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How To Add An Image To WordPress Blog Post?

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One of the advantages WordPress offers is being able to easily add pictures to the WordPress Blog, and also modify them without using external tools. Adding photos to your blog is visually appealing. It actually adds an element of linking with your readers.

But how do you add pictures to WordPress? We will come to that. First, read WHY you should use images on WordPress blog.


Why Use Images In Your WordPress Blog?

We have already mentioned that using pictures is a great way to connect with your readers. Sometimes it’s simpler to use an image to explain something than to use your words. You will see what I imply in the examples in this post.

It’s also great to add an image to your WordPress blog post for search engines. Using the ALT text of the image and the description section will allow search engines to drive traffic to your blog.

Another good reason to use picture is social networks. Sharing images has never been easier with platforms akin to Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Sharing your pictures can easily result in high traffic to your blog site.

Let’s talk about the “how” and what we do when it comes to WordPress as well as pictures. In this post we will talk about all it takes:

– How To Add An Image To WordPress Media Library
– How To add an image from the Media Library to a blog content
– Upload images directly from a blog post and add them to WordPress
– To edit a picture in a post or on a page
– How You Can Delete An Image In WordPress

How to add an image to wordpress blog


So, let’s get into that:

How To Add An Image To WordPress Media Library

To use images in your WordPress blog, you must first upload them to your website. Save the image you want to add to your blog on your computer.

Follow these actions below to upload images in WordPress:

  • You want to go to Media Library



  • And then Click Add New



  • You can drag and drop your image from your computer or click on Select Files and then select your image from your own files.
  • The loaded image will be displayed below the Drag & Drop field. You can click Edit to make changes.
  • In “Edit” you could add information to your picture. You can give it a title with an ALT text and a description. Complete this information with relevant information. Here you will also find the name of the file and the URL of the file.
  • Click Edit Image and you can scale, crop or rotate the image.


EXTRA TIP: Before uploading your image in WordPress, save it with a keyword-optimized name on your computer. It can be very beneficial for SEO to have your keyword in the name of the image file.


How you can Add Image from the Media Library
to your Blog Content

Now, if you have the image in your media library, we are going to add it to a blog post. Follow these steps to add the image or maybe picture from the media library to your blog post:

1. Position the cursor where you want to display your image.
2. Click Add Media and your media library will be displayed.


How to add a picture to wordpress


3. From here, you can select the desired image from the media library that you would like to include in your post content.
4. On the right, you can see the details of the attached file. You can also edit the title, alternative text, and description of the image.
5. You will also see the display settings of the attachments, here you can adjust the orientation, you can select none, left, right or center. Also, you can choose the large size, medium, thumbnail or custom size. You can also link your image to an attachment page, a custom URL, or a media file.


How to add a picture to wordpress

6. Once you’ve customized the settings, click “Insert Into Post” and your image will appear in your blog post with the settings you’ve selected.

How to Add Images to WordPress
from a Blog Post

If you’re working on your blog post and want to upload an image without leaving the very post, you can do so by following these steps:
1. Position the cursor where you want to display the image.
2. Go ahead to Click on Add Media.
3. You can now select an image that has been loaded into the media library or click on the Upload Files.



4. Now you can perform the same steps as we did while we upload to the multimedia library. Drag-and-drop your photo from the desktop of your computer to the drop-down area or simply upload an image file.

5. When the image is loaded, make sure the image has the blue checkmark.



6. The right-hand side of the Multimedia Library displays the same fields we have already talked about. The title, ALT text, caption as well as a description, you can also select the arrangement if the image should be linked somewhere and what size should be displayed.


How to add a picture to wordpress
7. When you have completed your desired information, click “Insert Into Post”, then your image is going to be added to your blog post. The same applies to the pages.

The new and fast method to add a picture
to your WordPress post

The new and fast way is to save your image on your desktop and put it directly in your blog post without clicking on adding media. This will add it to the media library and allow you to customize the settings from there.


Edit An Image In A Post Or On A Page

Now we have added our picture to our blog entry. Maybe we are not happy with him and we want to change something. Let us see some adjustments that we can make.

Suppose we’ve added this image, an image that honors the success of my income blog study.


How I made my first $1000 with my blog_


In this example, I would like to change the size of the picture to a thumbnail. Then I want to align it to the right and have text around. I also want to link it to the relevant content.
When clicking on this link I would like the case study publication to be displayed in a new window.

Let Us Make The Adjustments
The image has already been added to the blog post, click on the image and it will display:



From here you can quickly change the arrangement of the image. Click on the pen and you can edit the details of the image.

How to upload pictures to a website


We can set the title as well as ALT text right now. We can view configurations, align the image, set the size, and the place where it should be linked.

We also have some advanced features. We will implement our desired changes right here.

Add the ALT text now, align it to the right, set the thumbnail size, and link the case study page.


How to upload pictures to a website


How I made my first $1000 with my blog_ You can see the result on the right with the differences we made in the image. Now it is aligned with the text to the left. It is connected to the corresponding page and has been converted to the dimension of a thumbnail.

The revolution WordPress makes it straightforward to add pictures to both the media library as well as the blog post. Now with the drag and drop feature, it has never been so easy. WordPress also makes it easier to edit the inserted images.


One last thing, before we finish that…


How to delete an image in WordPress

To remove a picture from a blog post, click on the picture and you will see the bar. If you click on the icon, the image is going to be removed from the blog. This will not remove the image from the media library, however, it will be removed from the very post out there.

How to delete images from blog post


Delete A Picture In The Media Library

If you want to completely delete the image from your WordPress blog, you won’t go to the Media Library. Locate the image file that you want to delete and then click Remove All. This fixes the image and removes the image from the multimedia library as well as your WordPress blog.

Following the instructions of this How To Add An Image To WordPress Blog Post, the self-administration of your site will be simple and you can upload all the images you want, modify them and create galleries to show visitors and leave them hooked on the site. It is not enough to have precise information and quality content, but also that the images contribute value to the WordPress Blog.

That’s all for adding pictures to WordPress.
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I do hope you found this post useful to add great pictures to your WordPress blog. If maybe you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask below, and I will gladly help you.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


    • Jelena

      Hello Adriane, there’s no difference between About me page and any other page. So, if you know how to add a photo on a post or page, its the same with About me page. First, you need to find out where you want to display the image. Position your cursor and click on add media. You can choose from your media library or upload a new one.
      Then, choose do you want to put your image on the left side, right side or in the middle of the page. Also on the right side, you can see image size, so you can resize it.
      Hope this will help 🙂

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