How To Earn Money With Clixsense
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How To Earn Money With Clixsense? Honest Clixsense Review

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In this Clixsense honest review, we will see the pros and cons of Clixsense. Therefore, you can make an informed decision about whether the Clixsense is a scam or perhaps a legitimate business opportunity. I will not deceive you; this site isn’t legit enough.

Clixsense was founded in the year 2007 and has long been a powerhouse in the PTC industry (Pay-to-Click). Being famous does not mean that a website can automatically be classified as legitimate. In fact, they had many problems; you will see them all soon.

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What is ClixSense About?

What is ClixSense about

To actually know if maybe the Clixsense is worth your very own time or not, it’s essential to delve into the details and keep reading, ensure you read through the entire paragraph.

There was a group of Clixsense pirates out there; lots of Clixsense users’ were actually affected. This occurs while Clixsense members try to sign in to the website, but instead of heading to the Clixsense website, they are redirected to a gay pornography site.

The owner, the well-known Jim Grago, apparently betrayed the last time he was hacked, but once again he had control of his domain name. Unfortunately, this was not the previous incident, as I’m going to mention yet another one soon.

The hackers had access to Clixsenses’ internal email server and more than 75,000 email addresses they posted on Pastebin for all those who are their list, which could contain confidential information. Vital information was hacked away.

I think Clixsense solved this problem very quickly and the users had to change their password as soon as they heard about the attack.

How Do You Make Money With Clixsense?

Clixsense started as a Pay-to-Click site. Pay-to-Click is a marketing tactic that helps companies, as well as businesses, improve web visibility by pointing targeted visitors or direct traffic to their sites out there.

Basically, Pay-to-Click websites such as Clixsense host the ads of these companies on their online platforms and have people willing to watch them for a small fee. In standard theory, this is a win-win situation for everyone. Companies get their views, as well as viewers, get their money.

After a decade later, Clixsense has become other online money-making companies, in addition to its main Pay-to-Click business.

Now there is a network marketing website plan in which members earn by referrals and then withdraw part of the cash, which their downlines earn and even spend on the website.

Recently, Clixsense also introduced another source of income in the form of what is known as Crowdflower tasks. If you are familiar with AMT, you know exactly how this type of configuration works.

Oh.., you don’t know what AMT stand for?

It’s Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT). Companies, individuals and researchers subcontract mini-tasks to complete them. Each approved task rewards the Clixsense member for a few cents.

How Does Clixsense Pay You?

Payments will be made by check (for members based in the US), Payoneer, Skrill and Tango Card.

What Are The Problems With That?

Click on the Internet ads and receive money paid? Get me signed up!
Some people may be upset by this kind of work perspective (those who never like the idea of simple work), but the reality of Pay-to-Click programs is very miserable.

The real price for viewing ads is way too low, We are talking about a rate between 0.001 and 0.010 USD. The highest type of advertising: those who need a premium membership (the US $ 17 per year) to pay only $ 0.02.

If you think you can actually do advertisement viewing while doing other tasks on your computer, you cannot exit the browser window or open another tab while viewing an ad.

You Have To Go Through This

How to Ear Money With ClixSense

Okay, I can click on thousands of ads for about an hour, some people say. All this is fine, but keep in mind that you never have an unlimited number of ads to view.

For free members, you can click between three and five low-paid ads (ads ranging from 1 to a penny)! After completing this process, you will have to wait for the next round of advertisements to appear.

It is not impossible to make money through Clixsense, but it will be challenging to achieve. The tasks of Crowdflower are theoretically good, but also as cheap as the Pay-to-Click ads.

You can try the Clixsense affiliate marketing page. However, keep in mind that you must persuade your downlines to switch to a premium account before you can see cents in your account.

What Do Others Say
About Clixsense?

Mixed reviews abound when you search for However, most positive reviews come from people who are satisfied with hours of hard work.

I will give you one example. Look at the picture below:

Clixsense income

$46,000 is not bad at all!

But, let me research it more in-depth. Look at two rows above that: the earnings from “today” and “yesterday.” You will see that this person earned: $6,15 today and $12,06 yesterday. The sum of $46,256 is total sum from beginning on Clixsense. If you look better at the pic, you will see that this person was doing it for seven years!

So, his income is $6,608 yearly, or about $550 monthly, or average sum is $17 daily. Besides that, I`m sure that this person get a lot of referrals for these seven years and that significant amount of that money came from them. So, if you want to start alone and not to bother anyone to join you, be prepared that you will make about $4 or $5 daily.

In short, these people are apparently not the best people to talk to if you really want to make money online from home as a mom.

The Pros And Cons Of Clixsense In Details


  • It’s free to join.
  • Payments can be made through Payza, Paypal, and Payton.
  • You can make money without the upgrade to premium.


  • It can take months before getting to payment threshold on ClixSense.
  • Ads on the ClixSense site are not always reliable.
  • There is no guarantee you’re going to receive the specified number of advertisements every day.

Final Judgment

Clixsense is not a scam, but they are almost one with their meager rates. It is a slave wage for slave labor; your time, as well as effort, are worth much more than just a few cents. But, it still much better then some other Click sites.

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