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How To Drive Traffic To My Blog? The secret has been revealed!

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Do you have a blog? If not, reading my post on “Start A Website!” may be helpful.
If your reason for not starting a blog is because you think it is difficult, you will be surprised at what I am about to share with you. To be honest, the easiest part of blogging is starting a blog.
That is what my first year of blogging made me understand.

In life, we can be in control of some things and there are some which we can’t control. One of the things within your control is starting a blog. From the beginning, you decide the color, font, and theme to use on your blog and the topics to write about. Like all new things, you just have to take time in learning it and mastering it. Your blog will be according to your taste. You’ll be in control of it.

Now, if the easiest part is starting a blog, what is the most difficult part?
What I wanted to achieve in the first year which I started this blog was for my future audience to find my posts helpful and with the hope that they will share my posts with their friends to whom it may also be beneficial.

My page views will slowly increase with time and I may go to my next plan of action. However, it is one thing to plan, and what I planned may not happen. If you think to post on your blog will just make people look for your blog and read your posts, then you’re wrong because it doesn’t work that way.
Nobody read my first post as my blog had no visitor. I believe new bloggers understand what I am saying. We as bloggers have no control over this part, that is Blog Traffic.

Do you have any idea how many blogs exist at the moment? In one of their posts, Tumblr shared that they had a total of about 392 million blog accounts from May 2011 to January 2018. They had a total of 154.1 billion posts from May 2011 to January 2018.
And this is just one site out of many: WordPress, Bluehost, etc. It’s massive!

What will be your reaction after such information? You could either feel discouraged and don’t start a blog or feel encouraged as there must be an aspect about blogging which draws everyone to it.

PIN IT FOR LATER!How To Drive Traffic To My Blog


So the big question is:

How To Drive Traffic To My Blog?

It turns out that the secret to driving massive traffic to your new blog isn’t so much a secret. An ‘open secret” is what I can call it. It is more of “what will you do to know the skill of driving traffic to your new blog using these open secrets”?

You can drive traffic to your new blog using various ways. I have learned 2 key methods to drive traffic to my new blog and I’m still learning them and I will share them with you:

 Writing Great Content For A Blog

This is the most important for me personally. Writing great content is key but what does great content mean? I believe great content is something which will be useful to your audience or which may solve a problem which they face.

I have no idea who my audience was, which is a common problem for new bloggers. Therefore, my personal blogging experience is what I blog about: The problems I faced while blogging and the solutions to them.

I had a feeling that sharing the resources which I used on my blog may be of interest to my future audience. That’s why comments are welcomed. Please leave a comment if you found any of my posts to be of value. Also, let me know if it wasn’t helpful so that I can make it better.

I should, however, make it clear to you that writing great content isn’t a guarantee that your blog will have traffic immediately. This is because there exist many blogs and so it may be difficult to see your new blog.
So why should you write great content?

The purpose for it is that when your future audience finds it helpful and love what they read, they will keep on visiting your blog. If they find your content invaluable, they won’t visit your blog again.
Google also loves blogs with great content but Google takes a lot of time to rank. There`s also a great way to shorten that time with find keywords that have better rankings on Google.

Read more about Google Keyword tool ==> What Is The Best Free Keyword Tool?

If you are still learning ways in which you can write “great content” just as I am, don’t be bothered even if none of your posts seems “great” from your perspective. Just keep writing and you will get it because blogging is a journey. Never give up.

Promoting Is The Second Key To Driving Massive Traffic

You can drive traffic using a free method or pay for your website traffic using the money. The FREE method is the one I love.

Ever heard of social media? I guess you have. As I said earlier, the secret is not really a secret. You can drive massive traffic to your blog using all social media if you can use it and also how long the results can take. Which of the numerous social media platforms can one begin with?

Even though I have an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, a Facebook account, and a Twitter account, I have decided to use only Pinterest this year to drive traffic to my blog because I read that it has faster results. ( If you want to follow me on this account you have icons in the upon the right corner of the site).

I would advise you to convert your Pinterest account to a business account if you have not yet done so. You will easily see your Pinterest analytics with a business account. By the way, conversion is FREE.
Last year, my Pinterest analytics looked like this:

Year 2017_ Pinterest statistic

You can clearly see that I’m using Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog. How do you think this is possible?

Take a look at the various posts which bloggers share about driving their blog traffic using Pinterest.
I had to visit various blogs and read the things they shared for me to master this Pinterest strategy. When I couldn’t understand what one blog shared, I visited another.

It seems like I’m jumping from one blog to the other a lot. So I invested in a Pinterest ebook so as to make good use of my time to systematically master this strategy and this ebook had all the information I needed. I had no money to waste, so I need to choose wisely.

I did some findings and came across “Making Pinterest Possible” ebook
I love this book. It learned me everything. There are 170 pages of content and I came from 4K monthly views on Pinterest to 244K!

I bought this book at the end of April, so you can see my statistics since the beginning of May here:

May _ Pinterest statistics

There is still much I need to know about Pinterest. My objective next year will be to focus on this method.

Before adding another social media to your list, focus on one and master it. I say this to myself every day.
I have learned this and I am using it as a means of driving traffic to my new blog.

But, girls, if your blog not making money, then why to learn about more traffic. Sign Up to my email course and discover how to start an online business with your blog:

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.

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