How Does Amazon affiliate program work
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How Does Amazon’s Affiliate Program Work? Make Some Money Online

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We all know after the growth of Internet Affiliate Program is making massive Buzz because it provides extra opportunity to earn money online. Many big Brands are in Affiliate marketing, and most of them are working successfully.

Amazon, we all know famous Online Brand worldwide, has started Affiliate Program.

If you are into Affiliate Marketing, then you would have heard about the Amazon Affiliate Program, the most popular Affiliate program of today is Amazon Affiliate program, and why not when your website is world famous from past many years.

In this review, I will show you how does Amazon’s affiliate program work.

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So any extra work from them would surely get hype due to their reputation in the market.  I will review it why Amazon’s Affiliate Program is so prevalent in the market, who can join this program and is it worthy or not.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program

In simple words, the Amazon Affiliate Program is similar to other Affiliate programs; It allows you to earn money by referring people to others by sharing Amazon sites products through your media channels like website, social media platform.

The Reason Behind Popularity

Amazon itself is the main reason behind its popularity as we all know how much Amazon site is accessible worldwide with a good reputation and when Amazon is allowing earning money with affiliate program everyone will get excited about it.

So it obvious the hype is going to increase more once it starts to spread more and more worldwide. Still, I will give you some details related to its popularity.

Anyone Can Join Amazon’s Affiliate Program 

First thing when you start affiliate work, you should know what it is and how it works, then you need approval from an affiliate network for earning.

If you are new and your website is not having good traffic don’t worry still you can join Amazon’s excellent affiliate program.

Just one thing to clear hear is your website should come under Amazon’s Affiliate Program terms and condition.

You get 90 days for your first sell, which is enough time and if you are not able to dell a single thing, and then you will not get a chance to continue.

If you know how to do affiliate marketing, then 90 days is more than enough time, even if you don’t understand affiliate marketing and only know how to do surfing and use the keyword on the internet that can too help you sell few things in 90 days.

You get approval in 24 hours in Amazon and process for it simple and easy.

Amazon is famous worldwide, which gives you the advantage of joining an affiliate program of Amazon from anywhere. Amazon has various sites according to country, so check your state site of Amazon, mostly USA’s all states are there in the list, so no problem for you all to join Affiliate program.

You can sign up from anywhere.

Amazon itself is a big platform and do marketing for it is easy if you know some basics of it, so it’s good news for all the Affiliate marketers, especially new joiners.

Amazon Affiliate Program Commission

Commissions vary according to products, it would be better to check the commissions and all by visiting the Amazon affiliate program.

Before selecting your category check all the details, bonuses and what are the commissions, some you will receive only 2%, and in some, you might get up to 10% all these depends on your product choice.

Amazon Affiliate Program Commission
Amazon Affiliate Program Commissions

Also, check the availability of the product which you are going to market.

Try to select categories which are less available in the market it will help you demand more, and you will get right visitors to your site which might convert into your customers because of products you are referring to Amazon.

Product choice decides your future in Affiliate marketing so be sharp in choosing the right one and also try to give prices difference if it is available in the lesser amount you should market to increase sells and also increase your profit.

If your choice is right and you know a little bit of Affiliate marketing, then there are big chances of you getting a high commission as earning and that too up to six figures in short time which is excellent.

Making six figures without any investment is not a small amount at all, and also you are not wasting your whole day on single work, have a good site and start marketing smartly, affiliate marketing can do wonders if you get the grip of doing it right.

Now Let Us See Some Of Amazon’s Affiliate Program’s Pros And Cons


  • Amazon has a huge reputation Worldwide.
  • In Amazon, you get a wide range of Products for marketing.
  • It is easy to sign up in the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • Anyone can join Amazon’s affiliate program from anywhere.
  • You can trust Amazon as it is the World’s first Brand.
  • Good supporting staff.
  • No problem in Payments and it is done in time too.


  • Commission rates are not so attractive.
  • Referral time limits of 24 hours,
  • Cookies last only for 24 hours.
  • No Pay Pal pay in Amazon Affiliate program.
  • Terms and conditions are strict.

My Final Thoughts On
The Amazon Affiliate Program

Well, to start with the Amazon Affiliate Program is suitable for people who want to earn money from online.

They are having end numbers of products to market, which is the most significant plus point of their site and program. Amazon program allows you to market many things digital to physical.

The problem I found in this program is their pay, commission rates are too low if you compare to their brand value they can easily offer some good commission on many products to attract more people to their program, but I don’t think they do care about it, as they are Amazon.

They know low commission rates are not going to affect their affiliate business. Many of us will still keep links of Amazon to earn even little amount, after all its Amazon.

Even though they have low rates, I know many successful stories with Amazon affiliate program. If you know how affiliate marketing works, you will make money for sure.


Looking to Amazon reach, I don’t think they will ever get a stop, infect they will get lots of more affiliates for their site and products for sure. It has been more than a decade it’s running on the top list, and if you see next decades, I don’t think it is going to change a lot, as they are updating many things time to time as per the trend. 

So If you are looking to earn a bit then join Amazon Affiliate program and start sharing links, I suggest you sign up on my favorite FREE TRAINING that will teach you how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, even if you are total newbie.

This is the same training, where I learn how to make a couple of thousand dollars a month with affiliate marketing.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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