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HoneyGain App: Making You Gain Money For Sharing The Internet Or Only A Scam?

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Looking at the current scenario offered by the internet, there will be no day in which we will be out of work, as the online platform provides countless opportunities.

The only thing that we should keep in mind is how we choose the right opportunities that open gates of real opportunities and real money.

Also, many people today have become aware of the fact that some opportunities are worth the time and effort while others are not.

Companies to play with the minds of people with tricking them into their not so legit programs while some others are quite genuine in doing that.

It is important to keep all the points clear in the head and move forward in choosing the right opportunity. One such opportunity is about earning money for sharing your available internet. Sounds weird? Well, even if it does, it is true.

Find Out How I Make Money Online

“HoneyGain” is one such app that only asks you to provide your unused internet bandwidth and get paid in return.

What Is HoneyGain App?


This unique app is an internet bandwidth gathering network that offers individuals to share their unused internet data and get paid in return for doing that.

The domain of the app was registered last year in April 2019 and is said to be headquartered in Arizona, the USA.

Still, apparently, significant traffic of the app comes from Brazil from the Alexa report.

However, it is rather strange that nothing was mentioned about the founders, on their application, or on the internet.

HoneyGain app acts like a hub where people can share their excess internet bandwidth and in exchange for that get paid by the app for the amount contributed.

Their website claims their network is used for content delivery and web hosting used by business clients.

The app shares unused net traffic with data scientists. Within two months of the release of the app, it had crossed more than 100,000 downloads on Android already.

HoneyGain app is a crowdsourced network company that allows businesses to gather data intelligence, information, and execute business and market research.

Currently, it is available for Android and Windows users, and the company will soon make the app available on iOS devices as well.

It is also vital to understand that the more devices you install this app on, the more are your chances to earn better.

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How Does HoneyGain App Work?

HoneyGain is nothing but a mediator between the clients and you.

It is a software that carries out all the difficult tasks of transferring your internet to clients for using them.

As soon as you install the app and sign-up, you will be guided to the dashboard where the reading can be seen of your data shared.

HoneyGain gets paid by the clients for using the internet bandwidth that you provide. It is using for its infrastructure, and the app pays you a sum amount based on the amount you contribute.


All you need to do is download the app or visit their website for making a new account.

HoneyGain app strictly safeguards all the connections provided by you that data scientists use from the app’s platform.

For Windows users, you will see a little bee icon in the notification bar. The Android users will see a small green notification in the notification bar.

The best part of this app is that it increases your chances of earning more by allowing you to use up to 5 devices at the same time on a single network.

How Can You Get Started With
HoneyGain App?

The process of joining this unique app is quite easy to understand:

  • Click on the download tab on the main page and select the OS of your choice for your device.
  • Sign-up with the required details by installing the downloaded app on your device.
  • Following the above procedure finally takes you to your dashboard, where it will show all the pertinent information that you need to know.

How Are The Ways Of Earning From HoneyGain App?

There are two main ways you can start earning with HoneyGain:


This is one fantastic way to increase your daily income by referring or sharing the opportunity with family, friends, etc. who also have unused internet bandwidth.

In exchange for that, you earn more commissions.

You receive a 10% commission on the amount of bandwidth contributed by your referrals on the network daily.

You receive commissions in the form of data from your referrals, which later gets converted into cash.

I’m sure most people who make more than $30 a month on this app are actually just bringing in referrals and getting commission from their work.

This is called Affiliate Marketing, and many people earn 4 or 5 digits a month. To make that much is not enough to invite friends and relatives.

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Contributor To The Network

You can become the app’s bandwidth provider and share your unused internet.

You can download the app on your phone, or you can work by using their website.

The more you contribute to the network by providing internet bandwidth, the more you earn profits.

How Much Can You Earn From
HoneyGain App?

Their website clearly claims that you can make $30 monthly after contributing 10GB per day. This means 10GB data equals $1.

This entirely depends on your internet speed. According to the app, one can expect to share 2GB data per day, and it will make you reach $30 in around 5 months.

But, depending on the internet speed and network, you can only share 15GB data per day maximum. Only if your network delivers 10GB per day, you can think of receiving $30 monthly.

But, if you reach the maximum of 15GB daily, your maximum earning will be $40 monthly.

The process of withdrawal of money by the app is done through PayPal.

Only after reaching a minimum threshold of $20 you can cash out the money, and it generally takes 24 hours to process the payment.

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What Are The Positives Of HoneyGain App?

  • You can earn money by only keeping the app running in the background while you do nothing.
  • It is by far considered to be a safe website with all your personal information as it is SSL certified.
  • The app is easy to understand and use on any device.
  • They provide a contact form for contacting customer support in need, which is easily reachable.
  • Strict protocols are used for safeguarding personal information.

What Are The Negatives Of HoneyGain App?

  • The battery power of your device gets consumed by 5%-10%.
  • The minimum threshold for withdrawal is quite high as compared to its competitors.
  • The app that makes claims of protecting your personal information and bandwidth does not provide any information about their founders.

What Can We Conclude For HoneyGain App?

What is commendable about this app is that even after being new in the internet marketing industry, it became popular within two months of its release.

Also, they are genuinely paying out commissions to their members after they reach the minimum threshold, which does not make it a scam.

In fact, the HoneyGain app is 100% legit.

It can prove to be a successful outing for you if you know you have quite a good amount of unused internet data every month.

However, the earning rate is quite low, but they do pay you depending on how much you contribute to the network.

There is no harm in trying an app that pays you only for running the app in the background and doing nothing else.

You can try the HoneyGain app just for making the app do all the work while you do nothing and still gain some pocket money.

How I Make Money Online?

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