. Actually, in these three years, I helped almost 200 females to start this training, and I was their mentor. Some of them now have multiple source income, some successful side job.

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