How to become Shaklee Distributor
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How To Become A Shaklee Distributor?

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Nutrition-related companies are trending big in today’s world. If you see, competition in this business is also very high, and to sustain companies are trying different strategies to stay hit in this competitive market.

As I am talking about Nutrition related company, my today’s review is on Shaklee which is a supplier of nutrition-related products. Shaklee is pretty old company started in 1956, more than 50 decades experience in this field and still holding a strong position in a competitive market.

In today’s review, I will tell you what Shaklee is, how it works, compensation plan, pros and cons, and everything.

Info About Shaklee


Forrest Shaklee is the founder of the company, and it all started in 1956. He began with his pr, which were health supplements. Over the years, the company has developed many products under their tree-like weight loss, Nutrition, Beauty, now Sports, and for green homes. Companies products are available in many countries.

Shaklee became traded company in 1970. In 2004 Roger Barnett purchased Shaklee corporation.

Shaklee Products

They are marketing five different products like:

  • Nutrition,
  • Healthy weight,
  • Beauty,
  • Sports, and
  • Green Home.

In Nutrition, they have Essential Nutrition, Multivitamins, Nutrition Regimens, Prenatal Protein Shakes. According to their claim, their Nutrition products help People in Aging Well, Controlling Blood Sugar, Giving Relief in Bone & Joint, Cleanse & Detox, Gives you good Digestive Health, Energy, for best Eye, Fiber, Greens, Healthy Heart, Improve Immunity, Men’s Health -Mind, Omega, Probiotics,Sleep, Stress & Mood, Women’s Health.

These products contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals which give proper Nutrition for your body. All their products range between $25 to $500.

Healthy Solutions: Shaklee’s healthy solutions products are mainly recommended for adults. According to them, their products fight with aging problems or poor memory and any other issues.

Immunity Products, Weight-loss Kits, Shakes, Meal In-a-Bar & Snacks, Energizing Tea, Shaklee 180 Metabolic Boost, 180.

All these products help you improve your immune system, and they have tablets, powders, shakes, and it ranges between $20 to $500.

Beauty Products Includes – YOUTH®, Anti-Aging Collection, Hydrating Collection, Personalized Regimen, Perfecting Makeup, Accessories, Enfuselle
Shaklee Baby, ProSante, Daily Care.

All these products are beauty related antiageing, for fresh looks they have creams, powders, Gel, Skin Toner, Mascara,  Gentle Cleansing Bar, Lotion. They give a solution to all problem eyes to face. These products range are between $40 to $500.


Sports: They have Sports-related products like Build, which gives you lean muscle faster, and it helps you build a good physique. It comes with powders, Energy Drinks. Hydrate Products which will always keep you fit. And the last one is Recovery all sports-related products range between $20 to $300.

Household Cleaning Products: Products likes Household Cleaning, Starter Kits, Dishes, Laundry, Accessories, Water Filtration, Get Clean Water
Best Water, Commercial Cleaning, AirSource. Price range between $10 to $300.

Shaklee Compensation Plan

Shaklee’s compensation plan is similar to other MLM companies, nothing different in it. Sell products and earn a commission, and earning depends on levels ( referring to others). What is different is that Shaklee patents their compensation plan.

There are various bonuses in Shaklee’s Commission retail sales like Gold bonuses, Infinity Bonuses, Power bonuses, Leadership bonuses, Personal group bonuses, Car bonuses, Fast Track bonuses, and various other incentives like trips.


Each Shaklee product has some Personal Volume points. PV starts with 250 to 2000 and commission is based on that 4%, 8%, 12%, 14%, or 20%.

Shaklee Personal Group Bonus

By reaching the Director stage, you can earn up to 20% commission personal group bonus. One thing here to take in the notice is when you reach Director level points will not be shared as PGV.

There are ten more levels after Director Level, which you can achieve in Shaklee’s Dream Plan, Senior Director to Presidential Master Coordinator. 

There is also much news buzzing around many of Shaklee’s Presidental Master Coordinators earning has been shown up to $ 1,000,000 as annual commission payments.

Now let us also see Shaklee’s Leadership Ranks: 

  • Director,
  • Senior Director,
  • Coordinator,
  • Senior Coordinator,
  • Executive Coordinator,
  • Senior Executive Coordinator,
  • Key Coordinator,
  • Senior Key Coordinator,
  • Master Coordinator,
  • Senior Master Coordinator,
  • Presidential Master Coordinator.

Be a leader by pasing all the levels and earn up to 20% PGV from your recruiters, and you also get 6% leadership bonuses. 

Very few can reach these levels. There are also things like many distributors don’t earn any income from Shaklee. I am not totally against Shaklee’s MLM plan you can make money at a certain level.

Now Let Us See The Pros And Cons Of Shaklee:


  • They have an excellent range of products.
  • They have more than five decades of experience in Nutrition Products.
  • They take product testing seriously from starting.
  • Company has a good reputation in the market.
  • Provide free training and services.
  • You can join by low investment in the company.


  • To start with its MLM and when you hear MLM, half of the people lose confidence in earning anything from it.
  • Its MLM so sell products or recruit members to earn a commission.
  • Same old problem, MLM so prices issues of products.
  • The compensation plan is not easy to understand.
  • You need good money to become a Gold member.
  • There is no Guarantee that you will make money from Shaklee.
  • As it is MLM, most of the top-earning mostly go to Upper stream.

My View On Shaklee

4 stars review

First of all, it’s not a scam like some other MLM companies, and companies reputation is also valuable in the market even after five decades in Nutrition world.

Products and all are good; they give proper importance to Testing Products, which is good.

My problem starts when you talk about earning.

I always feel MLM cannot give money to more than 40% who are working for any company because most of the money goes to starting members.

The second thing in MLM and Shaklee to market a product which prices are high is not easy, and the third thing to market products door to door, friends, and family need convincing power and its not easy to do.

I feel MLM is a pretty old method. Now success chances are meager in today’ time as people are not taking an interest in MLM companies.

I would instead recommend affiliate marketing work than MLM, as I am into affiliate marketing for a long time, and I am happy I have chosen this field for my business.

So I always recommend my readers and ladies to learn more about Affiliate marketing. Once to understand what it is and if you want the best Affiliate program of today, then Join minefree program.

It is a fantastic Affiliate training which I am using for many years, and it’s worthy and helpful.

Don’t waste your time in MLM

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