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How to Create a Link in WordPress – with Gutenberg Editor

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We are focusing on how to create a link in your WordPress blog today! Did you know you can link a word, entire text block, or even images? You can link within your site, or you can link to other websites.

You can add links to a variety of places and add them to a mixture of things. Of course, you can link blog posts and pages, but you can also link to your widgets and menus!

Linking may look challenging, but it’s really not! Once you understand how to create a link (No Coding Required!), you will be amazed at how easy it really is!

There was a time a couple of decades ago that you did have to be able actually to write code to be able to link material. However, WordPress makes it very easy to insert links whenever you need them now.

How to Create a Text Link in a WordPress Post or Page

Linking within your site.

So you are writing a blog, and you want to link a few words back to another relevant post on your site, it’s simple.

Highlight the text you want to link (this is in the post section, the visual tab).
I just will highlight words: “how to make a website”.

Click the link icon that says “link.”

Ad link in WordPress - Gutenberg

A new window has popped up with a space to paste your URL or type to search.
Either paste the URL you are linking to, or do a search.
Search your content to find relevant posts to link to.

Ad links in post WordPress

You can choose whether a page will redirect your visitor to that post, or if the post will open in a new tab. click on the narrow and that`s it. You now have a linked text.

Linked words in WordPress

For example, I just finished writing a blog on The Best Jobs for Single Moms 2019. I would highlight the words Jobs for Single Moms and then click the link icon. Once the insert/edit link is open, I would pass in the URL that I have written about choosing a job for a single mom.

If I wasn’t sure what I wanted to link to, I could also perform a search. I can also just highlight the title of my post and then save it! Bam! I’ve now created a link to a previous post.

Link to Another Website

If you want to link from your site to another website or blog, you go through the same process. The difference is when you have to copy the other sites URL and then paste into the Add/Edit link in the URL section.

  • Copy the URL you want to link to in your blog.
  • Go back to your blog and highlight the text you are going to hyperlink.
  • Click the link icon.
  • Directly past the URL in the “Paste URL Field.”
  • Finally, click apply.

In five basic steps, you have linked to other websites.

How to Edit a Text Link

If you want to edit a text link:

  • Put your cursor on the linked text and right click your mouse.
  • The URL that you have linked to will show.
  • To change the link, click the pen.
  • The link option wheel should now be showing.
  • Click the box and edit your link
  • Click Apply when finished
Edit link in Gutenberg Word Press

You can change the color of a linked text (traditionally it was a blue underlined link) but can be different colors, bolded, italicized, or any font you desire.

The WordPress themes decide on the link colors and styles to help your links look cohesive to the rest of the layout. This can all be changed and updated; just see if the theme you are using has the feature to change it.

Change color text in WordPress

If your theme can’t change the style of your links, you can use a plugin for that, or you can change some code. Only change the code if you know what you are doing, and are comfortable coding.

How to Delete a Text Link

Just simply right click on the text that is hyperlinked, a “unlink link” option is right beside the pen. Just click the remove link icon to unlink that link.

How to unlink in WordPress

How To Insert A Link
Into An Image in WordPress

There may sometimes be when it can be helpful to link a picture (image) to another site or to another part of your site.

So when you are inserting your pictures in your content, you just click add media. When you choose the image, click on it and in your right side, you will see block options. Scroll down till you find out “Link Settings.” Add URL, and this makes linking the image a piece of cake.

Ad link in a picture in Gutenberg

You can link the image to:

  • None
  • Media File
  • Attachment page
  • Custom URL

So now just copy the URL you want the image to hyperlink to and then paste it into “Custom URL field,” poof image linked to the URL. I reasonably don’t think it could be any more (straightforward) than it is in WordPress.

To edit, click on the picture and then click the edit pen. An image detail window will open. This is where you will change or update your display settings.

How to Create WordPress
Widget Links

Now to add the link we’ve just made to my sidebar, we are going to go to the widget selection, then click appearance then Widgets. I will add the link widget to the sidebar, then adjust my settings and then save it!

Text Widget

You can also use a text widget to a link into your sidebar. Highlight the text and insert the link as you would to a blog post, Make sure to hit apply and save it when you are finished.

Link in text widget

Custom HTML Widget

If you code you can insert an HTML link in your sidebar. Just find the HTML widget and then drag it to the sidebar. Place your code in the widget then hit save.

Custom URL link

Image Widget

Find your image widget and drag it to your sidebar. Then either choose to insert the image, that you want with a link to your post. Then adjust the settings, just like earlier and hit save!

Image link widget

Now you have an image in your sidebar linking to your chosen post, page, etc.

Now you can insert links in 3 different ways or your sidebar of widget area. To recap:

  • Text Widget
  • HTML Widget
  • Image Widget

How To Add Links To A
WordPress Menu

To create your menu and then add links to it, Click Appearance, and then click Menu. In the left sidebar, there will be a custom links button. This way you can create and add a link to your menu.

Link in WordPress Menu

There it is!
All the different ways to create and insert links into your WordPress site.

WordPress really does make it easy to insert links as opposed to the traditional way of coding. You may still have questions. Please let me hear your comments or questions below.

One last tip: If you are new to blogging and WordPress wouldn’t it be cool to have an online community, in which you could interact, ask those questions, and also receive step by step training.

I have been a part of it for more than three years. It’s great to interact with other bloggers, webmasters, and Affiliate Marketers.

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