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How To Become Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser And Sell Kids Clothes?

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If you are looking for a job from home, you need to find a product easy to sell and share with others again and again.

Kid’s clothes can be a good option, especially for us, moms, we are kind of experts for it. Kid’s cloth market is never stopping business, and you can get the buyer from worldwide. 

Maybe you are thinking to join MLM company – Dot Dot Smile and become their merchandiser. My review on it will give you an idea about what kind of job is it, how it works, how much you can earn, and its pros and cons everything.

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You still want to become Dot Dot smile merchandiser? Let get set for DOT DOT Smile review now.

What is DOT DOT Smile
And How It Works?


The story goes like this:

2013 was the time when a couple with three kids needed to do something for their girls. Both are ordinary people, and that’s a good point as their business will help their kids to do more in the future.

They have made a fantastic family video and kept on their website as a company introduction. I found it genuine and straightforward.

Dot Dot Smile company sell kid’s outfits, of girls. They sell things like cap sleeve dresses, tank dresses, ballerina dresses, leggings, shirts, shorts and more. DOT DOT Smile is a multilevel marketing company, and you can become a merchandiser for DOT DOT Smile by selling their products and earn profits.

Before a merchandiser joins, they advise them to check their terms and conditions of merchandising items. They follow specific things like you cannot advertise their products on sites like E-bay, Amazon, and Alibaba.

You can do marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a few more places. 

You cannot be a merchandiser for DOT DOT Smile if you are already a member of Lularoe Company. Then Accessories will be of your expense; Dot Dot Smile gives none accessories to their merchandise.

DOT DOT Smile Products


Products of DOT DOT Smile are good, no question about that, and a fabulous collection too with high quality.

DOT DOT Smile is famous for children’s clothing.

Their style of clothing meets with LuLaRoe Company. There is a reason behind it as owner Nicole Thompson is the daughter of LuLaRoe company head DeAnne Stidham. So business runs in Nicole’s blood. Nicole started her own business DOT DOT Smile for small girls.

Dot Dot Smile is a great company, they have B+ rating on Better Business Bureau, and you get direct sales offers in items of clothing. This gives an excellent opportunity to work for a well-reputed company like DOT DOT Smile.


You can get DOT DOT Smile clothing on their site and other websites too. Try to book products from other sites because in their main site products get booked fast. You can contact their Merchandiser on Facebook, Instagram, and other places where you will get their collection.

How To Become A Merchandiser in DOT DOT Smile?

It is very easy to become Dot Dot Smile Merchandiser. Go to their website and at the top, you will see “become a merchandiser.” Click there, enter your personal information, enrolling as a merchandiser for that.

TIP: You can click on the green button to see how many merchandisers are in your area. Non? Great! You will have an opportunity to start first with building refferal network in your area.

Select the rank and product you wish to join with. When you select a product, the system will display an image and description of your selection, choose your payment method.

If you want to market online then give your website link to them, take your username and password, do final confirmation by reading all the rules and regulations of the company before joining, and the last click on complete my enrollment button to finish the formalities of joining in DOT DOT Smile.

For enrolling the first time, you have to order products in $149 value and ad your $50 merchandiser fee – total $199.


After signing, you will get benefits of merchandiser in DOT DOT Smile.

Compulsory you have to buy 25 PV for three months else they will count you as an inactive member. The first order of 25 personal volumes will charge you $500 to $600; it will cover other hidden expenses like racks, hangers, and a few more things. ( for eaxmple, prices of dresses for merchandiser are between $10-$23, and you will usualy get 1PV per dress)

You will purchase products as merchandiser so you will be charge lesser as a wholesaler and you can sell it as a retailer.
You can earn up to 40 to 50% profit out.

But, that`s not all the costs.

Cost For Starting Dot Dot Smile Business

Besides inventory that you need to have (you can`t start a business with 7-10 dresses), you will need one or more closets for clothing and hangers. You will need to have a few things like your own back office, the website for customers, and free shipping on inventory orders.


If you want to develop your Dot Dot Smile business, consider investing some money in marketing.

You can do free adverting in your social media accounts, or Facebook groups, but consider to make some business cards, or maybe branded stickers and posters.

I read a lot of reviews from different merchandisers, and most of them talk about vendors.

It`s a great way that your business be recognized, and you can make a lot of sales and gain new customers.

For most of the events, you will need to pay a fee or give a donation. Don`t forget to bring your table (at some events you will need to rent it), marketing brochures, and business cards.

So, depends on the level that you want to start your business, you will need from $220 to $1000.

How Much You Can Earn From
(compensation plan)

You can earn approximately around 40% on Personal Inventory and 10% from your online inventory. Also, you can get a commission from your referrals. They divide the commission into five parts or say five tiers. 

Tier 1: Personal volume of 50 you will earn 5% commission on your first downline wholesale purchases. Two personally enrolled merchandisers.

Tier 2: Four personally enrolled merchandisers. The personal volume of 75 you will earn 5% commission on your first downline and 4% from the second downline wholesale purchases.

Tier 3: 100 PV. Six personally enrolled merchandisers. 5% – first downline, 4% second and 3% third downline.

Tier 4: Personal volume of 125; you will make a 5% + 4%+3%+ 2% commission on your down lines wholesale purchases. Eight personally enrolled merchandisers.

Tier 5: Personal volume of 175; you will receive a 5% + 4% + 3% + 2% + 1% commission on your down lines wholesale purchases. Ten personally enrolled merchandisers.

More detailed compensation plan you can see if you CLICK HERE.


Now Let Us See Its Pros And Cons


  • Company is legit, and they have good products with high quality.
  • Work is simple and easy as you can people who want to purchase clothes for their kids.
  • Cost for joining is ok. Good for a startup.
  • You can trust owners.
  • I feel one of the best companies which are doing MLM in their own way.


  • Product and company are legit, but the problem is the MLM concept because many people will not find it easy to join.
  • Prices of clothes are bit example can be a headache for any retailer to sell.
  • You need to have a website and back office to start your own online business.
  • They don’t give you any other accessories with their clothing, it can cost you extra.
  • You will need do invest $220-$1000 for start
  • As per their terms and condition of selling, you cannot sell their products on prominent websites like eBay, Alibaba. Do marketing through other social platforms.

My View On DOT DOT Smile Merchandise Opportunity

3 stars review

I rarely prefer MLM companies, but this company is different, and its products are of high quality. So thumbs up for DOT DOT Smile company; will rate it 3 out of 5 for its products, and it is one of those companies which can give your real earnings as an MLM Company. 

Few Drawbacks are there which are, its rules and regulations, limited products, prices are high of clothes, and you cannot market on big sites like Amazon and Alibaba.

It can be suitable for someone who likes to do clothing business that has the experience of a clothing business it can be good for them. I don’t think you can earn an online form this company.

If you are women and looking for other online work, then let me introuceyouaffiliate marketing. As I wrote at the begining, affiliate marketing can help you earn from your home; you can be an independent freelancer who can work on several products and make money from it.

Just visit my post to get the better idea.

You Need To Work From Home?

Hope you find out everything you want to know about Dot Dot Smile merchandise opportunity. If you have any question or have experience working as merchandise, please share with me and my readers.

Maybe you can suggest some other jobs for moms who want to stay home.
Please share, we want your opinion.

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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