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How To Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest​?

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Pinterest and Facebook are my top source of traffic. If you are brand-new to blogging or you have ruled out using Pinterest as part of your blogging strategy then this is the time to start using it.

Pinterest is where you will have the ability to grow your business, especially if you are thinking about earning money from your blog site.
You only need to learn how to increase website traffic with Pinterest.

This guide will delve into the technique you need to use to grow your blog site with Pinterest, and you need to read it completely in order to succeed.

I created a brand-new Pinterest account, and I currently have over 600 fans after only three months, and I got almost 50.000 average monthly viewers!

Update: 18 months later I have 18000 followers and 300K monthly viewers!

Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest​

My in-depth guide is made for those that have a basic understanding of ways to use Pinterest and are searching for ways to take off and increase their traffic and gain readers, generate income and grow their blog community.

I’m sure you have heard how remarkable Pinterest is for blog writers. It is an incredibly effective tool that can help you grow your blog.

Here are a few reasons why you must be on Pinterest:

  • Pinterest has more than 100 million active month-to-month users.
  • Over 75% of its everyday users are doing something on the website (This consists of pinning, looking for info and saving pins to check them out later).
  • Pinterest has actually ended up being an online search engine tool like Google and people are often using it to discover pertinent info.

Misunderstanding Of Using Pinterest

Many blog writers think you need a big following to see the traffic results. You truly do not need that much traffic. My new account in the first month has 200 fans and I was saw results.

With less than 700 followers now I have almost 50.000 average monthly visibility!

Blog writers think that they need a lot of blog material in order to have things to pin. You in fact just need the ideal technique.

Also, some bloggers think that you need unique abilities to be proficient in Pinterest marketing. There are a lot of tools offered to help you to get the best of Pinterest. Some free, some paid.

Maybe you think that you have to invest hours pinning and trying to find pins and this makes it too time-consuming. Well, keep reading. See how I investing less than 30 minutes a week and seeing amazing results.

Did you know that the material that you pin on Pinterest will be around for a long time to come?
If your pins are popular (repins), they will be shared and shared over and over again. This will just bring you more blog traffic as time passes.

Think about pinning these kinds of contents for more engagement:

  • Quotes
  • Infographics
  • Guides and ideas
  • Lists (e.g. 5 things that …)
  • Numbers (Budget, Income reports and so on )
  • Money-Saving Tips
  • Ways to make posts
  • Fundamental pointers for each blog writer using Pinterest.

Pinning Schedule

How to generate website traffic with

Think about pinning every day if you are not using an automated scheduler. Do not do it simultaneously. Spread out your pins so it does not look spammy.

I usually pin about 40-50 pins daily.

I used to do the 20-30 each day which was terrific. When I increased the number of pins, I saw a lot more traffic and fans.

It simply indicated that my work was being seen a lot more frequently, and so was my brand name.

Keep in mind that there are more than a 100 million active users. You want to be seen in some way!

For scheduling pins, I use Tailwind. It will be very hard without this schedule.
You can read more about Tailwind HERE.

Design Your Pins

Pictures say a thousand words when it comes to Pinterest. Use picture design images. You will frequently hear Pinterest masters use the word “vertical images”. This is due to the fact that they stick out more as they are taller and larger.

Your pin needs to inform your readers what exactly it is about and the very best way to do that is by adding text overlays to your images. Pins with text overlays do 70% better than those without them.

For designing my pins I use Canva. It`s great FREE online program, very easy to use.

This pin has 1.3K repins in 3 months. The image below will instantly get a reader to click and check out what this pin is about.

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A lot of traffic to my website I generate from Pinterest Groups. It is the best way to generate a lot of visitors to your site.

You will need to find groups with similar niche and then pin your pins there. Members will share your pin ( repin) and you will get new visitors.

Now it`s time to learn how you can earn money using Pinterest.

Read more in my article: Earn money in affiliate marketing using Pinterest!

If you need a list of Pinterest groups, you can sign in My BOF Club (Best Online Friends), and you will get more than 250 Pinterest groups to arrange on different subjects.

Here is my Pinterest account. I will be happy if you follow me.
So, do you have different strategies on how to generate website traffic with Pinterest?

Hello, ladies! I hope you liked this post. I started my online business journey in 2003, worked for others or sign in at wrong programs. A three years ago I started with affiliate marketing, and now I am running my own online business, working from home. So, I can help you to start your own business.


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